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This anime series presents the adventures of a high school student whose fascination with anime and video games ends up with his being pulled into the fantasy worlds he loves. There he must work with his imaginary heroes to fight evil. The series debuted on Amazon in 2017.

Re:CREATORS is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2017.

Where do I stream Re:CREATORS online? Re:CREATORS is available for streaming on Anime Strike, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Re:CREATORS on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Anime Strike
1 Season, 22 Episodes
April 7, 2017
Cast: Daiki Yamashita, Inori Minase, Mikako Komatsu, Katsuyuki Konishi
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Re:CREATORS Full Episode Guide

  • The Elimination Chamber Festival ends successfully, and everything draws to a close. As the Creations prepare to go back to their own worlds, they spend their last few moments enjoying the real world. On the day of parting, the Creations return to where they each belong, each carrying their own thoughts in their hearts. After sending them off, the Creators begin to create new stories€¦

  • Altair incorporates Sirius into herself and overpowers the other Creations, bringing the world to the brink of The Great Destruction! Meteora and the others try to save the world by making Setsuna Shimazaki, Altair's Creator and their last hope, appear in the world. Altair and Setsuna encounter each others as Creations in the same world, and begin to reveal their true feelings to each other.

  • After losing Alicetaria and Selesia, Meteora and the others try to trap Altair within the Bird Cage, but the audience sympathizes with Altair and transforms the Bird Cage into a stage for amplifying Altair's powers! Meteora tries to turn the tables on her by bringing out their secret weapon: Sirius, a Creation with the same appearance and the same powers as Altair!

  • Selesia and the others encounter the final Creation, who turns out to be Charon, the hero from Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier, the same story Selesia comes from! While Selesia is overjoyed at the reunion, Charon is sick of the endless fighting in his world, and joins Altair, who is trying to destroy the world. Selesia refuses to fight against Charon, and makes up her mind in a big decision.

  • Magane pays Sota a visit while he watches Selesia's battle and tells him that he is just like her because they both use others to satisfy their own desires, laying the groundwork for her plans to make things €œmore interesting€. Meanwhile, Alicetaria, Blitz, and Sho turn against Altair in the Bird Cage, and join Selesia's side instead. However, Altair still has one final trick up her sleeve€¦

  • The battle over the fate of the real world and the fate of the story worlds finally begins! Selesia is able to get back into Vogelchevalier again after winning the acceptance of the audience, and faces off against Altair. However, her new powers don€™t work against Altair, and she struggles in the battle. Meanwhile, Blitz goes to pay someone a visit to tie up some loose ends.

  • The Creators, exhausted after the tight deadlines, and the Creations, who have been executing the plan, get a moment to relax before the real battle starts. The team rallies their spirits for the upcoming battle, each member recalling their own reasons for fighting: To save the world, to return home, to face the past€¦ Selesia and the others enter the Bird Cage, where they lie in wait for Altair.

  • Hikayu Hoshikawa, a character from the dating sim video game Starry Sky Milky Way, appears in front of the group. Hikayu doesn't possess any abilities for battle but is still required to participate in the Elimination Chamber Festival since she's a Creation. Ohnishi, Hikayu's creator, comes up with an idea to help her. Meanwhile, a new Creation joins Altair's side....

  • Altair, the Creation at the center of the events that led to Setsuna Shimazaki's suicide, gets transported to the real world. Meteora, the Seeker of a Thousand Miles, rises up to stop her.

  • With Selesia and Meteora suffering critical wounds, the team is left in poor shape after their battle with Altair.

  • Yatoji succeeds in luring out Alicetaria, but is interrupted by Magane and falls prey to her Infinite Deception of Words. Meanwhile, Selesia rushes to help Meteora and faces off against Alicetaria. However, Altair interferes in the battle and makes Selesia's weapon vanish, and Selesia gets stabbed by Alicetaria. With Selesia on the brink of life and death, Matsubara tries revising the story again.

  • Mamika is fatally injured in a battle with Altair, entrusts her dying wish to Magane, and dies in Alicetaria's arms. Magane twists Mamika's dying wish, making Alicetaria's rage turn on Meteora. Magane tells Sota about Mamika's death, and makes him believe he's responsible for her death. Mirokuji and Meteora come to save Sota and start battling Magane, when suddenly Alicetaria arrives...

  • The true identity of the Military Uniform Princess is Altair, a secondary creation of the character Shirotsumekusa from a social game called Eternal Wars Megalosphere.

  • Mamika intervenes in a fight between Mirokuji and Blitz in order to stop people who can only reach an understanding through fighting. For the sake of the people in her world, and for the sake of fulfilling her role as Magicalslayer Mamika, Mamika asks Sota about the truth behind the world. Meanwhile, Nakanogane discovers the Military Uniform Princess's true identity on a video posting website.

  • Matsubara visits screenwriter Masaaki Nakanogane's house where he finds Rui Kanoya from Monomagia The Infinite Over Machine.

  • Meteora hypothesizes that characters possessing special powers interfering in the real world could cause the world to be destroyed. Meteora realizes that her Creator loved everyone who plays the video game she stars in, and vows to stop The Great Destruction to protect the people her Creator loved. Meanwhile, Alicetaria February from "Alicetaria of the Scarlet" joins the Military Uniform Princess.

  • Selesia gets rescued by Yuya Mirokuji, a character from the manga "Exclusive Underground".

  • Sota Mizushino was watching the anime "Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier" in his room when suddenly, Selesia Upitiria, a character from the anime, and a mysterious girl dressed in a military uniform appear in his room. Sota gets caught in the middle of their battle and follows them to Yoyogi Park, where Meteora -sterreich, a character from the game "AVALKEN of Reminisce", suddenly appears.