Eromanga Sensei

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Masamune Izumi writes novels while going to high school. He lives with his shut-in sister, Sagiri, whom he hasn't seen for a year.One day, Masamune discovers that Sagiri is actually Eromanga Sensei, the illustrator for his novels.Once he finds out, his younger sister's "Sealed Room" finally opens. After reuniting for the first time in a year, the siblings' relationship undergoes a drastic change.

Anime Strike
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 8, 2017
Cast: Talwyn Jones
Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei Full Episode Guide

  • Masamune and Sagiri's new work, "Sekaimo: The World's Cutest Little Sister" is now on sale. Sagiri continues to stream from her room wearing a mask as always, and declares the curtain rising on a "Festival".

  • Masamune comes home from his trip, and Sagiri is happy to see him return. They now await their new novel to go on sale. On the day of, an Izumi Masamune Faire is held in a store in Akihabara. While Masamune and Sagiri explore the area, they share their stories of how they got into writing novels and illustrating.

  • At the Yamada Family's vacation house, Muramasa enthusiastically reads Masamune's shelved stories. Even Masamune can't hide his happiness when he sees someone reading his novels so passionately. However, within Muramasa's heart filled with unhidden love towards Masamune, there was indeed a change occurring, and so Muramasa makes a certain decision.

  • "I'll call it the 'Summer Data Collection and Writing Camp'!" As a result of one of Elf's ideas, the light-novel authors end up heading to a vacation house on an island in the South Seas. How far can Elf push the Data Collection card?

  • Masamune, who is sparing no effort to publish his new title faster, immediately signs up for the light-novel competition, Light-novel Tenkaichi Budoukai. However, the super-popular author, Senju Muramasa, also signs up for the competition and declares to Masamune that she will crush his pointless dream! Why would she even do that?

  • To find a clue for becoming friends with Sagiri, Megumi tries to gain an affinity for light-novels. Masamune suggests dropping by and asking if she could borrow books from Sagiri. At first, Sagiri vehemently rejects the encounter, but later presents Masamune with a certain condition...

  • Motivated by Masamune's manuscript, Sagiri puts effort into getting a little closer to Masamune, despite the awkwardness. Both of them are now working towards making the manuscript into a book, starting with the project proposal. In the midst of all this, Elf sends an emergency text message to Masamune!?

  • The Izumi House's empty mansion next door has rumors of being cursed because of continuous misfortunes. But what happens when Sagiri starts hearing piano music coming from the supposed empty mansion?! And how will Masamune handle this Fallen Master?

  • Megumi Jinno, the class representative for Sagiri's class, shows up at the Izumi residence with no prior warning. Her mission is to "take Sagiri to school". How will Sagiri and Masamune handle the situation? Afterwards, Masamune runs into a mystical fairy in a pink dress...

  • Masamune Izumi is a high school student also working as a light novel author. He works with a mysterious illustrator who draws really erotic art for his light novels. In the midst of trying to deal with school and his shut-in sister, he discovers the identity behind this Eromanga-sensei!