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"Bloop and Loop" is an educational program for children that features a pair of bubbles, named Red and Blue, who show off the power of imagination and words by conceiving of things and creatures. Then each character goes back and forth with guesses as to what the other imagined, with the object's shape being made out of bubbles.

Baby First
1 Season, 4 Episodes
November 21, 2017
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Bloop & Loop Full Episode Guide

  • Today, Bloop and Loop keep guessing what object or animal is inside each bubble. Try to spot the star, boat, football and other shapes.

  • Watch with your little one as Bloop and Loop create amazing things out of ordinary bubbles: an airplane, a butterfly, a rubber duck and so much more.

  • Help your child guess what objects and animals Bloop and Loop are creating! Items include a frog, a strawberry, a drum and other bubble shapes.

  • Bloop and Loop are creating all kinds of fun things out of bubbles. Watch with your child as they make a tree, bell, helicopter and more.

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