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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 1, 2006
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My Goldfish Is Evil Full Episode Guide

  • When Beanie's Mom joins Mrs. Prehistoritch in a comical s©ance to ask Mrs. Prehistoritch's late husband Ernie about the location of her favorite golf ball, the proceedings give the Goldfish an idea.

  • Beanie, his Mom, and Elwood head to family summer camp, and Beanie brings his evil pet to keep him under control. But the camp turns out to be run by a city-slicker who doesn't know the first thing about nature!

  • An ill-conceived attempt to turn himself invisible renders Admiral Bubbles green and glowing. Beanie takes him to a veterinarian to see if he can be cured, and the vet announces that he needs to be kept overnight for observation. Despite Beanie's protests, Admiral Bubbles is left locked up in the lab overnight.

  • When Beanie fails a test at school, Admiral Bubbles convinces him to let him plant a small transceiver in his mouth so that Admiral Bubbles can transmit Beanie the answers to his next test.

  • When Admiral Bubbles tricks Beanie into emailing pages from his diary to the producers of the "Detechnoman Movie", they mistakenly assume that the outrageous tales are a pitch for the script, and he is soon hired to work on the film; it seems they love his idea about the villainous "Red-finned Menace".

  • An impending ecological disaster involving a sunken oil tanker on the lip of an underwater volcano sends the city into a panic. Nia's uncle Captain Abbott is to lead an submarine mission to raise the tanker before it can explode. But things take a strange twist when Admiral Bubbles uses a home-made device to switch his brain into Beanie's body, and vice versa!

  • Beanie accidentally sprains Elwood's wrist, meaning the school's star basketball player will have to sit on the bench for the big game. Feeling guilty, Beanie agrees to fill in for him-despite the fact that he's terrible at basketball!

  • While Beanie and his grandmother Nana are dropping off Mom at the train station as she heads off on a business trip, Admiral Bubbles temporarily escapes, and makes his way to the station control station where he discovers that an experimental amphibious Air Force jet is on one of the trains.

  • Unable to sleep, Beanie witnesses his newsstand buddy Scoop getting kidnapped by two hooded figures. Realizing that he lacks the goldfish's knowledge about underworld dealings, Beanie is forced to ask for Admiral Bubbles' help.

  • Elwood and Beanie are staying up all night watching a marathon of old "Jetstream" science fiction episodes_4-18 on television. But when they finally nod off, Beanie imagines himself in the role of his hero, flying through space with co-pilot Elwood and battling his archenemy Emperor Bubbles, who is a human sized tyrant terrorizing the galaxy.

  • Beanie has long suspected that Mr. E, the mysterious owner of the local pet shop, is a space alien. But while Beanie is helping him clean up a mess caused by the latest battle between Beanie and Admiral Bubbles, it is in fact Admiral Bubbles that stumbles upon new evidence to support Beanie's theory.

  • During summer vacation, Beanie is spending two weeks on his Grandpa and Grandma's farm, and brings Admiral Bubbles along so he can keep an eye on him. There he meets May-Rose, a farm girl from the neighbouring farm. With Beanie's grandparents distracted by a drought, and Beanie drafted into helping around the farm, suddenly his goldfish has a little "free time" on his fins.

  • Admiral Bubbles has perfected his electrified ink process which allows him to control paper and manipulate it into dangerous forms, as he quickly proves by attacking Beanie with a paper dragon. Barely escaping, Beanie thinks that he has put his goldfish out of commission.

  • Beanie brings Admiral Bubbles on a school trip to Aqua World, hoping his goldfish will learn proper behavior from the other fish. Instead, Admiral Bubbles is outraged at this public display of enslavement.

  • Beanie stops Admiral Bubbles' latest brainstorm of turning the weather into a weapon of mass destruction. The damage is limited to the abandoned building across the street, which collapses in a pile of rubble that accidentally wipes out Scoop's nearby news stand.

  • For show and tell at school, Beanie brings "the foulest, most monstrous creature alive!" to show his classmates: Admiral Bubbles! When the students laugh at him, he decides to take his revenge on them by taking control of the minds of all the students and teachers... and then the entire city!

  • It's Beanie's birthday, and he is looking forward to his "way-cool" party, until he discovers that his Mom has decorated the apartment in "Cute Little Bunnies". With guests starting to arrive, and certain that he will die of embarrassment, he appeals to the goldfish for help.

  • In celebration of "Earth Day", Kevin Kelp, an ex- Greenspace activist, has converted the city's old incinerator into a recycling plant. But this is a great disappointment to Admiral Bubbles, who hates to see the old incinerator go to waste. Instead, he plans to use it to unleash a toxic cloud of pollution that will leave the city buried for months.

  • Inspired by the horrible mess that Beanie has cooked up for his mother's breakfast, Admiral Bubbles decides to cook up a garbage monster, bringing it to life to do his evil bidding and to terrorize the town. But, much to his dismay, the monster (who he names "Stinker") turns out to be as harmless as a puppy dog.

  • Determined to get to the Post Office to pick up his internet-ordered thermonuclear device, Admiral Bubbles constructs a makeshift replica of a human, controlled from the inside by him. At school, Beanie is horrified when Desmona sends him an invitation to the school dance. Worse: she won't take no for an answer.

  • Thanks to a little trickery on the part of Admiral Bubbles, Beanie wins the school science fair, and arrives home to find Space Agency representatives at his door, congratulating him on his winning science project and expressing interest in testing Admiral Bubbles in zero gravity: in space!

  • Mom, who's afraid of bugs, uncovers a cockroach and runs away to phone for pest control help. Beanie investigates and soon uncovers his goldfish's plan: to send fiery cockroaches to the North Pole, where they will quickly multiply and melt the Polar Ice Caps, thus, flooding the world.

  • A huge battle between Beanie and Admiral Bubbles in the kitchen results in the destruction of the oven. When Mom discovers this, she decides to use the money she was saving to buy a new bed to buy an oven instead. Upset by this news, Beanie decides to find a way to buy Mom a new oven so that she can still get her new bed.

  • Beanie and Elwood have done their school science report on earthquakes, discovering that the town is built on a fault line. Admiral Bubbles, reading Beanie's report, realizes that with simple machine serving as a catalyst, he could easily destroy the entire town.

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