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In this drama, four couples with troubled relationships take part in an experimental new therapy that has them swapping partners so that they, theoretically, will learn to appreciate their own lives and relationships. Of course, much drama ensues. Jill Marie Jones, Brian White, and Vanessa Simmons star.

Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 1969.

Where do I stream Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy online? Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy is available for streaming on Urban Movie Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Sling, iTunes online.

Urban Movie Channel
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
December 31, 1969
Cast: Jill Marie Jones, Brian White, Vanessa Simmons, Darius McCrary
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Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy Full Episode Guide

  • Having made their final decisions, the participants begin to move on with their lives only to be brought back into The Experiment by a common dark force that connects them all in a mysterious way.

  • As the reprieve comes to an end, everyone must choose wisely as The Experiment offers them a chance to decide, once and for all, to stay with or leave their original spouses.

  • When The Experiment drops off the individuals taking advantage of the 3-day reprieve in an undisclosed location, they soon rediscover the reasons they fell in love and are forced to confront the ugly truths tearing them apart.

  • Each participant seriously considers their options when The Experiment offers them a 3-day reprieve, but they only have 24 hours to decide.

  • After the dramatic reveal of their choices to stay or leave, the participants of The Experiment attempt to process the new lives they now face. But The Experiment isn't done with them just yet.

  • Dark pasts and twisted secrets come to light as each couple finally makes the choice whether to stay together or leave their original spouses.

  • It's the Final Day of the Experiment with the new spouses. Time for the participants to leave it on all on the table before going back to their original spouses.

  • Things begin to heat up for the participants, as they realize they were paired with the person who can give them exactly what they need at this point in their lives. The original matrimonial lines blur even further.

  • Now fully immersed into the experiment, the couples try to make the most of the process but the deeper they go the more their traditional values and the vows they took with their original spouses, conflict.

  • Each couple meets their new spouse. Tension all around as each person brings a different level of openess insecurity and vulnerability to the process.

  • We meet our four couples. Each couple is dealing with issues that are tearing their marriage apart. They embark on a social test called The Experiment and are promised a chance at healing their marraiges but have no idea what to expect.