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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (44)

Chasing Tail is a unique unscripted reality television series that aired on the History Channel in 2013. The show delivers an exciting blend of adventure, wildlife, humor, and the great outdoors, offering a fascinating insight into a vocation largely unknown to many – suburban deer hunting.

The premise of the popular series revolves around a group of blue-collar men residing in populous Connecticut, who are pursuing a markedly different pastime - hunting deer. However, what sets this group apart is their hunting ground. Instead of traditional hunting locales such as dense forests or sprawling wilderness, these men hunt in the most unlikely of places: the small and densely-populated suburbs of Connecticut. They are invited by the local homeowners, government agencies and even real estate companies to control the burgeoning deer population, considered by many as pests.

Amid the manicured lawns, picket fences, and unsuspecting neighbors, these brave hunters contend with challenges unheard of in typical hunting environments. Stealth and discretion become paramount as they must perform their duties without causing panic or discomfort among the local residents. They traverse backyards, jump over fences, and navigate around pools, all while armed with bows and arrows, making a silent, safe, and efficient kill.

The group is led by Mike Andronaco, a charismatic, fearless, and experienced hunter with an innate understanding of deer habits and an acute sense of their environment. Andronaco and his team, consisting of his two brothers, Steve and Rob, childhood friend, Brian, and fellow hunter, Sal, possess a deep-rooted respect for the deer and the role they play in the local ecology. They advocate for ethical hunting, always striving to ensure a quick, humane kill with minimal impact on the local community.

Chasing Tail's broader focus extends beyond the physical act of hunting. It delves into the vital issue of deer overpopulation in suburban areas and its consequential effects. Deer in suburban locales lead to numerous problems, such as traffic accidents, destruction of property, and the spread of diseases like Lyme. By showcasing these issues, the series brings to light the essential role of hunting in maintaining balanced ecosystems and ensuring public safety.

Furthermore, the show explores the complex relationships between humans and wildlife, revealing the challenges posed by cohabitating with such a prolific creature. It provides an interesting counterpoint to the conventional vision of deer as harmless backyard visitors, forcing viewers to reassess their perspectives on nature, suburban life, and the often-unseen world of deer hunting.

In terms of production values, the show is shot in high-definition, offering high-quality visuals that betray the surprising beauty of suburban landscapes and their wildlife inhabitants, alongside scenes of adrenaline-fueled hunting exploits. The swift camera work and crisp editing lend the footage an air of immediacy, making the viewers feel like they're a part of the action.

Chasing Tail's unique blend of characters adds to the charm of the show. Despite sharing a common interest, each member of the team possesses distinctive personalities, bringing humor, camaraderie, rivalry, and an element of unpredictability to the screen. The interactions between the team members, with the local residents, and confronting their deer prey, foster engaging dynamics that light up every episode.

Another highlight of the show is its deft mix of education and entertainment. While the action scenes provide plenty of excitement, the program also includes moments of quiet contemplation, as the hunters share their knowledge about deer, their habits, and their impact on the suburban ecosystem. These teachable moments not only entertain viewers but also convey the importance of respecting and understanding nature.

Chasing Tail thus delivers a refreshing take on hunting and survival shows, bringing such practices right to the suburbs while offering a deep dive into the consequences of human-wildlife interaction in populated areas. Watch as these suburban hunters bring an age-old survival skill into the realm of suburban living, bridging the gap between man and nature in the most unexpected way. Immersing viewers in this intriguing world, Chasing Tail challenges perceptions about wildlife and the natural world while uniquely combining entertainment and education in crafting an unforgettable viewing experience.

Chasing Tail is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2013.

Chasing Tail
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Smell of Success
10. Smell of Success
May 9, 2013
A putrid smell overwhelms deer camp. Rob pranks John.
Buck Fever
9. Buck Fever
May 9, 2013
Angry neighbors stir up trouble for the hunters; the guys stage a competition.
Buckzilla in the Burbs
8. Buckzilla in the Burbs
May 2, 2013
A historic storm descends on southern Connecticut; Mike and Lou offer assistance to neighbors in need; Arky focuses on a giant buck, but wind and rain may get in his way.
Bucks on the Golf Course
7. Bucks on the Golf Course
May 2, 2013
Arky encounters a late night invader in deer camp; the guys seek permission to hunt in the ultimate money spot; Lou comes up with a way to transport deer, but it may be problematic.
Finders Keepers
6. Finders Keepers
April 25, 2013
Two of the buddies clash over a valuable hunting spot, while the others deal with a rotten deer problem. A local landowner is having a problem with an extra curious deer.
Deer in the Pool
5. Deer in the Pool
April 25, 2013
Arky has a big problem when he tracks a deer to a neighbor's backyard. The guys hit the streets and airwaves of town to drum up new hunting spots.
Best Implants
4. Best Implants
April 18, 2013
Mike does a favor for a landowner; a valuable item disappears.
Bucks & Corvettes
3. Bucks & Corvettes
April 18, 2013
Mike strikes a successful hunting deal with a rich landowner. The butcher wants his money, and Arky must make a bargain with an old nemesis. Two of the guys engage in a competition.
No Smoking
2. No Smoking
April 11, 2013
Deer camp is going up in smoke, and a returning hunting buddy isn't happy about it. A mansion's raised deck provides the perfect platform to take on a big buck problem.
Welcome to Deer Camp!
1. Welcome to Deer Camp!
April 11, 2013
Mike and his buddies have found the definitive hunting ground for deer. Unfortunately, it's in the deer-infested backyards of some of the richest people in America.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 11, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (44)