Edward VIII: The Traitor King

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Secret Lives shatters the romantic notion of the king who gave up his throne for love. It breaks taboos and brings us the truth: that Edward VIII was forced to abdicate because of his extreme right-wing sympathies.

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1 Season, 2 Episodes
August 14, 2017
Edward VIII: The Traitor King

Edward VIII: The Traitor King Full Episode Guide

  • What was the truth about his relationship with Adolf Hitler? What was the ex-king's role in the fall of France? These are brave and important programmes that should finally explode the myth of the Traitor King.

  • For the first time, these two films examine a series of betrayals and indiscretions in the run-up to and during the Second World War which show just how far Edward was prepared to go in support of his political beliefs. Was he guilty of treason?