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  • 2021
  • 1 Season

The show Billy from Amazon Addon is a dark and gritty crime drama that follows the life of a young man named Billy. The show is set in the UK and follows the exploits of Billy as he becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld of his city. The show is a visceral and intense look at the realities of life on the streets and explores the themes of violence, redemption, and betrayal.

Billy is a young man who has had a difficult life. He has grown up in poverty, with a father who was never around and a mother who struggled with addiction. Despite this, Billy is determined to make something of himself and escape the cycle of poverty that has trapped his family for generations.

However, things take a dark turn when Billy's best friend is killed in a violent altercation with a local gang. Driven by a desire for revenge, Billy begins to get involved with the gang himself. As he rises through the ranks, he becomes more and more embroiled in the criminal underworld and becomes increasingly ruthless and dangerous.

Throughout the course of the show, we see Billy's journey from a naive and hopeful young man to a hardened criminal. Along the way, he forms relationships with a number of other characters, including his girlfriend, his mother, and various members of the gang.

One of the key themes of the show is the idea of redemption. As Billy becomes more and more involved in criminal activity, he begins to lose sight of the person he once was. However, there are moments throughout the show where he questions his actions and begins to wonder if there is a way out. Ultimately, the show asks the question of whether someone who has committed terrible acts can ever truly be redeemed.

Another key theme of the show is the idea of betrayal. As Billy rises through the ranks of the gang, he forms relationships with a number of other characters. However, these relationships are often based on a foundation of mistrust and manipulation. As Billy becomes more powerful, he must constantly be on guard against those who would seek to betray him.

The tone of the show is dark and gritty, with a realistic portrayal of violence and criminal activity. There are moments of intense action, but the show also takes the time to explore the emotional and psychological impact of the events that take place. The performances from the cast are excellent, with particular praise going to the actor who portrays Billy.

Overall, Billy from Amazon Addon is an intense and thought-provoking crime drama. It offers a stark portrayal of life on the streets and explores the themes of violence, betrayal, and redemption. The performances are strong, and the show will leave you thinking long after the final credits have rolled. If you enjoy gritty crime dramas and are looking for a show that will challenge you, Billy is definitely worth checking out.

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Chapter 7
7. Chapter 7
August 8, 2022
Billy Kemper returns to Morocco for a massive swell and a second chance at the wave that almost took his life.
Chapter 6
6. Chapter 6
March 28, 2021
Billy Kemper's long road to recovery continues following a near career-ending injury off the coast of Morocco.
Chapter 5
5. Chapter 5
March 21, 2021
Billy Kemper's long road to recovery continues following a near career-ending injury off the coast of Morocco.
Chapter 4
4. Chapter 4
March 14, 2021
Following his traumatic injury while surfing, Billy Kemper returns to the United States and is reunited with his family. He begins his long road to recovery, leaning on his family and life experiences to get him through the challenges ahead.
Chapter 3
3. Chapter 3
March 7, 2021
After a life-threatening fall, Billy Kemper found himself living out every surfer's nightmare. Billy's only goal was to get back to his wife and four kids. The journey home would be more unpredictable and difficult than he could have ever imagined.
Chapter 2
2. Chapter 2
February 27, 2021
2019 was a career-defining year for Billy Kemper. From coveted magazine covers to Big Wave contest wins, Billy was riding an incredible wave of momentum into 2020. That all changed in an instant with a life-threatening fall.
Chapter 1
1. Chapter 1
February 23, 2021
Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of Big Wave surfing and meet one of the sport’s largest figures, Hawaii’s own Billy Kemper. Follow Billy as he heads for Morocco on a strike mission that will alter his life forever.
  • Premiere Date
    February 23, 2021