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The American West was a time and place which has been solidly planted in the mind of those who love Westerns. This era was famed for its dangerous outlaws and hard working cowboys who rode the range and were heroes in the mythology of the American people. This show focuses on the truth of those times through written media of the time such as letters, papers and personal accounts of those who lived in the west and recorded their lives. It also explores the archaeological as well as the forensic evidence left behind to tell the true tale of a bygone era.

Cowboys & Outlaws is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on November 22, 2009.

Cowboys & Outlaws is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cowboys & Outlaws on demand atApple TV+, Amazon, History Vault, The Roku Channel, Hoopla, iTunes online.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 22, 2009
Documentary & Biography, History
Cast: Bray Poor
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Cowboys & Outlaws Full Episode Guide

  • During the Civil War, two cattle partners, Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving, set off to blaze a trail to reach new markets, however, only one returns.

  • At the dawn of the cowboy era, a mysterious disease threatens to derail the dreams of Texas cattlemen and their cowboys. One man vows to find a cure--and get fabulously rich at the same time. In a bold gamble, Joe McCoy builds a city in the middle of nowhere: Abilene--the first "cow town"--whose legacy would reshape the West.

  • The fabled Wyatt Earp, credited with spreading law and order in the Wild West, was in reality a complex character who straddled both sides of the law. Throughout most of his career he rarely used a pistol to kill a man, but when his little brother is shot, he snaps and embarks on a bloody vendetta. This action seals his place in history... but obscures the real man behind the myth.