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This is an edgy and darkly satirical anthology thriller series from the UK. Each stand alone episode is a short look into a future that is almost upon us. The stories focus on an aspect of modern living, primarily our increasingly double edged relationship with personal technology and the media in the Internet age. The series is steeped in science fictional paranoia in near future scenarios that range from the ability to "block" people in real life the same way you would online to using implant technology to store and replay memories.

Netflix, Channel 4
3 Seasons, 13 Episodes
December 4, 2011
Crime, Drama, Horror & Suspense, Science & Technology, Supernatural
Cast: Hannah John-Kamen, Beatrice Robertson-Jones
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Black Mirror Full Episode Guide

  • A thrill-seeking globetrotter visits Britain, hooks up with a woman and tests the latest in video game technology - "a device as mind-bendingly sophisticated as it is terrifying."

  • A police detective and her geeky young sidekick investigate a string of grisly murders with a sinister link to social media.

  • A military story set in a post-war future. A rookie soldier is posted overseas, protecting frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious feral mutants alongside fellow soldier Raiman. They're hoping some new technological advantage will save them.

  • Insecure office worker Lacie lives in a happy, smiley, status-obsessed nightmare world. Her old friend Naomi is one of society's elites, and Lacie may have found a way to join her...

  • When withdrawn 19-year-old Kenny stumbles headlong into an online trap, he is quickly forced into an uneasy alliance with shifty Hector - both of them at the mercy of persons unknown.

  • California, 1987: San Junipero is a fun-loving beach town synonymous with sun, surf, and sex. And for recent arrivals Yorkie and Kelly, it's going to be a life-changer...

  • In three interwoven stories, Matt and Potter reminisce about their lives while celebrating a Christmas dinner at a lonely outpost in the snow. 1) Matt provides a friend with dating advice; 2) a woman makes a computer clone of herself to run her household; and 3) Potter discovers that his girlfriend has "blocked" him from her life.

  • A children's educational show has a blue bear named Waldo who in reality is an anarchic animated character on a satirical late-night comedy show. His voice and controller is Jamie Salter.

  • Victoria doesn't remember anything about her life. No one with talk with her, they just record her discomfort on their phones. Then she meets Jem and learns that a signal is being sent out that has turned most of the world into voyeurs.

  • Martha and Ash move to a remote cottage, but Ash is tragically killed the next day. At the funeral, Sarah suggests to Martha a new way to stay in touch with the deceased. Initially, Martha is disgusted by the idea, but then she soon finds out she is pregnant and wants to respond to an email she receives from "Ash".

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