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This show is about murders that happen in different countries around the world that have not been solved. Detectives try to enlist the help of psychic detectives to use their abilities in order to receive new leads. An investigator attempts to gather all the information from the psychics in order to process new leads to solve these murder cases. The psychics are given photographs as a tool to assist with revealing their true psychic abilities.

In the show the psychics are able to talk to the murder victims to try and receive clues to help communicate with families and detectives in order to solve their murders.

Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
November 21, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Rasmus Steentoft, Marion Dampier-Jeans, Maya Fridan, Else Solviej Hansen
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Sensing Murder Full Episode Guide

  • Psychis Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson continue their investigation into the brutal death of a 46-year-old grandmother.

  • Described as a brutal execution, a 46-year-old grandmother was found stabbed to death in her Napier home in 2008. Her family have come to "Sensing Murder," desperate for answers.

  • Was missing nine-year-old schoolboy Peter murdered in 1957? Psychics Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson attempt to connect with his spirit to find answers.

  • In 1957, a nine-year-old boy was on holiday on a remote farm near Gisborne when he vanished without a trace. Can "Sensing Murder" psychics find answers in one of New Zealand's coldest cold cases?

  • Kelvin Cruickshank and Sue Nicholson continue their investigation into the grisly death of a young man whose bloodied body was found on the side of a highway in 1995.

  • In 1995, a young man's bloodied body was found off a highway just outside of Ngaruawahia. Psychics investigate whether it was a hit and run - or something more sinister.

  • Sue Nicholson and Deb Webber continue their investigation into the gruesome death of 19-year-old Joan Wech. Will the psychics be able to unearth new clues and identify her killer?

  • In the season premiere, the psychics are back helping to uncover answers in four cold cases, taking a closer look into the secrets that surround these tragic and untimely deaths.

  • College freshmen Cassandra Hailey and Keith Call left for their first date on April 9, 1988, and were never seen again.

  • On June 13, 1977, 26-year-old apprentice nun Robin Elam was raped and strangled in a field near her convent in West Virginia.

  • On November 15, 1998, 18-year-old Miranda Fenner was murdered at a video store where she worked in Laurel, Mont.

  • On July 30, 2003, Angela Lee was beaten and strangled to death in her home. Three years later, the police have no concrete leads.

  • In 1979, high school sweethearts Mary Leonard and Ricky Beard were murdered. Six years later, their bones were discovered in a remote wooded area.

  • On the weekend of July 4 in 2005, Jeannette Bauman and Steven Haugan were viciously murdered in the Oregon wilderness.

  • On May 22, 2004, 53-year-old Al Kite was tortured for hours before he died in the basement apartment of his town house.

  • Can Pam and Laurie help breathe new life into the investigation of the murder of Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer, who was shot to death 23 years ago?

  • Can Pam and Laurie help close the case of Patricia Neufeld, a suburban housewife who brutally killed in cold blood 28 years ago?

  • On December 21, 1997, a University of Colorado senior was brutally beaten and left for dead in an alley just blocks from her home.

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