• 2015

Dubai 24 Hour is a thrilling and action-packed reality television show produced by Motor Trend OnDemand. The series features a group of international drivers who compete against one another in a grueling 24-hour race in Dubai. The program offers an all-access pass to the fascinating world of endurance racing and gives viewers an inside look into the complex mechanics and engineering that are necessary to participate in a 24-hour race.

The show takes viewers on a gripping journey as it follows 70 elite teams of drivers from across the world, as they navigate through the challenging terrain of Dubai Autodrome, one of the most notorious circuits in racing. The drivers are tested on their ability to handle the highest level of technology and endurance, as they are expected to race round the clock, in extreme weather conditions and through several challenging terrains. The show captures the intensity of the race, as well as the drivers' triumphs and tribulations in vivid detail.

Dubai 24 Hour is an epitome of gritty realism, and it immerses the viewers in the world of high-octane racing in the Middle East. The program provides an unparalleled insight into the physical and emotional challenges that the drivers face both on and off the track. The crew of the series features some of the best cinematographers and technicians in the business, and they work tirelessly to capture every adrenaline-pumping moment on camera.

Throughout the series, viewers are introduced to some of the most technologically advanced racing cars in the world, including high-speed prototypes, GTs, and Touring cars. The series also delves into the techniques and science behind creating these high-performance vehicles, which are capable of speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Viewers can learn about the intricate workings of these machines, such as engine mapping, aerodynamics, and energy management systems.

In addition to providing a glimpse into the world of endurance racing, the show also highlights the human stories behind the teams and drivers who participate in the race. Viewers get to follow the drivers and their teams behind the scenes, as they prepare for the grueling 24-hour race. Cameras follow the racers as they train, strategize, and deal with the immense pressures of the race.

Dubai 24 Hour is a show that will appeal to both racing enthusiasts and anyone looking for an entertaining and engaging reality TV show. The program is an excellent representation of the excitement, energy, and drama that is a part of endurance racing, and it provides an excellent way for viewers to experience this world right from their homes.

Overall, the show provides a fantastic insight into the world of motorsports, including the engineering that goes into creating the best racing machines in the world, the physical and mental endurance required to compete in a 24-hour race, and the strategy behind on-track decisions. The show is fast-paced and exciting, offering a thrilling ride for any racing enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned race fan or just looking for a unique and entertaining TV show, Dubai 24 Hour is sure to deliver the goods.

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2015 24 Hours of Dubai
1. 2015 24 Hours of Dubai
January 12, 2015
In the middle of the European winter, the 10th anniversary edition of the Hankook 24h Race Dubai took place in the summery heat of Arab Emirate Dubai from the 8th - 10th of January 2015. At this thrilling endurance race, amateur drivers are challenging pro teams with world-class drivers of NASCAR, DTM or FIA GT fame.
  • Premiere Date
    January 12, 2015