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Danger Man is a British TV series that was televised between 1964 and 1962, and from 1960 to 1968. The show featured a secret agent by the name of John Drake, played by Patrick McGoohan. The program was created by Ralph Smart, who composed a lot of the screenplays.

Every government has its secret service division. America has the CIA, France has the Deuxieme Bureau, and England has MI5. It

Danger Man is a Action & Adventure series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (82 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 1960. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.8.

Danger Man is available for streaming on the ITV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Danger Man on demand at Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, The Roku Channel, Sling online.

4 Seasons, 82 Episodes
September 11, 1960
Action & Adventure
Cast: Patrick McGoohan
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Danger Man Full Episode Guide

  • Shinda Shima - the murdered island. This is the beautiful but menacing isle on which John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) finds himself when netting out to discover who is behind a murder-brotherhood which has been revived in Japan. He takes over the identity of a defecting British Security electronics expert, a man from the Most Secret Communications Operations department who has suddenly resigned and has been detained when flying to Tokyo with the vital components of the newest telecrypton decoder. By following this man's contacts, Drake arrives at Shinda Shima. People are scared to go near it these days. Once, it was a thriving pearl-diving community, but a community which had never felt secure because of a legend that the marine gods are jealous of the riches in the sea. One day, the heads of three families would die mysteriously; and die they did. Everyone else moved to the mainland.

  • A Japanese girl, Ako Nakaruina (YOKO TANI), meets sudden death as she is transmitting a message from Tokyo warning that a United Nations' leading mediator will be assassinated within hours of his arrival in New York. It will be the first of a series of killings planned by an organisation centred in Tokyo. John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) is the M,9 agent assigned to the case. He arrives in Tokyo, ostensibly as a radio reporter, and discovers how the girl died, He also discovers the meaning of a medallion which she had with her: the emblem of an ancient murder-brotherhood which believed in the poetry of death. They were artists in assassination, and now the brotherhood has been revived. Ako Nakamura, an agent working for the British, was on to them.

  • Even when a secret agent goes on holiday he is liable to find himself in the espionage jungle - and John Drake unexpectedly does so when he tries to get away from it all. A holiday is forced on John Drake (PATMCK McGOOHAN) when, in going to the aid of his M.9 superior Derringham (BERNARD LEE), his cover is blown and a free-lance agent named Solby (HUGH McDERMOTT) therefore knows his real identity. It looks as though Drake is going to be useless to M.9 for sometime to come - maybe for ever. This is why he is given extended leave, and the spot he chooses to visit is Banalos, in Spain.

  • John Drake steps into a murder trap set for him by a beautiful double agent in the Caribbean and is accused of the killing she commits. Revolution is brewing in the British-ruled Caribbean colony yet, oddly enough, it is to protect the would-be new leader, the idealistic Dr. Shargis (PAUL CURRAN), that John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) is sent there. The British Government feels that his death would unleash undesirable forces. Alive, he would lose the forthcoming election as quietly as usual. But his death would be a very different story. Assassination of a popular nationalist candidate would have the terrorists pouring in. The British would be held responsible. The country would go wild. He would be a martyr, and popular sympathy would hand his party the election. People in his own party therefore want him dead. But who?

  • Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake, becomes a manservant to a wealthy family when investigating the leakage of secrets in very high circles.The House of Lords is an unusual place for John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) to visit in the course of his work as a secret agent; but this is where his inquiries have to begin when confidential information leaks out from very high cirices. Only a few people could possibly have the information which has reached foreign newspapers, and one man with that information is Lord Gandon (MICHAEL GODFREY)Somewhat reluctantly, Gandon agrees to tell him the names of everyone he met between leaving a cabinet meeting to the time the latest leak has taken place. Out of all the names, there is one which interests Drake more than the others: Basil Jordan (DENHOLM ELLIOTT) whose wife, Claudia (MOIRA LISTER), is one of the wealthiest women in the world.The Jordans have a chateau in France, where they are now staying. Faced with the problem of being close to them in the house, Drake tricks their manservant Ross (JOHN WELSH) into giving up his job and taking a better one in London. Drake then applies for the position and is taken on.

  • Idealism places a quiet Embassy girl statistician in peril when she is sent to the Middle East. Suspected of leaking security secrets, she is investigated by John Drake.The suspect is Jean Smith (WENDY GRAIL), an English girl working with the British Embassy in the Middle East.Her job: statistics. And detans of oil reserves and potential have fallen into the hand of the opposition. There is every reason to believe the leak comes from her department.Instructions reach John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) that she is to be investigated. He is to assume the identity of a journalist seeking information for a story. A meetingis arranged with her.

  • In the murky world of diplomatic intrigue, it is difficult to tell who is working for which side. When a M.I.9 regional controller is captured, he is tortured in efforts to make him reveal the names of those working for him. John Drake is sent to rescue him. Meredith (NORMAN RODWAY) takes matters into his own hands when the M.I.9 network in one of the Eastern Europe territories under his control becomes shaky. But he is captured. While Meredith is being tortured in efforts to make him talk, John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) is sent out there in the guise of a visiting journalist. All the necessary arrangements are made and on his arrival he is greeted by Lydia Greshnova (JANE MEEROW) whose job, she tells him, is looking after visiting newspapermen. She insists that she should escort him everywhere.

  • There is no room for personal loyalties in the danger-fraught world of espionage. Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake, finds himself caught in the cross-currents of friendship and duty when he has to investigate allegations that an old colleague has become a traitor and even worse, is forced to destroy his old friend's marriage. A report from an agent in Russia t. M.I.9. in London suggests that the department's man in Baghdad has become a double agent. The man IS Bill Vincent (DONALD HOUSTON) and, because they are very old friends and his presence Is therefore unlikely to cause suspicion, John Drake (PATRICK McGOOHAM is sent to investigate the allegations. He accepts the assignment with the utmost reluctance.

  • Which of three agents, operating in Switzerland, is a double agent? Patrick McGoohan, as Danger Man John Drake, uses himself as bait when sent to Geneva to discover the truth.The glamorous and off-beat young British actress Susan Hampshire is seen as one of the agents, with Maxwell Shaw and Howard Goorney as the two other suspects. When the Controller of the M.9. cell in Geneva, disappears mysteriously, there is considerable concern. For his predecessor disappeared equally mysteriously. It is unlikely that two suchmen would defect.

  • Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake, acts as defending counsel in a bizarre "trial" held in the middle of the desert when he is sent to the Middle East to escort a threatened medical research scientist to safety. This "Danger Man" episode, "Judgement Day," introduces a striking young Canadian actress as a girl bent on avenging Nazi atrocities. She is Montreal-born Alexandra Stewart - a girl whose unexpected acting career has taken her all over the world but who now regards France as home. The part of the scared doctor is played by Guy Deghy, and ether principal roles are portrayed by Maurice Kaufmann, John Woodvice and David Saire.

  • John Drake joins a Mercenary army as a private to investigate the army's activities in Africa after the murder of a M.I.9 agent who had been assigned to this task. In doing so he uncovers an ingenious plan to dispose of the premier of a newly independent nation. "The Mercenaries" provides Patrick McGoohan with some of the most dramatic and arduous sequences yet filmed for the "Danger Man" series, and suspense-packed adventure is combined with the romantic attentions of a beautiful but neglected woman, played by Patricia Donahue, with John Slater as the Prime Minister and other major roles portrayed by Percy Herbert, Peter Arne, Frederick Paisley, Jack Gwillim, John Gabriel, Derrick de Marney and Zia Moyheddin. The Mercenaries are known as "Crazy Coote's Commandos" - a dare-devil volunteer army organised by the swaggering Colonel Coote (DERRICK DE MARNEY) and whose activities in Africa are the cause of considerable uneasiness In British War Department circles. This is why M.I.9 has planted an agent in the Army. The death of the agent, ostensibly in an ambush, increases this disquiet, and the suspicion that he has been discovered and murdered is well founded.

  • John Drake investigates a ease of African political treachery in "Loyalty Always Pays", in which Patrick McGoohan is supported by a cast which includes Earl Cameron, Johnny Sekka, Errol John and Nigel Stock. "There seems to be no doubt that the Minister of Defence has negotiated a secret treaty with the Chinese..." This is the last message, tape-recorded to be received in Britain from an agent who has been killed in obtaining this information, and this is why John Drake (PATRICK McGOORAN) is sent to Africa to discover the truth. Britain is sinking a lot of money into this country, but has no intention of continuing t o do so if the African country's Government has sold out to the Chinese. Drake assumes the guise of John Hamilton, of Consolidated Minerals. His contact is Beyla (JOHNNY SEKKA), who uses ownership of a cabaret club as his cover, and whose assistant is a striking attractive, London-educated African girl, Miss Sefadu (DOLORES MONTEZ).

  • A beautiful English girl in Lisbon, a smuggling racket and a search for an agency exchanging stolen secrets all lead Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake, into intrigue and danger in "English Lady Takes Lodgers", in which the English lady of the title is played by the glamorous young actress Gabriella Licudi, with other starring roles played by Robert Urquhart, Howard Marion Crawford, Frederick Bartman and Gary Hope. John Drake (PATRICK MCGOOHAN) arrives in Lisbon with precise instructions. London suspects that there is an agency in the city exchanging stolen secrets and that some important ones of Britain are being marketed out there.

  • Danger Man John Drake (played by Patrick McGoohan) takes a calculated risk when he sets out to evoke the jealousy of an assassin he is trying to lure out of Beirut, using the killer's exotic girl-friend as a bait. Ronald Redd guest stars as a colourful Greek who helps him, with Derren Nesbitt as the assassin and glamorous Jeanne Roland as the girl.John Drake (PATRICK McGOGHAN) is faced with the task of forcing a ruthless assassin, Rachid Noureddine, (DERREN NESBITT) from the safety of Beirut after the killer has carried out a political assassination in Paris.

  • Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake, is sent to Singapore in an effort to infiltrate the top level of opposition Intelligence, impersonating an English defector to do so and finding himself in the surprising situation of being assigned by his new employers to infiltrate the top level of British Intelligence.Yvonne Furneaux guest-stars as an exotic Eurasian spy in a cast which includes Peter Arne, a glamorous young Chinese actress named Poulet Tu, South African actress Norma West, Anthony Dawson, Burt Kwouk, Geoffrey BayWon and Dennis Rarnsden.When the academic Peter Simpson (ANTHONY DAWSON), a man who lectures around the world for the British Cultural Mission, elects to work for the Chinese, he unwittinglypaves the way for John Orake (PATRICK McGOOHAN) to be Bent to Singapore in an effort to infiltrate the top level of opposition Intelligence. Simpson's plan is discovered by M.9., and Drake takes his place.