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Dog Rescuers is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2017.Where do I stream Dog Rescuers online? Dog Rescuers is available for streaming on Total Content Digital, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dog Rescuers on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Total Content Digital
5 Seasons, 20 Episodes
June 27, 2017
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Dog Rescuers Full Episode Guide

  • Inspector Sarah Gardner meets Sausage who skin condition causes him to itch constantly. Anthony Pulfer comes to rescue of a helpless dog that has been cruelly abandoned. We meet some of the sweetest puppies that were deserted and had lived in suffocating heat.

  • Inspector Anthony Joynes may have met his match when he comes across a massive Rottweiler. It's a sad goodbye for Bear and her owner, as he wants what's best for the elderly Akita. And we find out how Oliver's incredible nose can make life with a disease much easier.

  • It is an emotional goodbye for an owner can no longer care for deaf Staffie cross Isla. Inspector Herchy Boal has a hand in the biggest dog rescue from one house ever featured on the show. Rescue dog Teddy returns the favor by help bringing his owner back to life.

  • The Dog Rescuers come to the aid of two dogs living in a puppy trafficker's cold and dirty shed. A pair of Lhasa Apso puppies dumped over a garden wall barely survive the wet cold night. And we find out what happens when breeding for looks goes too far.

  • When an owner gets caught on camera abusing his dog it is time for Inspector Anthony Joynes to step in. Anthony Pulfer lends a hand to a homeless man's best friend who desperately needs to see a vet. We explore just how important therapy dogs are in hospitals.

  • Across the UK, thousands of dogs that spend Christmas in rescue centres. This year, we are going to be telling the stories of some of the RSPCA's hardest to rehome dogs. Six-year-old Billy is going blind. Marvin's been in RSPCA Southport's care for over a year. Biggy, a 12-year-old Staffie cross, has a long-term health condition. Will these playful pooches find a home in time for Christmas?

  • In Liverpool, Animal Welfare Officer Matt Brown rescues two dogs living outside with only a TV cabinet for shelter. Three Rottweiler crosses are signed over to the RSPCA after their owner can no longer give them the life they need. And it's a first for The Dog Rescuers when we meet Raccoon dog Cedric. Yes, that's right: Raccoon dog.

  • In Merseyside, inspector Anthony Joynes rescues two Collie crosses with terrible skin conditions. When a critically ill puppy is found straying on the street, inspector Jaqui Miller is called upon. Inspector Lewis Taylor checks in on Bridget, one of 27 Poodles he rescued from a house in Cornwall. And Rex, the dog so emaciated he was close to death gets the happy ending he deserves.

  • Kris Walker visits a property and finds Missy, one of the most matted dogs we've ever seen on the show. Inspector Keira Benham is concerned when she finds two dogs living in hazardous conditions. Can Rex and Tyson's owner clean up her act or is it too little too late? And it's d-day for Ted. Find out if the rescue Spaniel has what it takes to become a fully-fledged police sniffer dog.

  • When two dogs are confined to one room without food or water, inspector Anthony Pulfer is straight on the scene. We follow the recovery of Snoopy, a young dog found collapsed on the edge of a road. The lurcher was just skin and bones when she was spotted. In Shropshire, inspector Kate Parker comes to the aid of Rocko, a tiny puppy living in unsuitable conditions.

  • Inspector Kate Ford battles to save skinny Staffie cross Brandy. Brandy's owner says she's fed regularly but isn't putting on weight. Lurcher Ella was tied to a fence and abandoned. When inspector Justin Stubbs found her, she was suffering from fur loss and was terrified. There's a new challenge for trainee police dog Ted as he competes against veteran sniffer dogs to search out firearms.

  • In this episode, inspector Keira Benham fights to save five dogs from a house in South Yorkshire, but their owners refuse to give them up, a concerned Keira must enlist the help of the police. A Staffie left tied to some railings is given a second chance at happiness after inspector Anthony Joynes swoops in to save him. Inspector Anthony Pulfer brings Jack Russell Missy into the care of the RSPCA.

  • When footage of a dog being beaten by his owner comes to the attention of the RSPCA, inspector Mel Fisher is straight on the case. It doesn't take long for her to rescue the young German Shepherd and bring the owner to justice. In Sunderland, inspector Jaqui Miller has her hands full when three generations of dogs are signed over by their struggling owner, and help has arrived just in time.

  • Inspector Kate Parker rescues Max, a skinny dog left alone. It doesn't take long for this friendly crossbreed to bounce back. We follow the progress of Ellie, a Dogue de Bordeaux left terrified of men after experiencing threatening behaviour at the hands of her previous owner. The team at Preston animal centre work on rebuilding her trust. Inspector Sarah Gardner is faced with a tough decision.

  • When 18-month-old JD is found tied to a radiator and left without food or water, inspector Anthony Pulfer is desperate to get him to the vet. In Yorkshire, inspector Keira Benham comes to the aid of Ruby, a Jack Russell with a nasty skin condition. We meet Ted, the Spaniel rescued from a squalid bedsit eager to become a police sniffer dog. And see what the right care and attention can do for Rex.

  • The RSPCA are called to the aid of elderly crossbreed, Ben. In Lancashire, a couple must improve their living conditions or face losing their beloved Bichon Frise. We catch up with Molly. On Valentine's Day, Cardiologist Chris Linney tries to fix the tiny Terrier's broken heart. And see the incredible transformation of Zeus, a Dogue de Bordeaux is given a second chance.

  • Inspector Helen Smith saves Turner and Hooch, two Dogue de Bordeauxs found abandoned in a garden. Inspector Becky Bedson tracks down a dog that was spotted stranded in a flood relief channel. It's a freezing day so she needs to act fast. Shih Tzu Olive was found on a building site, heavily matted and in pain. And meet Pepper, the Dalmatian stealing hearts across Merseyside.

  • Elderly Timmy, a Collie cross, is discovered in a house with a huge painful tumour on his face, but inspector Anthony Joynes refuses to give up on him. Inspector Helen Smith meets Archie, a stroppy Shih-Tzu that has become so matted, he can barely see or hear. Inspector Simon Evans pays a visit to two French Bulldog puppies, Yoda and Mogwai, that were found in Pontypool Park in Wales.