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  • 2010
  • 12 Seasons

Mayday - Air Disasters is a gripping series that takes a closer look at the world's deadliest aviation accidents and what went wrong. This show is available on Amazon Addon, and it is created by Cineflix Productions. The series is a documentary-style show that explores the root causes of air crashes and how these incidents could have been prevented.

With each episode of Mayday - Air Disasters, viewers are taken on a nail-biting journey as we uncover the factors that led to fatal accidents. From structural faults in aircraft to human error, the show dives deep into the technical and human elements that can lead to aviation disasters. The show typically features a mix of re-enactments and actual interviews with survivors, witnesses, and experts to provide insight into what happened.

One of the standout features of Mayday - Air Disasters is its technical accuracy. The show is known for its in-depth analysis of how aviation crashes unfold and the technical aspects that contribute to them. The show also includes interviews with aviation experts who provide detailed explanations on the causes of accidents and how the aviation industry is constantly striving to improve safety measures.

Another element that sets Mayday - Air Disasters apart is its ability to humanize the victims and their families. The series takes a compassionate approach to examining these tragedies and provides insight into the lives of those affected by the accidents. As the series unfolds, viewers get a sense of the emotional toll that aviation disasters can have on families and communities.

Mayday - Air Disasters has earned critical acclaim for its ability to make technical information accessible to the general public. The show uses simple language and graphics to explain complicated aviation concepts, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of aviation safety.

The show also takes a global view of aviation accidents, covering incidents from around the world. This approach allows viewers to gain insight into the diversity of issues that can cause aviation accidents, regardless of the location, airline or aircraft involved.

The series has been credited with having numerous positive impacts. In addition to raising awareness about aviation safety, Mayday - Air Disasters has been credited with improving the quality of aviation accident investigations around the world. The show’s popularity has also led to increased transparency in the aviation industry, as airlines and manufacturers work harder to provide accurate and timely information in the aftermath of an accident.

Despite its gripping subject matter, Mayday - Air Disasters is well-produced and polished. The series features high-definition footage and cutting-edge animation that help bring the accidents to life. The re-enactments are well-acted and well-directed, providing viewers with a realistic portrayal of the accidents.

Overall, Mayday - Air Disasters is a must-watch series for anyone with an interest in aviation or transportation safety. The series will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while also providing valuable insight into the world of aviation safety. It is a perfect blend of storytelling and technical analysis, making it a compelling and informative viewing experience.

Mayday - Air Disasters is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2010.

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13. Vanished
March 1, 2012
On 1 June 2009, Air France Flight 447 stalls and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 228 people on board. The disappearance of Air France Flight 447 over the Atlantic Ocean launches one of the most difficult air crash investigations of all time. With the wreckage lost at sea, it will take nearly two years for investigators to uncover the shocking reasons behind the crash.
28 Seconds to Survive
12. 28 Seconds to Survive
March 1, 2012
After taking off from Merida, Venezuela, Santa Barbara Airlines Flight 518 is high above the Andes Mountains en route to Caracas. But after just six minutes in the air, an alarm tells the pilots they are dangerously close to the ground. Before they can react, the aircraft smashes into a mountaintop and is pulverized on impact instantly killing all 46 people on board.
Heading to Disaster
11. Heading to Disaster
March 1, 2012
En route to Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 takes off from Beirut, Lebanon, with 90 people on board. As the plane climbs to cruising altitude, tower controllers ask the pilots to turn on to a new heading. The pilots acknowledge the instruction. But just moments later, the plane spirals out of control and crashes into the Mediterranean Sea.
Death of a President
10. Death of a President
March 1, 2012
Polish President Lech Kaczynski is killed after his plane crashes in fog on approach to a Russian military airport. Poland and Russia both launch official investigations to discover the cause of the crash and at first, it seems the pilot's decision to attempt a landing in heavy fog may be to blame. But investigators soon learn that there's a lot more to this accident than simple pilot error.
Lokomotiv Hockey Team Disaster
9. Lokomotiv Hockey Team Disaster
March 1, 2012
One of Russia's most popular hockey teams is on its way to Minsk, Belarus, for their first game of the 2011 season. Their Soviet built Yak-42D starts down the main runway at Yaroslavl's Tunoshna Airport. But instead of lifting off, the plane runs off the end of the tarmac, strikes a tower, and crashes into the Volga River. Only the plane's mechanic survives the disaster.
Focused on Failure
8. Focused on Failure
March 1, 2012
United Airlines Flight 173 is troubleshooting a minor landing gear problem when the plane suddenly loses all four engines. Unable to make it to the airport, the DC-8 crash lands in a wooded suburb of Portland, Oregon. 10 of the 189 people on board die in the disaster and it's up to investigators to figure out how a small mechanical problem somehow brought down a plane.
Falling to Pieces
7. Falling to Pieces
March 1, 2012
Seconds after American Airlines Flight 191 lifts off from Chicago, the left engine falls off the plane. The crew loses control of the aircraft and it and crashes moments later. 273 people are killed, making this the deadliest aviation accident in US history. The FAA grounds DC-10s across the country while investigators try to figure out why one of the popular planes in the sky broke apart.
Grand Canyon Disaster
6. Grand Canyon Disaster
March 1, 2012
In 1956, a mid-air collision sends two planes crashing into the Grand Canyon killing all 128 passengers and crew on board. Armed only with the rudimentary tools of the time, investigators from the Federal Civil Aviation Board must determine what caused the crash. Their conclusions will uncover a frightening problem that threatens the safety of the entire aviation system.
Blind Landing
5. Blind Landing
March 1, 2012
Investigators face a major challenge when looters make off with the Flight Data Recorder from the crash of TANS Peru Flight 204. Wreckage allows investigators to rule out engine failure. But with no FDR, it will take all their ingenuity to reconstruct the final moments of the flight and figure out why the 737 crashed into the jungle, just 4 kilometers short of the runway.
Pushed to the Limit
4. Pushed to the Limit
March 1, 2012
En route from Jakarta, Indonesia, to the airline's home base in Singapore, SilkAir Flight 185 is 35,000 feet above the jungles of Sumatra when the plane banks sharply to the right, takes a nosedive, and crashes into a remote jungle river. All 104 people on board die in the disaster and then it's up to investigators to figure out what happened. At first, they suspect mechanical failure.
Typhoon Takeoff
3. Typhoon Takeoff
March 1, 2012
As Taiwan braces for an intense tropical storm, Singapore Airlines Flight 006 prepares to take off from Taipei's Chang Kai-shek Airport. Bound for Los Angeles, the plane needs to get airborne before the typhoon hits. But as the 747 hurtles down the runway, the pilots suddenly lose control of the aircraft. It spins around violently, crashes, and breaks apart.
Fire in the Hold
2. Fire in the Hold
March 1, 2012
Headed for Atlanta in an aging DC-9, the crew of ValuJet Flight 592 hears a mysterious sound shortly after taking off from Miami. Almost immediately, they are hit with a barrage of mechanical failures. At first, they notice an electrical problem. The plane's batteries are draining fast. But within minutes, the situation gets much worse. The pilots hear screams of "fire" coming from the cabin.
Fight for Control
1. Fight for Control
March 1, 2012
En route from Cold Bay, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington, Reeve Aleutian Airlines Flight 8 is 19,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean when the propeller from one of its four turboprop engines flies off and tears a huge hole in the fuselage. Rocked by explosive decompression, the pilots fight to control the plane as the cabin and cockpit fill with heavy fog.
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    March 1, 2010