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Stories from the everyday life of Punky, a spirited little girl, who has Down syndrome. Punky is a happy little girl who loves music, dancing and hugs! She loves playing with her big brother, Con, and jumping around with her dog, Rufus, who is Punky's best friend. He's small, hairy and loves to steal slippers and, well, what dog doesn't?

1 Season, 20 Episodes
February 28, 2018
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Bradley Burke, Gabrielle Leleu, Maureen V Ward
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Punky Full Episode Guide

  • Punky wants to dance. But first Mum tells her to brush her hair, then Cranky tells her to get a blanket and then Con tells her to help with his homework. Poor Punky wonders if she'll ever get a chance to dance.

  • To avoid Mrs. Nolan boasting about a trophy she won for best cake, Cranky pretends to be ill. Along comes Doctor Punky, with her doctor's bag. She knows what's best for Cranky!

  • Punky discovers that Cranky use to ride horses when she was a young girl. Horse riding sounds like fun! Cranky tells Punky if she can find a horse she'll teach her to ride, so Punky does what she can to get a horse for herself.

  • While playing dress-up, Punky and Niamh decide to put on a play for Mom, Con and Cranky. One by one, the family members get dragged into the play.

  • Punky has got her music player and is ready for a dance. But finding someone to dance with her is proving to be a bit of a problem. She really wants to dance with Con but Con won't embarrass himself in front of Michael.

  • Punky's favorite colour is yellow and, when Mum decides to decorate the kitchen, Punky gets the idea to make everything yellow.

  • Punky and Niamh are best friends and they like to share things with each other. Cranky tells them that borrowing is a bad idea. To prove that sharing is a good idea, Punky must find something that Cranky needs to borrow.

  • Con enters a fun run. Punky wants to run too but she's too young to enter, so she decides to have a fun run of her very own with Rufus.

  • Mum's friends are going to a gig in town but Mum can't go because there's nobody to look after Punky. Punky doesn't want Mum to miss out on the fun. She decides to surprise Mum by inviting her friends around for a big night in.

  • It's a very hot day and everybody must wear a hat to keep the sun off their face. Punky thinks only a special hat will do and she asks Mum to help her make one. But, once it's made, who's going to wear it?

  • Punky and Mum love to have fun with yoga. After Punky tells Con he can't join in, she feels bad and tries to get Con to do yoga. But he doesn't like yoga, so Punky must find something special for Con and her to do together.

  • Punky has a fixed morning routine - wake up, jump on bed, get dressed, eat breakfast. But when Mum forgets to wash the clothes, Punky refuses to eat breakfast if she can't get dressed first.

  • Punky's friend Niamh shows her a cookery book and Punky decides to bake some animal-shaped bread. Cranky knows how to make the best bread and she shows the girls how it's done.

  • During a trip to the park, Rufus gets into a stinky mess. It's up to Punky and Con to clean Rufus before he stinks up the house.

  • Con's friend Michael wants to start a band. The only problem is that Con can't play the guitar. Or the drums. Or sing. It's up to Punky to show him how it's done.

  • After Cranky's slipper goes missing, she blames Rufus and calls him a pest. Punky decides to find the slipper and prove that Rufus is a good dog.

  • Punky has got a new bird feeder. But when she leaves the door open, a bird flies into the kitchen, frightening Cranky and Con. It's up to Punky to lead the bird back outside.

  • Mum has a cold. The Chemist says what she needs is plenty of rest. It's Punky's job to make sure Cranky, Con and Rufus don't make a sound so Mum wont be disturbed.

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