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Dr. Danger is a reality television show. Shown in a journalistic style this is a travel series by a doctor into some of the most dangerous places in the world. This series features a doctor traveling to such places as Afghanistan, Lebanon and Syria. These are all dangerous hot spots in the world. The series documents the doctor's travels to each of these places and the dangers faced by the people who live there.

Shown through the doctor's point of view, this reality show visits some of the most dangerous places in the world. It focuses on the danger of these war torn areas.

Wednesday 12:00 AM on Mojo
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
September 17, 2006
Travel, Nature
Cast: Bob Arnot
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Dr. Danger Full Episode Guide

  • In the second episode, Bob meets staffers from World Vision and Save the Children and accompanies them to some of Afghanistan's most remote and unstable regions.

  • In the first of two episodes_4-18, Bob looks at the local conflict through the eyes of two American soldiers, joining them on air patrols, interactions with locals, and a mission to ...

  • In this episode, Dr. Bob experiences Oman's charms by taking on the challenges of its terrain via 4x4 vehicle, high-flying "zipline," and bobbing inner tube.

  • Dr. Bob visits this arid, barren, hot and dusty little nation which sits on the corner of the far eastern coast of Africa, surrounded by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia to its wes...

  • In this episode, we're treated to a rare glimpse of this mysterious empire, as Dr. Danger takes a daredevil's tour of the skies and sea of Saudi Arabia.

  • Dr. Bob experiences the marvels of Syria's legendary past and the hopefulness of its future when he reunites with an old friend, an Iraqi who had escaped from his homeland with ...

  • This week's full throttle adventure lets the doctor truly live out his Indiana Jones fantasies, when he visits the temple of the Holy Grail and bikes, hikes and treks the specta...

  • Fully outfitted in traditional Yemeni garb, the doctor sets off for a hike up one of the country's highest peaks, and experiences his share of thrills, chills, and spills along ...

  • Dr. Danger aids the efforts to save some of the children and visits a hospital to see those who've been wounded from gunfire.

  • Dr. Danger encounters the harsh and tragic living conditions of Darfur's devastated population.

  • Dr. Danger roams Sudan's busy streets, seeking out pyramids and ruins.

  • Dr. Danger pushes himself to the limit as he travels 473 perilous miles of South African countryside on...

  • Whether Dr. Bob is driving by a pride of lions, walking through herds of game, or watching elephants from a...

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