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  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (20)

Great Drives is a TV show that premiered in 1996 on Total Content Digital. The show explores some of the best driving routes in the world and showcases the beauty and culture of the regions they go through. Whether it's winding roads through the Italian countryside or a coastal drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, viewers get a first-hand look at what makes these destinations special.

Each episode of Great Drives is hosted by an experienced driver who provides expert commentary on the sights and sounds along the way. The show's presenters take viewers on a journey through some of the world's most scenic routes, highlighting the unique terrain and landscapes that make these drives unforgettable. The show not only focuses on the driving experience but also on the history and culture of the destinations that are visited.

The show's production values are excellent, with stunning visuals of the terrain, the people, and the cars. There are interviews with locals, as well as footage of landmarks, scenery, and wildlife. The show's writers clearly did their homework, providing historical and cultural context throughout each episode. The driving experience is also captured in detail, with camera angles capturing the curves, twists, and turns of each road. The sound is also noteworthy, with a blend of music and natural sounds that enhance the experience for viewers.

One of the key strengths of Great Drives is the variety of locations visited and the range of driving experiences showcased. For example, one episode takes viewers on a journey through Iceland, exploring the country's geysers, glaciers, and waterfalls, while another episode focuses on Northern Italy, highlighting the beauty of Lake Como and the winding roads of the Italian Alps. Other locations visited include California's Napa Valley, the Australian Outback, and the mountains of Scotland.

The presenters on the show are engaging and knowledgeable, providing insight into the history, culture, and sights of the regions visited. They also share their own personal driving tips and preferences, making the show feel like a fun and informative road trip with friends. Overall, the hosts' enthusiasm adds to the show's appeal, making it easy to get swept up in the journey.

In conclusion, Great Drives is a well-produced TV show that explores some of the world's best driving routes. The series combines stunning visuals, engaging hosts, and informative storytelling to offer viewers an unforgettable journey. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply someone who loves to travel, Great Drives is a show worth watching.

Great Drives is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 7, 2006.

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Scotland: The Highlands
13. Scotland: The Highlands
February 2, 2015
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Wales: Search for King Arthur
12. Wales: Search for King Arthur
September 13, 2006
We follow the legend of King Arthur and the magician Merlin on this journey across Wales. Arthur's tale is deeply ingrained in Welsh folklore and recalled in many place names. There's stunningly beautiful countryside, ancient sites and the mysteries surrounding the world's most enduring epic of kingship, love, chivalry and the search for the Holy Grail.
Hallowed Grounds
11. Hallowed Grounds
September 6, 2006
From Jefferson's Monticello to Gettysburg, PA we drive this four-state, 175 mile corridor through the heart of American history. Route 15, the Old Carolina Road, holds more history than any other region in the United States. It's a "must do" drive for anyone who cares about America.
Woodward Avenue
10. Woodward Avenue
August 30, 2006
This is the street that put America on wheels. From the Detroit River, straight through to Pontiac it takes us to past the birthplace of Barry Gordy's Motown Records, Henry Ford's Model T factory, and the Dream Cruise -- the largest one-day vintage car event in the world. It's a drive that's full of history and nostalgia. Slip on your saddle shoes and let's hit the road.
Route 66
9. Route 66
August 23, 2006
Drive through the historic part of Route 66. Starting out at the Santa Monica Pier, where the highway ended, we'll retrace its path through the most scenic towns along this historic route. We'll see where Gable married Lombard, go through old Las Vegas discover what lured millions of Americans out West. We'll end up at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Napa to Monterey
8. Napa to Monterey
August 16, 2006
Traverse the golden back roads of California's wine country with a pack of classic Ferraris. We take the twist and turns through stunning redwoods out to the coast and head down the coast to discover the magic of the Monterey Peninsula.
Hawaii: Maui
7. Hawaii: Maui
August 9, 2006
We start out on the Hana Highway. It's 52 serpentine miles wind around 600 curves and over 54 one-lane bridges, through scenes of waterfalls splashing beside the road, swimmers plunging into the surf, trees laden with fruit, and stunning vistas. We take in the raw beauty of the Hana coast and then go off road on the backside of the Haleakala National Park.
Hawaii: Oahu
6. Hawaii: Oahu
February 1, 2011
Waikiki has defined the Hawaiian experience for millions of visitors. We'll uncover an undiscovered side of Oahu that's a land of deserted beaches, beautiful little offshore islands, hidden waterfalls and country towns that will show us what the Hawaiian dream is all about.
Nachez Trace
5. Nachez Trace
July 5, 2006
From Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi we drive the 444 mile Natchez Trace. Along this one-time Indian foot-path we discover the heart of country music in Nashville, the birth of the blues at W. C. Handy's home, see Helen Keller's origins, find out where Elvis bought his first guitar and finally roam the streets of Natchez, a city that slavery once turned into America's wealthiest.
Orlando to St. Augustine
4. Orlando to St. Augustine
June 28, 2006
After a whirlwind tour of all things Disney we'll head out to the coast and set our sights on America's oldest city, St. Augustine. We discover wildlife refuges, take a tour behind the scenes at Cape Canaveral, walk the beach where the first land speed records were set, mingle with the Harley riders at Daytona's annual Bike Week, and wander through the historic streets of St. Augustine.
Miami to the Keys
3. Miami to the Keys
June 21, 2006
We start with a tour of the little known backroads of Miami, including the Art Deco realm of South Beach. Then we head down the highway to discover the Keys. From glass bottom boats, to sea turtle rescues, dwarf deer and bacchanalian sunsets we'll find out why Jackie Gleason said, "how sweet it is."
Wyoming: Grand Tetons
2. Wyoming: Grand Tetons
June 14, 2006
We discover where Butch Cassidy got his start, ancient Indian petroglyphs, wild horses, drive America's most beautiful highway and see the awe inspiring Grand Tetons.
Dinosaurs: Wyoming
1. Dinosaurs: Wyoming
June 7, 2006
We'll track down the largest beasts ever to tread on the earth, over 100 million years ago - the Stegosaurus, the Velociraptor, the Brontosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We'll start with a drive to Glenrock, Wyoming for a hands-on dig with one of the world's most famous paleontologists. This is the perfect drive for anyone with an interest in the deep past.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 7, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (20)