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A 'green' series with ecological values and set in a scientific base in Antarctica where 10-years old Bet lives with her parents. One day, she accidentally creates 5 bits - the edebits - who become alive inside her computer, and immediately become best friends. The edebits and their world of technology will join Bet in her adventures filled with action, friendship, solidarity, teamwork...

1 Season, 26 Episodes
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Edebits Full Episode Guide

  • It is summer solstice and there is going to be a big party and a competition for the best ice statue. On this occasion Bet would like to introduce the Edebits to the real world but they have a problem inside the network so they arrive late for the presentation.

  • Bet's parents have organized a short trip on the boat to explore the surrounding sea area of coloured icebergs. This natural phenomenon due to the reflection of the sun on the plankton and on the sea rests of animals and vegetables inside the ice, particularly visible when there is a lot of light.

  • A rich woman has bought the oldest scientific base of Antarctica to turn it into a holiday resort. Of course Bet and all the team would like to stop all this. Their plan works and in the end the woman thanks Bet for having taught her an important lesson.

  • Julia and Nil are about to send their research for a scientific competition when Lou and Morgan succeeds in stealing them the project. The Edebits will stop their evil plan to send Julia and Nil's research as if it were theirs. They do so by exchanging the attached file which was going to be sent.

  • Julia and Bet find out that a group of penguins are suffering from malnutrition and lost of plumage. After carefully scientific investigation, they realize that the area where these creatures were found coincides with the one from which a block of ice has departed.

  • Bet joins her parents on a scientific excursion on an island where Lou and Morgan are there too looking for the famous Captain Drake's treasure. In the meantime the Edebits risk to be cancelled forever but thanks to an "intelligent" bit they are save!

  • Julia, Mandi and Bet are at the airport waiting for plane's Nil arrival. Unexpectedly, Nil's plane due to the thick fog can't land without the assistance from earth. The Edebits help restoring the functioning of the network so that in the end Nil's plane can land.

  • Paul has come to visit his friend Bet but he seems more interested in Nil's scientific lessons on dinosaurs than to Bet's plays In the meantime the Edebits have tried to steal a program on colours and when Bet realises it, she gets very upset.

  • Our scientific team has discovered that various oil bins in the deep sea water are putting in danger the existence of the living marine species. Nurk, the seal, protagonist of this episode, accompanies the characters through their mission to save the day together with the Edebits of course!

  • Yuri and Nadia, two Russian scientists, are at the base to announce, through a worldwide video conference, an important scientific discovery. Despite Lou and Morgan's evil plan to manipulate it, in the end the two scientists will be able to make their announcement.

  • Lou and Morgan bring a group of tourists to Antarctica as they want to make business out of it. The problem is that all this mass pollute and destroy the ecosystem of the environment of this area which is meant for scientific research. Julia and Nil are very worried about this situation and try to find a solution against Lou and Morgan's evil plans.

  • An oil tanker is polluting the coast and this is causing problems to the krill, the whales' food. The Edebits have a great idea: use the whales' language found in internet to advise them of the danger. Fortunately the plan succeeds and the whales are safe!

  • Roberto Simone, an Italian member of an ONG for the protection of animals, arrives to Antarctica to help our friends save seals from hunters. In the meantime the Edebits meet a Minibit, a traffic controller, which helps them to escape from Bug.

  • Lou and Morgan, the bad guys of the series appear for the first time in this episode. They want to build an oil company but they are stopped by our heroes with the help of the Edebits. We also meet for the first time Bug, Spam's bailiff, the two "evils" of the computer who make life difficult for the Edebits.

  • Bet lives with her parents at the Pangea base of Antarctica where they are carrying out scientific investigations. While playing with her computer, she ends up creating 5 little characters which she calls Arts, Gov, Net, Org and Com (Edebits). They mysteriously become living bits in the computer, accompanying their inseparable friend Bet in her amazing adventures.

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