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  • 2012
  • 5 Seasons
  • 6.3  (3,356)

Citizen Khan is a British television sitcom that aired from 2012 to 2021. The show was created and written by Adil Ray, who also stars as the titular character Mr. Khan. The show tells the story of a Pakistani businessman who moves to Birmingham, England with his wife and daughters to run his successful convenience store.

The show takes a comedic look at the life of Mr. Khan, who is not only the patriarch of his family but also the self-appointed leader of the local Muslim community. He often finds himself getting involved in the lives of his neighbors and friends, usually with disastrous consequences.

The show is set in Sparkhill, a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham, and explores the cultural differences between the first and second generation of British-Pakistani families. Mr. Khan's traditional views often clash with those of his daughters and his wife, who is more progressive.

The show features a cast of colorful characters, including Mr. Khan's wife, Mrs. Khan, played by Shobu Kapoor, who is the voice of reason in the family. She is often the one who has to deal with Mr. Khan's schemes and plans, and she does it with a great deal of patience and understanding.

The show also features Mr. Khan's daughters, Alia and Shazia, played by Bhavna Limbachia and Maya Sondhi respectively. Alia is the eldest daughter and is more westernized than her parents. She often clashes with her father's traditional views, especially when it comes to her choice of boyfriend. Shazia is the youngest daughter and is more like her father than her sister. She idolizes her father and is always eager to impress him.

Other characters include Dave, played by Kris Marshall, who is Mr. Khan's white neighbor and best friend. He is often the victim of Mr. Khan's schemes and is reluctantly drawn into his friend's hijinks.

The show is known for its humor, which is often based on cultural misunderstandings and the clash of traditional and modern values. The show has been praised for its positive portrayal of a Pakistani family living in the UK and for its willingness to tackle controversial issues head-on.

One of the show's most popular episodes dealt with the issue of arranged marriages. The episode explored the difficult choices that young British-Pakistani women face when their parents want them to marry someone they don't love. The episode was praised for its honest and realistic portrayal of the issue.

Citizen Khan ran for six seasons and was widely watched by audiences in the UK and around the world. It was praised for its use of humor to explore important issues and for its positive portrayal of a Pakistani family living in the UK.

Overall, Citizen Khan is a humorous and heartwarming sitcom that explores the cultural differences between first and second-generation British-Pakistani families while also providing a positive portrayal of Pakistani culture.

Citizen Khan
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It's a Khanderful Life
7. It's a Khanderful Life
December 23, 2016
In a very special festive episode, Mr. Khan tips his hat to Frank Capra's Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life, with Sparkhill taking the place of Bedford Falls, and Mr. Khan, like George Bailey, facing up to the fact that his life hasn't turned out the way he planned it. But an encounter with a mysterious heavenly passer-by shows him how things might have been different and convinces him that, despite all its frustrations, his has a 'Khanderful Life' after all.
Mr Khan's Niece
6. Mr Khan's Niece
December 16, 2016
Mr Khan and Mosque manager Dave organise rival Muslim Days at the community centre. Mr Khan is convinced his fun day with a bouncy Mosque and 'pin the beard on the Imam' stall will be far more popular than Dave's Women in Islam event. But he forgets that he'd agreed to look after his wayward niece Shabana. Mr Khan is forced to take the stroppy teenager to Muslim Day with him and, to top it all off, Dave has managed to invite Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, whom Khan is desperate to impress.
Alia's University
5. Alia's University
December 9, 2016
Mr Khan has to drop his daughter Alia off for her first day at university - in Scotland. Mrs Khan wants the whole family to come, so Mr Khan has to find a way to get the whole lot of them from Sparkhill to Glasgow. When the car breaks down, he is forced to improvise alternative travel arrangements, which gives them all plenty of time to reminisce about Alia's early years.
Scab's Parents
4. Scab's Parents
December 2, 2016
Mr Khan has been spending time with Alia's 'friend who is a boy', Scab. They are getting on famously and, after a chat with Alia, Mr Khan suspects it won't be long before there is another Khan family wedding on the horizon. But then Scab takes fright at the idea of the Khans meeting his parents. The Khans think it is because they are a bit snooty and object to having a Pakistani daughter-in-law. So Mr Khan and Amjad go to confront Scab's father (played by Harry Enfield).
3. Funeral
November 25, 2016
Tragedy strikes the Khan household, as Amjad's bewigged father, Mr Malik, is knocked down and killed by the number 37 bus. The real tragedy for Mr Khan is that the grief-stricken Mrs Malik is staying with them and comfort eating him out of house and home. But when Mr Khan discovers he might be able to find an investor for his new invention amongst the funeral mourners, he throws himself into the burial arrangements.
2. Bullies
November 11, 2016
Mr Khan has bought a drone camera to keep an eye on the local neighbourhood as he believes it is starting to go a bit downhill. This is brought home when he finds out that his grandson, Mo, is being bullied at his nursery. But when Mr Khan decides to teach Amjad how to be a better dad, he gets a lot more than he bargained for, both during a trip to the local pool and when re-enacting a scene from Birmingham gangster drama Peaky Blinders.
1. Cricket
November 4, 2016
Mr Khan makes an exhibition of himself in front of a packed house at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. Having been made to sleep in the car by Mrs Khan after forgetting their wedding anniversary, Mr Khan is on a mission to make amends. But his boast to Dave that he knows local boy Moeen Ali backfires when Amjad suggests he could get the famous England all-rounder to make a celebrity appearance at a fundraiser.
101. Outtakes
December 24, 2016
Some outtakes from the filming of Citizen Khan, Series 5.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (3,356)