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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

Eric Greenspan is Hungry is a television show that premiered on the National Geographic Channel in 2014. The show stars Eric Greenspan, a renowned chef who is on a mission to explore the best street foods in America. The show is a culinary adventure that takes the audience on a mouth-watering journey across the United States. Eric Greenspan's driven to try any food that looks delicious and innovative, regardless if it's frozen solid or on the verge of rotting. Along the way, he meets amazing people who share with him their personal stories, culture or philosophies, and how it affects their food, turning the dinner table into a conversation table.

Throughout the show, Eric travels to various cities across the United States to seek out the most unique street foods he can find. The show is shot in a documentary style, which gives the audience a feeling of being on the journey with Eric. In each episode, Eric visits a different city or region, where he meets and chats with local street food vendors, chefs, and enthusiasts of culinary delights.

Eric Greenspan's natural charisma brings the show alive as he engages with the people he meets on his journey. He often gets involved in cooking competitions, where he goes head to head with local chefs to create new and innovative dishes. We can also see him exploring various historical and cultural sites along the way, giving viewers a chance to learn about the places he visits beyond their food.

One of the unique features of the show lies in Eric's approach to food. He is willing to try almost anything, and his hunger for new experiences drives him to be bold and adventurous. Some of the foods he tries might be considered unusual or even off-putting by some viewers. However, he finds a way to taste the food and still give an objective opinion on each street meal. The show is not just about the food but also about the various stories behind the food and the people who prepare it.

Each episode brings a fresh perspective of the unique intersection between food and culture across America. Eric's travels across North America to locate real food gems, from dim sum in Vancouver, poutine in Montreal, to barbecue shrimp from Gulfport, Mississippi. The dishes that Eric encounters range from ethnic food specialties to unique twists on classic American favorites. The show not only highlights the prominent culinary spots but also hidden treasures of the region.

Overall, Eric Greenspan is Hungry is an entertaining and compelling television show that is a must-watch for foodies and travel enthusiasts alike. It is a fun and informative show that introduces viewers to many exciting foods and the people who create them, all through the eyes of a curious and adventurous chef. The show can definitely provoke hunger pangs, as Eric shows us the best street eats in his daredevil style.

Eric Greenspan is Hungry is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on November 24, 2014.

Eric Greenspan is Hungry
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Louisiana Goat
5. Louisiana Goat
December 29, 2014
Eric and Captain Mauzner head to Cajun country to experience Acadian culture and honor an animal that provides milk, cheese and meat: the goat.
Arkansas Buffalo
5. Arkansas Buffalo
December 22, 2014
Eric Greenspan and Mauzner head to Jasper, Arkansas on the hunt for meals made with an animal that is quintessentially American... Bison.
Louisiana Crawfish
4. Louisiana Crawfish
December 15, 2014
Eric & Mauzner head to Breaux Bridge, LA on the hunt for meals made with a critter that is almost uniquely associated with Cajun Cuisine... the Crawfish. Dishes include: "Crawfish" Beignets, Crawfish Bisque w/ Baked Stuffed Crawfish Heads, and the World's Best Crawfish Boil.
Mississippi Wild Turkey
3. Mississippi Wild Turkey
December 8, 2014
Eric & Mauzner head to Tunica, MS on the hunt for meals made with the wild cousin of a bird that most of us eat in sandwiches or on Thanksgiving... the Wild Turkey. Dishes include: Smoked Wild Turkey with Pineapple & Sundried Tomatoes, Wild Turkey Fingers, Bang Bang Turkey, Blackened Wild Turkey w/ Cheese Grits and a Sweet & Sour Gastrique, and Butter Poached Wild Turkey with a Wild Turkey Confit, and Cranberry & Hot Dog Bun Bread Pudding.
Texas Gar
2. Texas Gar
December 1, 2014
Eric & Mauzner head to south Texas, in search of the best way to cook a prehistoric fish that people seem to either love or hate: alligator gar. Dishes include: fried gar balls, "grumbo", smoked gar, bacon-wrapped gar balls, and grilled gar steaks.
Arkansas Wild Hog
1. Arkansas Wild Hog
November 24, 2014
On the hunt in Warren, Arkansas for meals made with an animal that is considered both a pest and a local delicacy: wild hog.
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    November 24, 2014