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This anime series is a treat for fans of beautiful fight scenes, and while the story line might be somewhat dull, it still manages to pull the viewers into a world of mystery. Something known as Hell's Gate appears in Tokyo, and with the appearance of this gate, grants some people certain powers. This people are referred to as contractors, and by using their special powers, they gain power, but at the same time must pay a cost for using these powers. The main character is Hei, as he is a very powerful contractor, unlike the others, he doesn't need to pay for using his special powers.

While the story line might be a little confusing to follow, fans of the series will be able to understand most of it, if they have been following from the very first season. Watching Darker then black is something that challenges the boundary between fact and fiction. The animation studio BONES has managed to create an anime, where the dark nature of the plot can be offset, by the light sometimes funny payment of using their powers. One character that stands out in the anime is Mao the talking cat.

Mao is the only character that really seems to have a sense of humor, as there will be times when some of its reaction will get you laughing in your chair. There are certain simple plots around the anime, for people that might have just picked up on watching it. While these plots have very little to do with the whole story, they do attract enough attention to entice people into wanting to know more, as to what happens to them in the future.

The biggest draw of this anime might be the powers of every contractor, since each of them have different powers, and the price that they need to pay is different. Everyone is left wondering what the price is once a new contractor enters into the conflict. Some funny payments include having to kiss somebody after using their power, to darker heavier punishments. At the end of the day this anime brings amazing fight scenes, and the battles are a very big attraction to any fight fan. Miss one season of this series, and you might have more questions about the story line. It would be a good idea to follow everything from the very beginning, so that no questions will be left unanswered.

Darker Than BLACK is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2007.

Where do I stream Darker Than BLACK online? Darker Than BLACK is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Darker Than BLACK on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

Thursday 1:20 AM et/pt
2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
April 5, 2007
Cast: Mitsuki Saiga, Shinichiro Miki, Misato Fukuen, Hidenobu Kiuchi, Ikuya Sawaki
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Darker Than BLACK Full Episode Guide

  • Claude sets his plan in motion, pitting several international organizations against each other by offering Yin up for sale. As a war between factions erupts, Hei rushes to rescue the Doll - but it might be too late to keep her safe.

  • Hei hears of a coming event, one predicted fifty years ago: the arrival of a girl with world-changing power. Later, after his past with Amber forces him into battle against several Contractors, Hei learns Yin could be in trouble.

  • Hei is troubled by Yin's changing demeanor and her risky plan to draw their enemies from the shadows. The Black Reaper's concerns are validated when he's forced to battle a sultry Contractor and her twin enforcers.

  • After the events of Season One, Hei and Yin are on the run from the Syndicate, posing as newlyweds in Okinawa. Unfortunately, their faux honeymoon ends when a violent group of Contractors attempts to abduct Yin.

  • Prophesies are fulfilled, and Suo faces her destiny. Even as her memories fade away beneath the shining moon, hope remains - and a new era begins.

  • Suo encounters someone she thought was dead and learns the truth behind the mysteries of her past. Unfortunately, the meeting is cut short when several Contractors launch an attack.

  • As Kirihara uncovers the connection between Dr. Pavlichenko's family and the Syndicate, the incredible secrets of Suo's past are revealed. Later, Hei becomes the main suspect when a member of Section 3 is brutally murdered.

  • Kiko and Kurasawa help Suo search for her mother. After a mysterious stranger points the young Contractor in the right direction, a long-awaited reunion leads to an unbelievable revelation.

  • Aboard a speeding train, Hei's team is ambushed by Russian authorities. In the ensuing battle, Suo and Tanya recall the times they shared in the past as friends - and clash violently in the present as Contractors.

  • Suo and July find themselves in a dangerous situation thanks to a double-crossing supposed ally. Later, when the young pair is abducted by an especially sinister Contractor, BK-201 must spring into action.

  • Hei learns the truth about the mysterious Izanami. If BK-201 wants to reach the object before it's destroyed, he'll have to defeat Genma - and stop Suo from pulling the trigger.

  • After Section 3 pushes Suo and Hei deeper underground, BK-201 must resurface to steal an object known as Izanami. The mission could get complicated - the agent tasked with guarding the object is none other than Kirihara.

  • In Japan, Suo begins honing her combat skills under the watchful eyes of Hei and July. Meanwhile, Kirihara - still puzzled BK-201's disappearance - gets acquainted with the agents of Section 3.

  • Hei and Suo attempt to flee Russia, but their escape efforts are hindered by Contractors and gun-toting soldiers. As the body count rises, Suo finds herself undergoing a shocking metamorphosis.

  • On the run from several Contractors, Suo hides out with Nika and decides to take action. She devises a plan to attract the attention of the deadly BK-201 - and chaos erupts when her plan works perfectly.

  • Suo's life changed forever the night a meteor fell to Earth and turned her twin brother into a Contractor. Now, two years later, the authorities launch an attack on her home - but her biggest problem is the sudden appearance of a masked killer.

  • Otsuka's fan fiction somehow hints at the location of a chemical coveted by the Contractor underworld. BK201 might be forced to write the final chapter of the young author's tale.

  • As the clock ticks toward destruction, Hei holds the lives of millions in his hands. If he survives this final moment of war between humanity and the Contractors, the future will be his to mold.

  • Evening Primrose and PANDORA race toward a confrontation that will decide Tokyo's fate. Meanwhile, as Kirihara discovers the true reach of the Syndicate, Hei and Yin find themselves alone in Hell's Gate.

  • Amber offers to tell Hei what he doesn't remember about the day Heaven's Gate vanished, but she better hurry - the Syndicate's plan to eliminate the Contractors is in motion.

  • Amber shares an alarming theory: those behind the scenes want the Contractors wiped from the face of the Earth. Hei must face the fact that his most hated rival might be the last hope of his kind.

  • Kirihara is tireless in her pursuit of Evening Primrose, and her hard work seems to be paying off - but for every step forward, there are two steps back into chaos. The Contractor underground is waging war, and the violence is escalating. A valuable Gate researcher has been abducted. The American Embassy is under attack. As one of her closest allies abandons the good fight to join the enemy, Kirihara will have to reach into her reserve of determination to keep pushing for justice - but she may find it hard to dig deep with her hands cuffed behind her back.

  • After the botched attempt on Alma's life, Hei's team must regroup and try again - and they've added a new name to the kill list. Shihoko must go away for good or Huang will pay with his life.

  • The appearance of the Contractors changed everything. Even faith was shaken when the impossible sprung into existence. BK201 has a new mission: Infiltrate a religious cult devoted to worshipping Hell?s Gate and assassinate its prophet. The kill will be tough to pull off. The leader of the sect is as mysterious as the object of her congregation?s reverence, appearing only once a year ? and it is suspected that she has supernatural abilities. Hei will have a contact inside the sect, a Contractor called Shihoko. She isn't unfamiliar to the members of the Black Reaper?s cell. For one team member, she?s been a source of great pain.

  • Hei's plan to help Kenji brings heat from warring mobsters and his own syndicate. Hei might have bigger problems, though, when he runs into Kirihara while wearing his civilian disguise.

  • Kirihara is obsessed with the drama of betrayal and revenge playing out on the streets she is supposed to protect, but her questions remain unanswered. BK201 and Amber. Are they friends or foes? Hei doesn't have a lot of people he can call confidant, but low level gangster Sakurai Kenji will do for now. The two men are spending a little time together after a chance meeting. The friendship is going to be complicated, though. Kenji is charged by his boss to care for a black-market Doll, and he quickly develops feelings for the passive girl ? the same Doll Hei?s team is trying to find.

  • As omens point to impending catastrophe, the Black Reaper risks the wrath of his own team to go after Amber. When the two Contractors finally meet face to face, she offers to share a secret.

  • A wave of terrorism is washing over Tokyo. Supposedly secure government buildings are being bombed in quick succession. With so many secret agencies vying for control of the mysteries of Hell?s Gate, blame might be tough to assign ? though the reappearance of a Contractor named Amber might serve to narrow the list of usual suspects considerably. Operatives on both side of the law are hunting her down. Some want justice, some want revenge. Amber wants chaos in the streets. If her past is any indicator, she?ll get exactly what she desires. All signs point to something big.

  • On the run from a pair of rival agents - and her own team - Yin learns more of her past from her former piano teacher. While blood and tears flow, she makes a decision that seals her fate.

  • Signs point to Contractor involvement in Corinna's death, and it doesn't take Hei long to find the hidden culprit. The ensuing battle spills into Hell's Gate.

  • Alice's plan to use Wei's Contractor abilities as a tool for vengeance falls apart when Wei violently reveals his own agenda. The carnage multiplies when Hei arrives.

  • The thugs of the Hong Kong mafia have been dropping like flies, and the deaths all seem to be the work of one Contractor. Even with her informants turning up dead, Kirihara might get to the bottom of the gangland murders sooner than she thinks. All dolled up, she mingles with the highest ranks of the local mob, courtesy of a childhood friendship with the boss?s daughter, Alice. Laughter flows like wine as the old classmates reconnect, leading Alice to share a secret: She knows the identity of the wanted Contractor, as do the corpses gathering at Kimihara?s feet.

  • Kurasawa's search for a lost pet has turned into a murder investigation. The detective stumbles upon a suspect, but he's no ordinary criminal - he's a dangerous Contractor.

  • Havoc might know how to help Hei solve the riddle of his vanished sister. The two enigmas will travel to the strangest place to seek answers - Hell's Gate.

  • Mai wields Contractor powers, but she's unaware of her dangerous state. As she lights her path across Tokyo with fire, the true extent of her father's research is revealed.

  • The Contractors weren't the only product of the appearance of Hell?s Gate ? Others were changed, as well. And Tahara is the only human to have ever survived a journey into the void. A decade later, he is in isolation within his own skin, alone in his research of the Gate even in the company of his estranged daughter, Mai. Hei is willing to chaperone the girl, but a suffering and lonely child is likely to act out. Mai isn't playing with matches, though fires rage in the city none the less, some perhaps bright enough to hide the light from the newest star in the sky.

  • Hei's companion is a fugitive with government secrets tucked away to be cashed in on a rainy day. He might be able to keep her safe for now, but nobody can run forever in a world of deception.

  • A new and deadly breed of covert agent walks the streets. Known as Contractors, these assassins and spies wield bizarre supernatural powers to carry out the dirty work of others. They thrive in the underworld, between rumor and reality, their loyalties always in question. One among these operatives is more mysterious than the rest ? The masked killer BK201, the Black Reaper. His true identity and intentions remain unknown, but as his path weaves through the shadows and alleys of Tokyo, blood is spilled on both sides of the law. It?s a new age of confusion, and the rules of engagement have changed.

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