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Clannad After Story is the follow up to the anime Clannad. After Story continues in the immediate aftermath of the first season which had concluded with Tomoya's last semester of high-school. At this point in the anime Tomoya had just declared love to the object of his hearts desire, Nagisa, and their relationship begins to evolve as a result. Throughout this story viewers will continue to learn more about the world they inhabit and the legends behind the characters home town. Clannad After Story follows the same formula of the prior season of the anime and is set in and around the Hikarizaka Private High School. Viewers will get to know the ins and outs of the students and teachers at this school.

Clannad is based on the popular visual novel, or manga, franchise. The anime series is owned by Kyoto Animation. The second season of Clannad, which is After Story, retained the full art and directing team from the original season.

A-Net Digital
1 Season, 27 Episodes
May 23, 2011
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Clannad After Story Full Episode Guide

Season 1 24 full episodes
  • Episode 25 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya tells his daughter the story of his life with Nagisa and how Ushio was born, but with a happier ending.

  • Episode 24 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya explores an alternate life he could have had.

  • Episode 23 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya looks back on is past life and how everything began with a prank gone wrong changed his life in every way.

  • Episode 22 - Clannad After Story

    Sitting on the hill, Tomoya calls out to Nagisa, who appears and brings him back through time to see what their life could have been.

  • Episode 21 - Clannad After Story
  • Episode 20 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya goes to Ushio's school to meet her teacher and finds that it is Kyou. Kyou tells him that the school will be having a sports day and encourages him to participate. Tomoya sings Nagisa's song as a lullaby to his daughter. One day, when preparing to visit Nagisa's parents, Ushio suddenly develops a fever.

  • Episode 19 - Clannad After Story

    After returning from their trip and visiting with Sanae and Akio, Tomoya brings Ushio home to live with him. On a day off, Tomoya and Ushio meet up with Kouko. Later, Tomoya takes Ushio to visit his father. The two reconcile and Tomoya urges him to move to the countryside and see his mother.

  • Episode 18 - Clannad After Story
  • Episode 17 - Clannad After Story
  • Episode 16 - White Darkness

    In the latter part of her pregnancy, Nagisa has become sick again and goes into premature labor. Due to the snow, she is unable to be taken to the hospital. She gives birth at home to a daughter, Ushio.

  • Episode 16 - Clannad After Story

    In the latter part of her pregnancy, Nagisa has become sick again and goes into premature labor. Due to the snow, she is unable to be taken to the hospital. She gives birth at home to a daughter, Ushio, but then passes, leaving Tomoya devastated.

  • Episode 15 - Clannad After Story

    Morning sickness is keeping Nagisa at home, in bed. Sanae introduces her to a midwife, Yagi. Sanae confides to Tomoya her worries that having a child will be very difficult for Nagisa, perhaps even dangerous. Nagisa wants to have the child, despite the possible threats to her health and life.

  • Episode 14 - Clannad After Story

    Nagisa and Tomoya are beginning their new lives together. Nagisa gets a job with Nishina in a restaurant. Tomoya gets upset when he learns that the school building that used to house the drama club will be torn down. Change upon change is happening all around them, but the biggest change to their lives is about to come.

  • Episode 13 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya is striking out trying to get Akio to consent to his marrying Nagisa. Akio agree to talk abouat this only after Tomoya gets a decent hit in a ball game. After Tomoya finally hits a home-run, Aiko gives his permission. Tomoya calls Nagisa's friends together to celebrate her graduation. After receiving her diploma, Nagisa and Tomoya are married.

  • Episode 12 - Clannad After Story

    Yusuke tells Tomoya about his past struggles and losses. After high school, Yusuke was a successful musician, but got involved in drugs, eventually ruining his career. Tomoya is offered a job as a manager, but his father is arrested, causing the offer to fall away. Finally, Tomoya proposes to Nagisa.

  • Episode 11 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya is eager to show his boss and co-workers that he is a valuable worker, even hiding the fact that he has injured his shoulder. Though he promises to go with Nagisa to the Founder's Festival, he stays at work, showing up late for his date. His boss and co-workers hold Tomoya in great respect, but the work is taking a toll on his relationship with Nagisa.

  • Episode 10 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya takes a job at a bakery, hoping to become more independent. Nagisa returns to school and tries to revive the theater club. Tomoya then takes an electrician job with Yusuke, and moves into his own apartment.

  • Episode 9 - Clannad After Story

    The school year is coming to a close and everyone is discussing what they plan to do after graduation. Everyone has their own plan of what they want to be, except for Tomoya. Nagisa becomes ill again and misses her exams. On graduation day, Tomoya takes Nagisa for a long walk.

  • Episode 8 - Clannad After Story

    The police are determined to curtail gang violence in the city. Tomoya and Yukine go to talk with the rival gang, to try to keep matters from escalating. The leader suggests a one-on-one fight between himself and Kazuto to settle all scores.

  • Episode 7 - Clannad After Story

    When Yukine came to the aid of two rival gangs in the city, she has since earned their respect. The fact that her older brother, Kazuto, is also the leader of one of these gangs helps. A young boy approaches Yukine out of concern for his older sister, who is dating a member of Yukine's brother's gang. Yukine's brother has been in the hospital following a car accident and three rival gang members mistakenly believe that Youhei is him.

  • Episode 6 - Clannad After Story
  • Episode 5 - Clannad After Story

    Tomoya and Nagisa visit with Misae. When Misae was younger, she met a boy, Katsuki Shima, in the hospital and was able to cheer him up. Years later in school, Katsuki told her he owed her a favor for her kindness.

  • Episode 4 - Clannad After Story
  • Episode 3 - Clannad After Story

    Youhei and Sanae go on a double date with Tomoya and Nagisa, but are also accompanied by Mei. Even though Sanae has convinced Mei that she is Youhei's girlfriend, Mei is still worried and decides to stay. To get more of Youhei's brotherly attention, Mei lies about her reason for coming to the city.

  • Episode 2 - Clannad After Story

    Mei comes to stay with Nagisa for a while. Tomoya comes up with a scheme to have a girl pose as Youhei's girlfriend. Tomoya and Nagisa ask Ryou, Tomoyo, Kotomi, and Yukine, but they all refuse. Finally, Sanae agrees and is introduced to Mei.

  • Episode 1 - Clannad After Story

    With the summer coming to an end, Nagisa's Father, Akio, is putting together a neighborhood baseball team. Tomoya recruits several other students to join the team. During a game against the team from a nearby shopping district, Akio is injured, threatening the small lead the team had built early in the game.

Season 0 1 full episode
  • Episode 0 - The End of the World

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