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This animated series is based on characters created by author Roser Capdevila. The story follows three sisters as they inadvertently anger a witch, who sends them in each episode into a classic folk or fairy tale. There they must contend with the characters and plot of the story in order to win the day.

The Triplets is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on . It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.4.

The Triplets is available for streaming on the Indigenius website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Triplets on demand at Tubi TV , Tubi TV online.

8 Seasons, 100 Episodes
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The Triplets Full Episode Guide

  • It is the Bored Witch's birthday and all of the characters of the Triplets stories arrive at her castle to celebrate the event. She, however, is in no mood for a party so the girls, together with Cinderella, Robin Hood, Pinocchio and others think up a way to get her to join in the festivities. As at every birthday party, there are gifts and a cake...a cake with a special surprise!

  • The Triplets meet a scientist who is searching for the formula of a medication that he is in urgent need of taking. He explains to them that, thanks to an experiment that went awry and has made him invisible, he now spends his time hiding out in a shopping center where he entertains himself by frightening the clients and feeling like the most powerful man in the world.

  • The giant Lazonius lives with his daughter Lazybelle in the forest in the Aran Valley, where he refuses to allow the power-hungry Romans to set foot. The Romans just won't have that, so, with the deceitful help of Holet the Goblin, they manage to kidnap Lazonius' beloved Lazybelle. The Triplets, together with the Bored Witch, must use their imaginations to convince Holet.

  • The Triplets find themselves in a period when pirates ruled the high seas. Disguised as sailors they sail on a ship in the Caribbean. On the boat they meet Mary Reed, a young girl who pretends to be a boy so that she can fulfill her dream of being a sailor. Soon, however, they fall into the hands of the much-feared John Rackam and his partner, Anne Bonny.

  • An inventor has built a machine making it possible to travel through time. The Triplets join him on a trip to the future to a period where machines do everything for people. That turns out to be so boring that the four of them return to the past in search of machines that simply make people laugh, machines otherwise known as games.

  • The Triplets' mischief making lands them in Egypt where they join archaeologist Howard Carter in the most spectacular archaeological discovery of all time: the tomb of child-pharaoh Tutankhamen. But adventurer Belzoni and the Bored Witch do their very best to foil their efforts: the girls encounter sand storms, dangerous crocodiles in the Nile River.

  • Thanks to the Bored Witch, the Triplets meet Agatha Christie, the famous author of mystery novels, when they all find themselves travelling on the grand and luxurious Orient Express. At one point, when the train passes through a tunnel, the writer's freshly-completed manuscript is stolen.

  • King Mark of Cornwall sends Tristan on a mission: he is to go to Ireland to fetch Isolde, the king's future bride. The Triplets accompany him on his trip and after numerous adventures the girls manage to undo the magic spell which had caused Tristan and Isolde to mistakenly fall in love. In the end Isolde marries the King and Tristan marries his beloved Erica.

  • The Bored Witch punishes the Triplets by sending them to the dark, foggy streets of 19th-century London. There they meet Dr. Jekyll, who takes them on as assistants in his laboratory. But they aren't alone: living in the same house is Mr. Hyde, a frightening-looking and mysterious individual who stealthily leaves the house every night.

  • The Triplets find themselves in Africa where, with the help of a little magic and witchcraft they help Zelia, a gazelle, turn back into the woman she once was and they lend a hand in recovering her village's hidden treasures. The evil witch who had hidden the treasures is forced to flee, and when he does, Zeilia's village becomes, once again, the prosperous town it had been in the past.

  • The Bored Witch sends the Triplets to a fishing schooner. There, Manuel, a fisherman on the boat goes to the rescue of Harvey, a boy who has fallen overboard from a passing ocean liner. The young boy demands to be taken to shore, but that can't be, as the fishing season lasts for three more months.

  • Years and years ago there was a little village living in terror of a big bully who did whatever he wanted to whenever he wanted to, just because he was bigger and taller than all the rest of the villagers. But the day that the Bored Witch sends the Triplets to that village, his luck changes: thanks to the girls, a brave little tailor is able to confront the village bully.

  • The Bored Witch punishes the Triplets by sending them to Asgard, the world of the Viking kings. Thor, the god of thunder, catches the girls eating goddess Idun's magic apples which, he explains to them, are what keep the gods forever young. Loki, a jealous and power-hungry god, kidnaps goddess Idun because he wants to marry her and take over power in Asgard.

  • The Bored Witch sends the Triplets to 18th-century England where the Industrial Revolution has come to a standstill thanks to James Watt, who still hasn't managed to invent a machine. One fine day, however, as he watches a tea kettle boiling on the stove, Watt has a brilliant idea. And that's how the Triplets become firsthand witnesses to a great discovery: the steam engine!

  • Anna, Teresa and Helena find themselves in Menorca. But since the Witch sent them into a story in the past, they come across pirates there, instead of tourists! The Triplets meet Catalina and they manage to explain to her the truth about the mysterious Xuroi: everyone is after him because they say he is a robber, but in fact he's an Arab prince who had been fleeing from the nasty Agutzil.

  • The Triplets find themselves in a palace where no one is allowed to laugh until the sad Princess Amalia laughs. Her father, the king, declares that he will give her hand in marriage to whomever is able to make her laugh, and he begins to receive the various suitors. Thanks to the three girls, a man named Pessoa manages to get hold of the Magical Bagpipe.

  • Vincent Van Gogh is a scatterbrained Dutch artist living in the south of France, where he spends his time painting sunflowers. The day the Triplets meet him he is especially happy because he has just learned that his friend, the great painter, Paul Gauguin, is coming to visit him. While the two painters wait for the rain to stop so that they can go outdoors and paint.