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The BBC WorldWide Channel is the British Broadcasting Channel's flagship global news outlet. Unlike other cable news stations, which may be focused on the national news of their respective country, the BBC broadcast is renown for its global coverage of news and it objective presentation of the news from the world in a language and style that is well received from a wider news audience.

The BBC news correspondents report from all over the globe, regardless of the nature of the conflict. The presentation of the news in different languages provides a world wide appeal enabling the channel's viewing audience to enjoy, receive and attach high credibility to the news that is being reported.

Many viewers simply enjoy the manner in which the news is being presented. The variety of reporters, with each bringing a different cultural style to their news broadcasting, creates a mosaic for the channel that seems to be representative of the world in which the BBC is reporting. The global coverage provided by the BBC also enables casual viewers as well as business minded viewers, the view of the world with a different perspective. Many of these perspectives are never the same but the BBC channel delivers its news from a wider lens enabling the viewer to make their own judgements.

This perspective on the world news has provided the BBC with a loyal viewership. The show has maintained a quality and style in its production which has not diminished to levels simply to achieve commercial ratings.

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