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When tackling a crime, the investigator's only solution is to make the clues talk! There is no such thing as a perfect crime. Assault, kidnapping, murder... the culprit always leaves traces behind him. To hook the viewer, all the clues involved in the story are laid out in a CSI forensics lab, staged very aesthetically.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
February 28, 2018
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  • Laetitia Perrais, 18, a trainee hotel waitress, vanishes after evening service. Door-to-door enquiries, composite sketches, telephone surveys... every attempt is made to shed light on her disappearance. The efforts eventually pay off, as the clues pile up against a certain Tony Meilhon. Blood is detected in his car. And at his home, investigators find objects - a hack-saw and a knife...

  • Police in Strasbourg receive a startling emergency call from Doctor Jean-Louis Muller, a forensic pathologist well known in the region. He tells them that his wife Brigitte has just committed suicide with his gun in the basement of their home. According to her husband, Brigitte Muller was fragile and depressed. Initial crime scene findings and the ballistic tests support the theory of suicide.

  • Firefighters in Barbizieux, Charente, are called to a fire in a large house in the village. They arrive to find the lifeless body of the owner, Claude Tavernier, 83, lying in a large pool of blood. Initial findings point to a burglary that turned bad. But analysis of the clues and the conclusions of CSI experts don't support that theory. Did somebody try to tamper with a crime scene?

  • Dominique Aubry, a rich widow of 58, is found hanged on her barge in Neuilly. It appears that since the death of her husband on a trip to Mauritius, Dominique Aubry has been ailing. The case is shelved by the Nanterre court, which enters a verdict of suicide. But very soon the suicide theory is challenged. Dominique Aubry was extremely well-off and left an inheritance of 14 million euros.

  • Marina Ciampi, 52, is found dead at her home in Marseille. The victim is naked on her bed, a plastic bag over her head. But no trace of a break-in is detected. Crime scene investigation experts find several unknown DNA traces. But investigators are sure of one thing: Marina Ciampi knew her murderer. And that person has perhaps tried to erase clues...

  • Marc Van Beers, a 36-year old Brussels tax lawyer, dies in a road accident while on honeymoon. His wife Aurore is unharmed by the accident. The case is quickly dismissed and Aurore returns to Belgium. But her behavior intrigues Marc's family. Why does the young woman sell her husband's house so quickly? Marc Van Beers' family files a complaint.

  • The lifeless, mutilated body of a woman is found in the Rambouillet Forest. Police officers are perplexed by the clues found at the crime scene and the state of the body, which is missing both head and heart. The victim of this violent murder is soon identified: Nicole Saada, a lively young retiree of 62. How could this ordinary woman, a lover of Argentine tango, inspire such anger?

  • Xavier Flactif, his partner Graziella and their three children suddenly disappear. For several days, mystery reigns. Was there an accident? Was their flight forced or deliberate? The family's chalet is searched. Bloodstains, tooth fragments, revolver bullet casings... all clues that tell the investigators this is a crime scene.

  • The body of Nathalie Villermet, 46, manager of a small hotel and -restaurant, is found by a walker in the woods outside Paris, hidden under branches. Her many head wounds testify to a criminal act of rare violence. Who would want to harm this big-hearted hotelier, beloved of all? One after the next, all the hotel's customers fall under suspicion.

  • A damaged bike belonging to Karine Schaaff, 16, is found abandoned by the side of a road in Moselle. Runaway? Abduction? Ten days later, Karine's body is found just kilometers away, hidden in a forest. On closer inspection, Forensics find traces of braking, headlamp shards and paint particles near Karine's bike.

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