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With the demand for jade sky-rocketing in China, Claudia and Robin Bunce are in for a crazy summer. They're the unofficial mayors of the tiny hamlet of Jade city, BC. Along with partner Alan Qiao, the three own several jade claims in the area. This year, they've teamed with billionaire investors from Beijing to find the jade. But it's never that simple.

Jade Fever is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on March 30, 2015.

Jade Fever is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jade Fever on demand atAmazon Prime online.

5 Seasons, 67 Episodes
March 30, 2015
Cast: Claudia Bunce, Robin Bunce, Josh Bunce, Martin Strong
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Jade Fever Full Episode Guide

  • Claudia pushes her crew to keep mining despite freezing temperatures and deteriorating road conditions, but her biggest obstacle could be Robin who wants to pack up before it's too late.

  • Claudia pulls out all the stops to try and make a big sale to jade buyers, while up at the mine Guy and Gary struggle through the first snowstorm of the season.

  • Claudia gets stressed out trying to get their best jade ready for buyers, while her crew's morale is tested as they battle the cold to finally start cutting the 90-tonne boulder.

  • After losing two weeks of mining to the wildfires, Claudia and Robin take the risk of returning to Two Mile and gamble on the opening of a new pit. Scrappy Larry heads into the burned area in hopes of rescuing his abandoned skidder.

  • Claudia and crew are determined to keep mining despite wildfires burningaround their claim, until things take a turn for the worse and they have to race to get out.

  • Robin clashes with Claudia and Josh over the quality of jade coming out of their pit, while Larry's attempt to help get the crew bunkhouse to camp goes sideways.

  • Plagued with truck troubles, Robin and his crew race to get a fuel run done before the equipment runs dry. Claudia hires Scrappy Larry to clean up the Jade City yard but he makes a bigger mess.

  • Tensions boil over between Robin, Josh and Steve about how to mine and when Claudia steps in, things get downright explosive.

  • Gary and Josh are frustrated by a series of breakdowns, while Claudia makes a shocking announcement that derails Robin's plans and causes conflict between the couple.

  • Robin's surprise shopping spree stresses Claudia out when his purchasing blunders delay their mining season. Scrappy Larry shares some unexpected news of his own.

  • While Guy and Gary race to fix the torn-up road into the claim, Claudia's hoping a new crew member will be the lucky ticket she desperately needs to turn this make-or- break mining season into a success.

  • Claudia is desperate to start mining, but brutal road conditions have her questioning whether the crew will even make it into their claim.

  • The crew finally hits it big, but with winter descending, Claudia worries that the big find may have come too late.

  • Gary and Josh fail to return from a routine fuel run, and drill cores cast doubt over the quality of jade lenses at 2 Mile.

  • Small luxuries in camp cheer up a disgruntled crew, and surprise visitors raise Claudia's hopes for her future at 2 Mile.

  • Claudia is chomping at the bit to break ground on the new site, but progress is stalled by a series of unlucky incidents at their old mining camp, Wolverine.

  • The brutal trek to a new mine site separates the family and pushes Josh to his breaking point. Scrappy Larry struggles to keep his extra wide army truck on the steep and narrow road.

  • The race to pack up camp at Wolverine becomes a nightmare when heat, sickness and a forest fire descend on the crew.

  • When an important jade buyer isn't impressed with the Pit 3 lens, Claudia is forced to make a difficult decision that disappoints her crew.

  • Downpours threaten the crew's safety and shut down mining at Pit 3. Josh gets a chance to prove himself on the excavator, but a breakdown tests his patience.

  • Cutting finally starts on the giant jade lens at Dynasty, but big fractures slice of the lens. The Jade City community is on edge when two trucks roll over on the same stretch of highway.

  • Cutting a potential million-dollar find is put on hold when old equipment fails, but a new saw could reveal an unexpected windfall from a decades-old family heirloom.

  • The crew faces a dangerous recovery on the banks above the Turnagain River. Guy and Gary continue to stumble over jade at Dynasty while Josh searches around Jade City for his missing dog.

  • Guy struggles with the excavator to expose a massive find while Josh's dissatisfaction with his position in the crew causes family conflicts to boil over.

  • Robin follows a hunch to a new site at an old claim, while Josh's high expectations and short fuse test Gary's patience.

  • Funding her mining season alone and determined to start her hunt for jade a month early, Claudia is forced to re-think her strategy when snow and high water stops the crew in their tracks.