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Chi is a sweet playful kitten who's always full of energy. She lives with the loving Yamada family.Chi's Sweet Adventure is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2016.

Chi's Sweet Adventure is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chi's Sweet Adventure on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Anime Strike
2 Seasons, 78 Episodes
October 2, 2016
Cast: Noriko Hidaka
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Chi's Sweet Adventure Full Episode Guide

  • Mom accidentally orders a whole large salmon. Dad accidentally deletes the file he'd been working on. Yohei has trouble learning some new soccer tricks. But everybody is happy again when they see Chi smile.

  • Come-Come wakes up in his usual bed to see Chi, Ann, and Telly waiting for him. Come-Come has a fun time with his friends. As they play at Fluffyland again, Come-Come remembers Diplo and Mami, and is full of gratitude. Blackie is waiting for them as they return to the park.

  • Come-Come finally finds a home but meets White-White in his dreams. If he continues to live in his new home with Mami, he won't be able to meet White-White or Chi anymore. After Diplo asks him what means the most to him, Come-Come makes a decision. In the last episode of Come-Come's travels, Come-Come feels what's important to him.

  • Mami, a university student, saves Come-Come and Diplo where they had fainted by the pond. She feeds them and gives them a warm bed, and Come-Come gradually opens up his heart to her. Meanwhile, Diplo yearns to meet his past owners. The 6th episode of Come-Come's travels are full of happiness and confusion for him.

  • Chi tries to catch some pigeons at the park, but keeps failing. Old Lady Calico sees Chi and decides to give her a few lessons on hunting. They come so close to catching some using mimicry, but to no avail. Blackie can't watch anymore and jumps out from behind the shrubs...

  • Chi, Ann, and Telly arrive at Fluffyland in search of Come-Come. As they rest at the fountain of milk, Chi's favorite duck toy becomes humongous and chases after them! The turtle at the sandpit also enlarges, and the kittens are in trouble. Just then, who should appear but... The third episode in their travels at Fluffyland!

  • The Yamada family is thrown into the dark with a sudden blackout. Yohei is scared, but Chi loves the dark. Her eyes shine as her adventure in the dark room begins. She chases after the flashlight full speed ahead. It's a dark and wonderful night for Chi.

  • Come-Come is invited to go on a journey and takes on the challenge of climbing a mountain with the travelling cat, Diplo. Come-Come doesn't understand what Diplo is up to and is confused at first, but as he arrives at the top all worn out... A fresh new breeze in the fourth episode of Come-Come's journey.

  • Come-Come jumps onto a train and arrives in the city at night. He hides in a cardboard box but is carried to a port town while he's asleep. With nowhere to go to and no energy left, Come-Come nearly faints from exhaustion. Just then, a dashing traveling cat appears in front of him. The third part of Come-Come's adventure, the beginning of a new journey.

  • Is the white kitten in the stranger's window White-White? Come-Come is both hopeful and scared as he approaches. But after seeing how happy White-White is as a pet, Come-Come feels miserable and runs away from the town. Where will Come-Come go with such a heavy heart? The second episode of Come-Come's rapidly unfolding adventure.

  • Come-Come has a long-lost little brother. Ever since promising his brother that he'd wait for him there, Come-Come had stayed at the park, waiting. One day, Ann tells Come-Come about a white kitten she saw when she got lost. It might be White-White! Come-Come's adventure begins on this fateful day.

  • Dad wants to pet cute little Chi. But Dad's feelings for Chi don't quite reach her. Dad wants to make Chi like him and asks for some advice from his colleague, Adam. Adam gives him tips on how to make cats like him, but... Will Dad be able to pet Chi?

  • Dad wants to pet cute little Chi. But Dad's feelings for Chi don't quite reach her. Dad wants to make Chi like him and asks for some advice from his colleague, Adam. Adam gives him tips on how to make cats like him, but... Will Dad be able to pet Chi?

  • Dad wants to pet cute little Chi. But Dad's feelings for Chi don't quite reach her. Dad wants to make Chi like him and asks for some advice from his colleague, Adam. Adam gives him tips on how to make cats like him, but... Will Dad be able to pet Chi?

  • Mom decides to deep-clean the house. "Let no grime be uncleaned!" Mom does everything in her power to wipe the house down. Chi is intrigued and tries to help out. Chi's favorite cleaning robot comes out, too. Mom gets all fired up, and the cleaning gets more and more fun.

  • Chi and the kittens arrive at Fluffyland. There, they find a strange creature that suddenly pounces on them. The four work together to pull through, but end up getting lost. The four can't figure out what to do and get in a fight... This is the second half of their adventure in the wondrous world of Fluffyland.

  • Chi and the kittens find a mysterious hole at the base of a big tree where sparkly fish come flying out. They jump inside to end up in a world they've never seen before. There are islands made of pancakes and fish swimming in the sky. It's fluffy and bouncy all around. Welcome to Fluffyland!

  • Chi comes to the park, and it's overgrown with grass! There's a tunnel in the thicket, and it's like a maze inside. She hears Come-Come, Ann, and Telly somewhere. After somehow gathering up by calling out to each other, they wildly chase after a sparkly light.

  • Dad brings home a radio-controlled car from work. Yohei and Chi have fun playing with it, but Chi accidentally breaks the car from playing a bit too rough. Yohei and Chi get in a fight and go to sleep without being able to make up. Yohei and Chi get in a fight in bed too, as they get in each other's way...

  • Julie, Yohei, and Chi have come to play at the park. Julie, who loves animals, tries to become friends with Blackie, but Blackie backs away. Julie doesn't mind and becomes friends with all the cats in the park, and Julie, Yohei, and Chi all play together. Blackie becomes restless as he watches them all have fun...

  • Yohei's cousin, Julie, has come to play at the Yamada household. Julie grew up on a farm and is full of energy. She has fun chasing after Chi. Chi and Yohei are overwhelmed by how Julie can grab a huge live crab with her bare hands, but things begin to get fun as she brings out a foxtail to play with Chi.

  • The Yamada family is enthralled by Flutter, the fluttering goldfish. Chi wants to touch Flutter and does everything she can think up of, but Dad and Yohei keep getting in her way. Finally, Chi's alone with Flutter. It's her chance to get near! Flutter is in trouble now...

  • Chi, Come-Come, and the siblings Ann and Telly gather at the park. They stroll around looking for something fun to do and find Blackie and Old Lady Calico taking a nap. It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of mischief! The four kittens succeed in surprising the adults and set out on a journey outside the park looking for more fun.

  • Chi and Come-Come are taking a stroll, and find a pigeon. They decide to go chase it. But unsuspecting as they may seem, pigeons are actually pretty nimble and hard to catch. Blackie becomes impatient and gives the two a special lesson on how to catch pigeons. The two kittens try again to catch the pigeon with their newly acquired skills!

  • Chi leaves the Yamada residence that felt all "cold" and joins Come-Come to go on a walk under the moonlight. The two sleep together, all squished inside Come-Come€™s little cardboard box. After talking to Come-Come, Chi decides to head back home, to make the house feel nice and warm again. She goes straight back to home sweet home, back to where the Yamada family lives.

  • Mom and Dad are fighting. Yohei can't help but feel shocked, as they usually hardly fight. Yohei goes to his room. Chi, on the other hand, wants to play with the Yamada family as usual. But nobody is answering. Just what is going on? The house suddenly seems somewhat dark and cold. And so Chi leaves the house, to go find Come-Come...

  • Chi, Come-Come, Ann, and Telly are having fun at the park. The kittens are great at discovering new things. They find the perfect spot shining in the sunlight on top of a great tree. The four kittens climb to the top to discover a mysterious contrail stretching out before them. What can be at the end of it? An amazing place just for kittens to play awaits them!

  • It's sizzling hot and it is wearing Chi and Come-Come out. They head to the park to find somewhere cool but all the shades are taken already by the adult cats. They bump into Ann and Telly, and the four head out to find a cool place together. They ride a skate board, follow a kind-looking man to walk along his shadow, and so on but they can't find a place to cool off.

  • Bear Cat is yet again, thinking back on all the lessons he has been giving Chi. In this episode, we look back on more cute scenes. Chi also heads to Paris to attend the €œJapan Expo€ as a guest. She checks out the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, a very fancy department store, etc... Chi enjoys the real world again!

  • Bear Cat is thinking back on all the lessons he has been giving Chi. He has been looking out for her and teaching her so that she can become a fully-fledged cat. In this episode, we look back on all the cute scenes. Chi also visits the production where Chi's Sweet Adventure is produced. She jumps right into the real world and finds out how Animes are made.

  • Dad finds a bunch of old toys that brings back good old memories. A cup-and-ball, hula hoop, ring toss, yoyo... They're actually really fun to play with! Chi falls very much in love with the toys as well, and she starts to play with Dad. She runs after the toys, jumps at them, etc... Yohei and Mom can't help but to join in and before they know it, the four are having a blast!

  • Summer vacation is finally here! Chi, Yohei, and Mom head to the park together to catch some bugs. Yohei has his eyes on beetles. Mom, who surprisingly was a great bug catcher as a child, teaches Yohei how to catch them. There are all sorts of exciting bugs in the park! A while later, Dad brings a trap made to catch the beetles. They leave the trap in the park and go check it out after dinner...

  • Chi is playing in the garden, after the rain is up. The sky is clear blue and the frogs have come out. The grass is performing a song, along the beat made by the dripping water.

  • Chi, Come-Come, Ann and Telly eavesdrop on Bear Cat and Old Lady Calico talking about a secret only adults can know about.

  • Chi is alone at home. Everyone else is out. She enjoys having the house to herself, when she hears something from upstairs... Chi will protect the house! A brand new enemy of Chi's appear and it's an adventure, alone at home!

  • Yohei has caught a cold. Mom tells him to stay in bed but Chi and Yohei really wants to play together. Chi tries to get into Yohei's room in every single way thinkable, but will she get past Mom? It's Chi and Yohei's sweet adventure, inside the Yamada residence.

  • Chi and Yohei is playing hide and seek. Hiding is fun! Searching is fun! Being found is fun!! The two run around the house to look for places to hide. Chi finds the perfect place. She hears Yohei walk away and she feels confident that she is going to win, but... Who's the winner? Chi or Yohei? Find out in this fun episode.

  • On a night when spooky winds blow, Come-Come is woken up by a strange voice saying I'm Chi... The next morning, Chi, Come-Come, Ann and Telly find a mysterious feather in the park.

  • Little Yohei was looking forward to going camping with Mom and Dad, but last minute work stuff comes up and Dad needs to cancel.

  • Chi heads to the park to find Come-Come. There, Come-Come was actually waiting for Chi! The two decide to step outside the park, to go on a great adventure.

  • Chi and Come-Come are playing in the park, and there come the siblings Ann and Telly. They quickly become friends. The park is fun just with Chi and Come-Come, but now with the four of them, it's even better! From the kittens' point of view, the park is filled with amazing stuff. Chi's sweet adventure continues, now with more friends on board!

  • A scene seen in a dream... A memory treasured deep inside the heart... Chi wakes up and finds Come-Come in the park. As they hunt and play together, cherry blossom petals come falling from up high. Come-Come senses someone looking at them. Spring has arrived. It's time to make some new friends!

  • Yohei brings home frogs. Chi is excited, but Mom is furious. She tells Yohei to take them back to the park immediately but the frogs escape from the box and it's chaos inside the Yamada household.

  • Chi is playing with Yohei, as usual. But for Chi, it's more fun to pull the blocks down rather than build them with Yohei. Though Chi and Yohei have their own distinguishing ways to play, they always enjoy each other's company. Even with Yohei's favorite balls, Chi finds her own way to play with them.

  • The rain has gone, and Chi and Come-Come resume their walk. They discover a piece of fried chicken on the glistening street. Chi, who loves food, pounces on it and gulps it down, but it had a strange smell to it... Everyone watches over Chi, in both sickness and in health. Chi grows up little by little, surrounded by the kindness of her friends.

  • Chi has finally come to the cat meeting. It€™s a festival held every year just for cats. Chi and Come-Come are thrilled to be here for the first time. Night falls, the moon shines, and the cat meeting begins. Cat DJs, cat singers, and the smooth dance moves of Bear Cat! This exciting night of dance and music is a secret world of cats that no human knows about.

  • Bear Cat is the boss cat of Chi€™s town. He watches over the streets to protect the peace and security of the citizens. As he patrols the park, he sees lots of cats such as Chi, Come-Come, Old Lady Calico, Ann, and Telly having fun. The daily goings at the sunny park are peaceful, yet full of little adventures. In this episode, Bear Cat is the main character.

  • Chi is enjoying some snacks with Mom on the couch. As they enjoy the relaxing time, Mom suddenly realizes that she has gained a little weight. She rolls up her sleeves and starts doing exercises. Back in her college-days, Mom belonged to the tennis club, and was known as the star player, €œFire Angel Miwa.€ The one who stands up to coach Mom is none other than... Chi!

  • It€™s €œChi Takes Lessons€ the second time around. Chi takes lessons from the mighty Bear Cat once again.One fine day, Chi is out walking, when she bumps into Bear Cat who€™s hunting.

  • At night, cats let a different side of them come out. Chi follows Black Cat who was just passing by Chi€™s yard and arrives at the park at night. From the darkness quietly approach several grown-up cats. As the moon appears, the cats rise to their paws! Rocking to the rhythm of the chirping bugs, it€™s time for a dance party exclusively for cats!

  • A parakeet has come to the Yamada household. They€™re going to take care of it for a few days while a neighbour is off traveling. Chi is intrigued by the cute parakeet that can speak like humans and say €œhello.€ Yet, as tiny as Chi is, Chi is still a cat. Dad, who was looking after the two, had to leave the house on urgent business. Left alone at the house were just Chi and the parakeet.

  • Many children and families are enjoying their time at the park. Chi has come on a walk by herself as usual and meets the spiteful looking kitten, Come-Come. Come-Come always clicks his tongue and acts cold, but they race, chase lizards, and have twice the fun they usually have alone at the park. The meeting of the two little kittens becomes a memorable encounter.

  • Further inside the camping site is the picturesque Maple Falls. Dad appoints Yohei cameraman, so he heads off to the waterfall with Chi to take pictures. Along the way, they encounter scary animals, dead ends, and more. But together, they overcome each obstacle to create a wonderful memory. An adventure with just the two of them. It€™s the second half of the family camping trip.

  • Chi and the Yamada family go camping on a fall holiday weekend. The camping site where they can see Mt. Fuji is beautiful in its autumn foliage. The great outdoors is full of interesting things like swarms of dragonflies coloring the sky and a carpet of fallen leaves that rustles under their feet.

  • Chi always follows mom around the house. Once mom starts cleaning, Chi is sitting everywhere she goes. Mom is a little fed up, but dad is jealous. Dad desperately wants to become a more important person for Chi, and decides to groom her. Chi loves it, and dad and Chi becomes closer buddies... but the next minute, a more attractive rival comes into the picture!

  • It€™s Halloween! As Yohei and his friends from the neighborhood dress up, dad buys a bunny costume for Chi as well. Dad tries ever so hard to get a photo of her wearing it, but cats hate clothes and Chi freaks out. The next minute, the light goes out due to a power cut... When the lights come back on, dad€™s given a great present from Chi.

  • A sweet and yummy scent comes wondering from somewhere in the house. It€™s... Yohei€™s pancakes! Chi discovers the yummy taste for the very first time, and she sets out to search for more tasty stuff. She finds dad€™s coffee, a fresh whole cabbage, her own usual crunchy stuff, etc. And for dinner is cheese fondue, which the Yamada family enjoys together as a loving family, with Chi of course.

  • Chi takes lessons from Bear Cat. She learns how to hide, jump from higher places, and so on. The Master, Bear Cat, personally teaches Chi how to truly protect oneself.She stands up to a big dog, she elegantly climbs up a wall to avoid a car... well, so she tries. The third episode of the series is, once again, full of cuteness!

  • Chi is a sweet playful kitten, always full of energy. She gets milk from Yohei, and is relaxing at home, nice and full. As she searches around the house for something exciting, she comes across Yohei walking with a handful of rubber balls. The balls bounce everywhere as he drops them, and Yohei and Chi can€™t get more excited. The day ends with Chi and the family making a great memory together.