China's Great Wall

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This docuseries presents one of the scenic wonders of the world, the ancient and massive border wall built to shield China from the incursions of invaders. The series features stunning photography of the wall, along with explanations of its historical and structural significance.

ZDF Enterprises
1 Season, 2 Episodes
May 20, 2007
Arts & Culture, Documentary & Biography

China's Great Wall Full Episode Guide

  • Never a symbol of national power, the Great Wall of China is simply a monument to a culture that tried to live by itself. When Western Europe looked East to the Chinese Empire in the late 1700's, the wall was still being built and improved against outside invaders.

  • In September, 1792, King George III dispatched the first British trade mission to China, a delegation of 700 emissaries that included diplomats, painters, musicians, and even the pilot of a hot-air balloon. On three large man-o-wars, they brought -