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  • 2017
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.8  (185)

Criminal Confessions, a true-crime series that premiered on Oxygen in 2017, features real-life criminal cases and their confessions. The show offers a unique insight into the investigative techniques used to solve these crimes and the mentalities of those who commit them. The series is hosted by Tyler Hayse, Brian Kramer, and Mary Ellen O'Toole, who provide their expertise and analysis of the cases.

Each episode of Criminal Confessions focuses on a different criminal case and the interrogation that led to the perpetrator's confession. The show begins with the crimes, providing context and details that help to set the scene for the investigation. The initial scenes also introduce viewers to the detectives and law enforcement officials working on the case.

Throughout the show, viewers get an inside look at the interrogation techniques used by the investigators to extract a confession from the suspect. The interrogations are often intense and emotional, as the detectives press their suspects for answers. Viewers will see how the detectives use different tactics, such as good cop/bad cop, or good cop/good cop approaches.

Criminal Confessions is unique in its approach, as it focuses on the confession process rather than simply detailing the crime itself. Viewers will see how the detectives work to build rapport with the suspect, how they use evidence to break down the suspect's defenses, and how they identify lies and inconsistencies in their stories. Viewers will also learn about how the detectives identify the right moment to pressure the suspect to confess.

Once a confession has been obtained, the show moves into the legal proceedings that follow. Viewers get to see how the confession is used in the trial and how it weighs into the final verdict. The show also delves into the psychological aspects of confession, exploring why some criminals choose to confess while others do not.

One of the ways that Criminal Confessions stands out from other true-crime series is through its use of experts. The show features Tyler Hayse, a former prosecutor who offers his legal expertise on the cases, and Brian Kramer, a former FBI agent who provides insights into the psychological aspects of the crimes. Mary Ellen O'Toole, a retired FBI agent who specializes in criminal profiling, provides her extensive knowledge on the behavior of criminals and the minds of those who commit these crimes.

The show also makes use of reenactments, allowing viewers to see the crimes as they happened. The reenactments are based on witness testimony and forensic evidence, providing a realistic depiction of the events. The reenactments effectively immerse viewers in the crime and bring them closer to understanding the events that led to the confessions.

Criminal Confessions is a gripping true-crime series that provides an in-depth look at the confession process. Through the use of expert analysis, interrogations, and reenactments, viewers witness the raw emotion and tense atmosphere of the investigation. Fans of true-crime programming will be kept on the edge of their seats as the detectives work tirelessly to extract the truth from their suspects.

In conclusion, Criminal Confessions is a fascinating series that offers an unfiltered look into the minds of those who confess to crimes. The show's focus on the confession process, rather than the crimes themselves, is a unique approach that sets it apart from other true-crime series. The expert analysis and reenactments provide a deeper understanding of the cases, while the interrogations offer a thrilling and emotional look at the investigation.

Criminal Confessions
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Cold Justice Confessions
14. Cold Justice Confessions
March 7, 2020
In 1981, a mother vanishes from the Hernando woods and the case goes cold. 33 years later, local detectives take the baton from Kelly Siegler and the Cold Justice team only to find that obtaining a confession may be the only way to solve the case.
A Helpful Witness
13. A Helpful Witness
February 29, 2020
When Kim Allen is found murdered in her home, her estranged and abusive husband is the likely suspect. A risky bluff by detectives takes the case in a surprising direction.
Two Fires, One Victim
12. Two Fires, One Victim
February 22, 2020
When a young woman's body is found burning in the woods just off the side of the road, investigators are left wondering not only who she is, but who could have done this to her. They follow a trail of fire, fury, and falsities to get to the truth.
Professional Suspect
11. Professional Suspect
February 15, 2020
When a loving mother and wife is found shot in her own bed, investigators know they are dealing with a homicide. The case goes cold for two years until two determined detectives set their sights on justice and reveal a murder-for-hire plot.
Not My DNA
10. Not My DNA
February 8, 2020
When a beloved school teacher is gunned down in public, a known felon's DNA and phone records link him to the crime. But when Gwinnett County Police investigators arrest the man, they discover the real killer might actually be someone else entirely.
His Final Fight
9. His Final Fight
February 1, 2020
A Navy veteran is brutally beaten during a home robbery. In order to find the killer, police must sift through various lies as several suspects desperately attempt to cover their tracks.
The Worst Betrayal
8. The Worst Betrayal
January 25, 2020
After a sheriff's deputy discovers a missing woman murdered in the backyard of her family home, investigators must determine whether the victim was killed by a mysterious driver seen lingering outside the house, or someone unexpected.
Who Killed Little Mama?
7. Who Killed Little Mama?
January 18, 2020
When an elderly, free spirit comes into a large sum of money she is mercilessly attacked to within an inch of her life. Investigators uncover a twisted trail of addiction, brutality and betrayal with a surprise killer in plain sight.
Killer Friends
6. Killer Friends
January 11, 2020
After a divorced mother is found murdered in her home, police discover she had an unusual array of people involved in her life. In order to figure out if one of them was her killer they must separate truth from lies.
The Kill Club
5. The Kill Club
January 4, 2020
A beloved member of the local community is brutally murdered with part of his body apparently taken as a souvenir by the killer. Detectives try to make sense of this horrifying crime despite conflicting stories and a possible false confession.
She Never Came Home
4. She Never Came Home
December 28, 2019
When 19-year-old Kenia disappears, her family immediately begins conducting their own investigation to find her. As the police join them in their efforts, they follow alarming leads that cause them to believe Kenia won't be found alive.
A Killer App
3. A Killer App
December 21, 2019
A crazed rideshare app driver goes on a seven-hour shooting spree, killing six people and critically injuring two. He claims the app took over his body and made him do it, while those suffering the loss of loved ones struggle to understand why.
Vanished In The Night
2. Vanished In The Night
December 14, 2019
After getting a call that a wife and mother had been missing for 10 years, sheriffs launch an investigation that uncovers a threesome relationship, an eerie deathbed confession, and a web of lies spanning a decade that leads them to the truth.
Chris Watts: Confession Untold
1. Chris Watts: Confession Untold
December 7, 2019
Investigators speak for the first time on one of the most baffling cases they've encountered, exposing the devastating truth about what happened to Shanann Watts and her two daughters at the hands of a seemingly devoted husband and father, Chris Watts.
  • Premiere Date
    October 1, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (185)