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This animated series is based on characters created by author Roser Capdevila. The story follows three sisters as they inadvertently anger a witch, who sends them in each episode into a classic folk or fairy tale. There they must contend with the characters and plot of the story in order to win the day.

1 Season, 25 Episodes
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The Triplets Full Episode Guide

  • It is nighttime and a donkey is telling the Triplets that his master wants to buy a tractor that will leave the donkey jobless. So the next day they all decide to go to Bremen to earn their living as musicians. They catch a boat and travel through the canals and on route they meet up with other animals - a dog, a cat, a rooster - who also want to be musicians and decide to join them on the boat.

  • The people who live in Sadfultown are sad and silent. At the top of the beanstalk they discover a giant and his vegetable garden. A garden like that in Sadfultown would make everyone happy. And so the Triplets, Jack and the giant decide to do just that: they set up a vegetable market in Sadfultown.

  • In this new adventure set in the magical and mysterious Orient, the Triplets help a young beggar from the streets of Bagdad win the heart of Princess Soraya. However, in order to be able to marry the princess, the young boy, with the Triplets' help, must compete with three other suitors to find the world's most original gift for Soraya.

  • Having read a story about samurai in school, Teresa is so eager to find out what a samurai is, that the Bored Witch decides to send the Triplets off to the story of the Seven Samurai. They meet the hero of the story; young aspiring samurai who lives in a village that is periodically sacked by bandits.

  • The Triplets are in a library and trying to reach a big book off a high shelf. The Bored Witch then sends them off to a great novel. They come across some windmills and Quixote attacks them, thinking they are also the enemy in the form of giants. Finally the witch appears and makes Don Quixote the happiest man in the world.

  • The Triplets arrange for the miller to become the Marquis of Carab

  • The Triplets decide to build their own version of the Camelot castle and, in the process, make such a mess of the room that the Bored Witch sends them off to the story of the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur has acted in good faith and trusted his cousin Mordrecan, and it is only when he hears a tape the Triplets have recorded that he realizes that his cousin is really a traitor.

  • The Triplets help Aladdin win the heart of Princess Jasmine. Obviously, they need the help of the genie from the magic lamp, but he is so idle and lazy that it takes a big effort for him to make Aladdin's wishes come true.

  • The Triplets come into the story just at the moment the Evil Fairy places her curse on the newborn princess. The Triplets confront the Evil Fairy and the Bored Witch, who had managed to get Sleeping Beauty to touch a sewing machine at a Trade Fair. They find the prince, who wakes up Sleeping Beauty and the whole royal court, and they all join in the wedding celebration.

  • The Bored Witch sets up as many situations as she can think of to make Pinocchio avoid studying and tell lies. He finally gets turned into a mule and sent to the United States. The Triplets discover what ship he is on just before it sets sail and, together with Gepetto, they chase after it in a motorboat.

  • A king who insists that his son marry an authentic princess devises secret tasks to put the would-be princess to the royal test. The prince, however, has no desire to marry one of these girls, since he is in love with the Princess Luna who for some unknown reason, has suddenly disappeared. What the prince doesn't know is that Luna, carried away by her love for him, has disguised herself as a maid.

  • Hansel, Gretel, and the Triplets can't resist entering a village made entirely of candy. It doesn't take them long to realize that this place is a trick, but it's too late. Hansel and Gretel are already under the spell of Madam Saccharin, a witch who likes to fatten up little boys and girls and eat them. Anna, Teresa and Gretel will have to fight off an army of cartoon candies...

  • The Zombie, the Butcher and the Crazy Clown are three evil characters who have taken over an amusement park many years ago and refuse to budge until someone passes the test of surviving a night in the park. Until now, no one has been able to do it. John, a young boy who doesn't know the meaning of fear decides to try his luck. But John won't be alone: the Triplets end up in his story too.

  • Little Red Riding Hood can't go to her grandmother's house to deliver the honey because she must give an interview on television. The Bored Witch finds the wolf and although he insists he is retired and doesn't feel like having anymore escapades, she convinces him that he needs to get back into training. Once the wolf is in shape, he starts chasing the girls, who show up at grandmother's house.

  • Bernie the Wolf is a developer who wants to build "Wolfyland", the city of wolves. However, one side of the lot where he wants to build belongs to the Three Little Pigs. The tricky wolf ensnares the pigs in a contest: the first pig to build a house in twelve hours wins a big prize, but whoever doesn't build it must relinquish their land to the wolf.

  • The Bored Witch gets to work on a magic computer but she can't control it properly and she makes the Triplets disappear without knowing which story she has sent them to. The girls join the Tin Soldier, travel to the bottom of the sea and end up in the belly of a fish where they find a ballerina, the Tin Soldier's true love. Meanwhile, the Bored Witch jumps from story...

  • The Triplets, Tiny Tom and his brothers fall into a trap, and are transported to the Giant's castle, but two of the girls manage to escape. After several chases around the castle, the Triplets manage to steal the Giant's seven league long sneakers and free all the children. They also realize that the castle is made of rubber and they discover the machine that inflates it.

  • In a village full of rats, the Triplets meet the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Together, they go to visit the King of the village who, it turns out, is a little boy. They make a deal with him. If they rid the town of rats the King will give them a bag of gold. The Pied Piper's music leads all the rats out of town, but the King's advisers refuse to pay the reward.

  • Snow White's wicked stepmother offers her freshly baked poisoned apple pie to the Triplets. Only Helena, who is always hungry, takes a bite and falls asleep. Anna and Teresa know that they have to find the prince in order to break the spell. Later, in a mine, they find boy triplets and discover that they are Snow White's sons. Snow White is now the Queen; therefore, these Triplets are princesses..

  • Ali Baba is a happy, minaret painter, rather indifferent about money. However, the Triplets convince him to live out the plot of the story. While the forty thieves watch a camel race on TV, Ali Baba and the Triplets ransack their cave. The Bored Witch alerts the thieves who seek revenge and head for Ali Baba's house hiding inside of forty earthen jugs.

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