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The television show Black Fox is a television movie series that tells a tragic and heroic tale of two men who become like brothers who go by the name of Britt and Alan Johnson. This movie takes place in the 1860's era. One brother is a well established plantation owner, while the other was freed from slavery. These brothers settle down in Texas with their families in hopes to live a prosperous and happy life.

However, things begin to unravel for the brothers when the civil war breaks out and Indian tribes try and drive the white man out of Texas. When the brothers are away, Indians attack their homestead and capture all the women and children, leaving them to go on the battle of a lifetime to save the ones they love.

Quebec #5 Limited Partnership
1 Season, 3 Episodes
July 28, 1995
Cast: Christopher Reeve, Raoul Max Trujillo, Tony Todd, Janet Bailey
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  • Britt is attacked by a group of bigots, led by Carl Glenn whom he ably defeats. Angry at being bested by a black man, Glenn seeks revenge and that night visits the Johnson homestead. After Alan goes outside to investigate a noise, his wife, Sarah, hearing the sound of a gunshot, grabs a pistol, opens the door of their cabin and calls out to her husband. Glenn, seeing only the glint of her weapon, fires and, in a terrible instant, Sarah is dead. As a result, Alan descends into a state of alcoholic despair. Later, with grim resolution, he decides to trail Glenn and avenge Sarah's death. Meanwhile, Britt becomes a U.S. Marshall and leaves his family to find Alan, an odyssey that leads both men into the untamed Kansas plains and, to a battle in which justice will ultimately prevail.

  • Following Britt Johnson's courageous rescue of the women and children of the settlement, taken hostage by Kiowa Indians in BLACK FOX, one woman, Delores Holtz, decides to stay with a Kiowa native, Running Dog, with whom she has fallen in love. Her racist, abusive husband, Ralph, blames Britt for the situation and organizes a hunting party of vigilantes to accompany him into Indian territory to recapture her. Britt tries to convince the townspeople that such action would incite an uprising, but is unsuccessful at gaining even Alan's support. After Britt is savagely beaten by Holtz and a group of hooded cronies, Alan and Britt ride out to find Running Dog and talk things over. Though they try to prevent it, the encounter between Running Dog and Holtz is inevitable, and the two adversaries meet in a fight only one of them survives.

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