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Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse are animated, crime fighting animals that possess super powers. In this humorous cartoon program, the cat and mouse regularly encounter different bad guys while they are protecting the citizens of Empire City. The crime-fighting duo zooms around Empire City in a long red car that is shaped like a cat.

Each episode of Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse features several 5-minute cartoons and the show is 30 minutes long. This program is suitable for all ages.

Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse is a Animation & Cartoon series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1960. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse is available for streaming on the PRO website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse on demand at Tubi TV Vudu, Tubi TV online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
January 1, 1960
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Dal McKennon
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Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse Full Episode Guide

  • The Big Party; The Flying Eye; The Visiting Patient; The Frogmen; The Frog's Trial.

  • The Crime Kits; The Draggy Dragster; The Gold Mine Mystery; The Glittering Ruby; The Big Statue.

  • The Thinking Cap; The Scheming Cleaners; The Stolen Pyramid; The Trap in the Park; The Wishing Fountain

  • The Fire Fighters; The Shoo Shoo Fly; The Unmentionables; The TV Director; The Fabulous Diamond

  • The Stolen Treasure Map; The Kidnapped Amusement Park; The Mad Cowboy; The Big Game Hunter; The Great Actor.

  • The Missing Link; The Bowling Alley Caper; The Monster Vine; The Life Saver; The Roaming Robot.

  • The Visiting King; The CafĂ© Caper; The Sniffer Machine; The Country Club Caper; The Frog's Vacation

  • The Undercover Agents; The Mysterious Submarine; The Blinking Planet; The Camera Exhibit; The Golden Statue.

  • The Big Squeeze; The Missing Partner; The Monster From Outer Space: The Mind Reader; The Auto Tycoons

  • The Professor's Machine; The Mysterious Weather; The Robot; The Great Circus Mystery; The Missing Masterpiece

  • The Laughing Gas Victims; The Bank Robbery; The Peace Pipe; The Embassy Stakeout; The Masked Bandits

  • The Underwater Caper; The Big Ransom; The Bet A Million Frog; The Magic Wand; The Criminal Artist.

  • Mad Painter; The Waterfront Caper; The Secret Weapon; The Big Ball Game; The Moon Giant

  • Big Movie Star; The Cat Cave Treasure; The Creatures from Deep; The Crime Lab; The Rescue Squad

  • The Diamond Smugglers; The Spies Return; The Cousin Outrageous; The Perfect Alibi; The Minced Spies

  • The Mysterious Bottle; The Nine Lives; The Kidnapped Movie Star; The Wax Museum; The Flying Saucers

  • The Gasoline War; The Big Pipeline; The Construction Caper; The Great Impersonations; The Fortune Teller

  • The Invisible Robbers; The Iron Shark; The Big Race; The Prison Break; The Saggin' Dragon

  • The Bad Bandito; The Counterfeiters; The Return of the Shoo Shoo Fly; The Fugitive at Large; The Opera Singer

  • The Masterpiece Machine; The Unlucky Day; The Noisemaker; The King Size Caper; The Prison Caper

  • The Boxing Champ; The Gun Mixup; The Northwoods Caper; The Mail Train Robbery; The Hermit of Creepy Hollow

  • The Swiss Alps Caper; The Post Office Prankster; The TV Mystery; The Abandoned Movie Sets; The Backward Clock

  • The Robber Rabbit; The Stolen Cheese; Disguise The Limit; The Mad Scientist; The Track Meet

  • Crime and Punishment; The Sleepy Chief; The Tin Can Caper; The Hawaiian Holiday; The Cat Gun Caper

  • A compilation of 5 x 5 minute animated episodes_4-18

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