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About Mojo

Mojo HD was a channel that had HD programming that was built around the interest and the hobbies of the modern working man. It is in American television channel and it is owned by iN DEMAND LLC. In 2008 regularly scheduled programming on Mojo HD was canceled, but Mojo HD continues to give on-demand video programming and on-demand sales of their programs.

There are many different series that aired on Mojo HD, and they were specifically made to appeal to the man-to-man. Some of the series were: Pressure Cook, Adventure Capitalist, Dr. Danger, Technology Jones, and London Life.

Apart from these original series and movies Mojo HD also had different sports shows on their channel. Mojo HD had different NBA TV games that were aired HD and other sport shows that they were able to put in high definition that made it more appealing to certain viewers.

Heroes was a popular show in the 2000, and Mojo HD was able to get off network rights for that programming of that series. They were able to air many episodes of the show and it led right up to the series premiere in September 2008. Mojo HTV did eventually lose their broadcasting rights in that same year, and they had to eventually cancel the channel.

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