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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
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Great Migrations is a stunning six-part documentary series produced by National Geographic, which explores some of the most awe-inspiring animal migration patterns on the planet. The show is hosted by the charismatic Alec Baldwin, who takes the audience on a journey across continents to witness these incredible natural phenomena firsthand.

The visuals in Great Migrations are absolutely breathtaking. The footage captured by the National Geographic team is impressive and revealing. The show uses sophisticated camera equipment and technology to offer viewers a never-before-seen look at the fascinating lives of animals as they make their epic journeys.

The series focuses on six different species - wildebeests, zebras, red crabs, whales, butterflies, and elephants. Each of these animals has a unique migration story, and the show does an excellent job of capturing their journeys in detail. Baldwin's narration is excellent throughout, providing viewers with valuable insights about each species as they travel across the globe.

One of the most impressive features of Great Migrations is its ability to take viewers to places they may never have been before. The show has a sense of adventure, and it's clear that viewers are along for the ride. The cinematography is beautiful, featuring sweeping vistas of wild landscapes and intimate close-ups of animals in action.

The show's episode about wildebeest migration in Africa is especially well done. It illustrates how this annual event is a significant event in the food chain, impacting predators and scavengers alike as they converge on the mass movement of wildebeests. The episode gives an almost cinematic experience, supported by a beautiful musical score.

The episode featuring elephants is also quite enlightening. The show offers a glimpse of these majestic creatures and follows them on their long journey through deserts and forests to reach water and food needed to survive. The episode is illuminating, shedding light on the challenges that elephants face in their quest for survival.

The red crab episode, on the other hand, is a tad disappointing. While the show provides exciting images and facts, its narrative feels somewhat dragged out, and it may not keep some viewers engaged. Nevertheless, it still portrays the impressive feat of millions of crabs migrating to mate and give birth.

The butterfly episode is a standout, with its colorful imagery and in-depth descriptions of the insect's migration process. The show follows these tiny creatures on their thousands of miles journey across North America, and it is surprisingly gripping despite its size.

Vincent Cassell, a French actor, is excellent in the French version of the program, providing a very distinct voice-over translation of Baldwin's narration.

Overall, Great Migrations is a beautifully shot, informative, and captivating six-part series that highlights some of the world's most fascinating migratory patterns. The show's use of innovative filmmaking techniques and technology goes a long way toward providing audiences with a genuinely immersive experience. Anyone with an interest in wildlife, nature, and travel will find it highly engaging, and will develop a newfound appreciation of the different species that coexist with us on Earth.

Great Migrations is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (7 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 2010.

Great Migrations
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Rhythm of Life
6. Rhythm of Life
November 20, 2010
Featuring the very best footage and spectacular orchestral score of National Geographic's Great Migrations event, this film brings together images from around the world-filmed over 3 years-resulting in a completely unique, narration-free, musical journey around the world. Great Migrations: Rhythm of Life is a breathtaking ride on the tailwinds of billions of creatures marching, swimming and flying across the planet on death-defying journeys.
Science of Great Migrations
5. Science of Great Migrations
November 9, 2010
In Science of Great Migrations viewers will see how the latest tagging technology helps scientists better understand the movements of creatures great and small; how texting could save a species from extinction; and how mathematical models might be able to predict a herd's survival.
Feast or Famine
4. Feast or Famine
November 14, 2010
Every migration is an epic journey, driven in large part by hunger. Every day, trillions of creatures are moving in search of greener pastures. From microscopic plankton to rare desert elephants; from predatory bald eagles to luminous jellyfish; from ravenous Great White Sharks to lightning quick peregrine falcons; our planet is on the move. Countless creatures on timeless journeys, moving in numbers, surviving as one.
Series 1 Episode 3
3. Series 1 Episode 3
November 14, 2010
Migrations are ticking clocks: every day, countless animals must move or die, driven by changing seasons and a changing climate.
The Need to Breed
2. The Need to Breed
August 27, 2011
Every day, migrating creatures around the world wage incredible journeys; risking it all in pursuit of the one thing more precious than themselves: the creation and care of their precious…
Great Migrations
1. Great Migrations
November 14, 2010
Three years in the making, and from award-winning National Geographic cinematographers, Great Migrations takes viewers around the world on the arduous journeys millions of animals undertake to ensure the survival of their species. Shot from land and air, in trees and cliff-blinds, on ice floes and underwater, Great Migrations tells the powerful stories of many of the planet's species and their movements, while revealing new scientific insights with breathtaking high-definition clarity. Narrated by Alec Baldwin.
Behind the Scenes
101. Behind the Scenes
November 14, 2010
Starting in 2007, National Geographic crews dispersed all over the planet to film the most amazing and unique animal migration stories ever told. Over the 2 years, the crew spent 350 hours in trees, 500 hours in blinds and 400 hours underwater. This behind-the-scenes story takes you to the depths of the sea and the far corners of the earth as you experience the dangers, difficulties and adventures of a National Geographic Cameraman.
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Great Migrations is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Great Migrations on demand at Disney+, Amazon and Apple TV.
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    November 14, 2010
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