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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (1,397)

Girls' Last Tour is an anime show that was released in 2017 on Anime Strike, an American online anime streaming service. Directed by Takaharu Ozaki, the show is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are extinct, and the only remaining residents are two young girls, Chito and Yuuri.

These two girls, referred to as the "girls" in the show's title, have embarked on a journey through the ruins of the world around them. They travel in a vehicle called a Kettenkrad, which is a hybrid between a motorcycle and a tank, and spend their days scavenging for food, water, and supplies.

Throughout the show, the girls explore the crumbling ruins of civilization, encountering strange and unexpected sights along the way. They navigate through vast, empty cities, snowy wastelands, and eerie underground tunnels. They come across desolate factories, forgotten museums, and abandoned theme parks.

Despite their bleak surroundings, Chito and Yuuri maintain a curious and optimistic outlook on life. They are constantly asking each other philosophical questions about the world and pondering the nature of existence. Their conversations often delve into deep topics such as the meaning of life, morality, and the human condition.

At its core, Girls' Last Tour is a contemplative and introspective show that explores the themes of loneliness, friendship, and the value of life. Despite the stark backdrop of their post-apocalyptic world, Chito and Yuuri's journey is a hopeful one; they continue to find joy and beauty in the simple things around them.

The show's animation style is a key component of its overall tone. The colors are muted and washed out, giving the impression of a world that has lost its vibrancy. The landscapes are often vast and empty, highlighting the sense of isolation and solitude that permeates the show. The character designs are simple yet expressive, conveying the girls' emotions and personalities through their movements and expressions.

Inori Minase and Yurika Kubo provide the voices for Chito and Yuuri, respectively. Both actresses deliver heartfelt and nuanced performances that bring the characters to life. Cat Thomas, an American voice actress, provides the English dub for the show.

Girls' Last Tour has received widespread critical acclaim for its unique visuals, thoughtful storytelling, and philosophical themes. It has been praised for its ability to tackle weighty subjects in a way that is accessible and engaging for viewers of all ages.

Overall, Girls' Last Tour is a compelling and thought-provoking show that will appeal to fans of post-apocalyptic stories, philosophical musings, and introspective storytelling. Its two main characters, Chito and Yuuri, are endearing and relatable, making their journey an emotional and unforgettable one.

Girls' Last Tour is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 2017.

Girls' Last Tour
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Connection / Friends
12. Connection / Friends
December 22, 2017
The girls discuss their realization of loneliness but still have dreams of getting to the next level with an aspiration of reaching the moon one day.
Culture / Destruction / The Past
11. Culture / Destruction / The Past
December 15, 2017
As they continue their exploration, the girls run into some interesting creatures, and are left wandering an old weapons facility.
Train / Wavelength / Capture
10. Train / Wavelength / Capture
December 8, 2017
Yuuri and Chito explore the ruins of an old town and are left puzzled with the little relics that are left behind.
Technology / Aquarium / Life
9. Technology / Aquarium / Life
December 1, 2017
The girls end up in a new facility where they meet a maintenance robot. With a fish and a lonely robot, they find the meaning of what it means for something to be alive.
Memories / Spiral / Moonlight
8. Memories / Spiral / Moonlight
November 24, 2017
The girls continue their journey as they venture into the unknown. With heartfelt conversations, they find out more than they bargained for.
Labyrinth / Cooking
7. Labyrinth / Cooking
November 17, 2017
Stuck in a labyrinth of pipes, the girls struggle to find their way out. Meanwhile, they look to make some food for themselves. What do they come up with?
Accident / Technology / Takeoff
6. Accident / Technology / Takeoff
November 10, 2017
An odd person with some ambitious goals enters into Chito and Yuuri's journey. She is willing to help them but only if they will help her in return.
House / Nap / The Sound of Rain
5. House / Nap / The Sound of Rain
November 3, 2017
The girls continue to explore the ruins and they come across a house. Meanwhile, they take a nap which triggers some strange dreams.
Photograph / Temple
4. Photograph / Temple
October 27, 2017
Chito and Yuuri are fixated on using their photograph machine, but they can't seem to get it to work. As they travel, they find a long forgotten temple.
Encounter / City / Streetlights
3. Encounter / City / Streetlights
October 20, 2017
Yuuri and Chito meet another person after he almost accidentally kills them. Will they help him with his request?
Bath / Journal / Laundry
2. Bath / Journal / Laundry
October 13, 2017
Yuuri and Chito make their way through snow packed plains and begin to freeze. Will they be offered a reprieve from the cold?
Starry Sky / War
1. Starry Sky / War
October 6, 2017
Yuuri and Chito make it out of the dark cavern on their Kettenkrad but what will they find on the outside?
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Girls' Last Tour is available for streaming on the Anime Strike website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Girls' Last Tour on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (1,397)