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Two teenagers end up becoming step brothers. One of them in is into music and the other one is a little nerdy. They have very different personalities. They always find themselves on crazy adventures. As time goes along they begin to develop a better friendship.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
September 26, 2004
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Drake & Josh, Brotherly Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Drake decides that he and Josh are going to be the first to ride the Demonator, the fastest and scariest rollercoaster opening tomorrow at Mystic Mountain.

  • Josh and Drake both get a job at the Movie Theater and work toward the coveted assistant manager position.

  • After getting a beat-up dune buggy from a friend, Drake and Josh discover that they're forbidden from taking it out for a spin.

  • Drake is unable to break up with his inappropriately laughing girlfriend because she is the daughter of his teacher who has threatened him with summer school.

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