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  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.2  (655)

Escaping Polygamy is a reality television show that first premiered on LMN in 2014. The show follows the journey of three sisters who escaped from the infamous Kingston sect of the FLDS Church. During their escape, the sisters left behind 36 siblings and a life that they had known since birth. In the show, Jessica Christensen, Andrea Brewer, and Andrea Christensen help those who are in similar situations to escape.

The show primarily focuses on the journeys of the girls as they aid those who want to leave the Kingston sect, a powerful and abusive polygamist sect that is known for brainwashing its members, including women and children. The trio of sisters, who have already managed to escape the sect, offer guidance, shelter, and support to those who are trying to break free.

Each episode of the show features a new case as the sisters meet with someone who is in trouble and provide them with a plan to escape. The show follows the sisters as they help individuals face the difficult decisions of leaving their families, homes, and the only life they have ever known behind. The sisters assist the escapees through different and difficult ways, including providing them with safe houses, legal support, and even helping them navigate through financial hurdles.

The show offers a glimpse into the devastating impact of the FLDS Church, which has caused pain, trauma, and abuse for many of its members. It describes how the sect strictly controls the lives of its members, including their dress code, food consumption, sexual relations, and marriage. It also elaborates on how women in the group are often treated as inferior beings and are forced to live as concubines to the men in the church.

Despite the difficult nature of the show, Escaping Polygamy also offers some moments of joy and hope. It showcases the strength and resilience of the escapees, who have come through unimaginable trauma and emerged on the other side, living a life of freedom and independence. The show also provides the sign that there is hope for those who leave the FLDS Church and that they can create a better life for themselves.

With the passage of time, the sisters and the show gained fame and popularity, inspiring many others to come out and share their stories of escape. Escaping Polygamy has been praised for its authentic portrayal of the lives of those living in the FLDS Church and the difficulties they face when trying to leave the sect. It has also been lauded for the sisters' sensitivity and empathy toward those escaping, as they offer them not just shelter but also hope.

In summary, Escaping Polygamy is an emotional, empowering, and inspiring show that sheds light on the abuse, trauma, and difficulties faced by those trying to leave the FLDS church. The show provides important insight into the lives of polygamist sects and the culture surrounding them. The sisters' hard work and dedication to help others escape has proved to be a significant manifestation of the change that is possible in the life of those who take a stand against abuse and violence.

Escaping Polygamy is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on December 30, 2014.

Escaping Polygamy
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After the Escape: Melanie
24. After the Escape: Melanie
June 18, 2018
The girls face a challenge when one of their sisters, Melanie, contacts them about needing to leave the Order; an escape attempt occurs amid a chaotic and violent backdrop.
After the Escape: Yolanda
23. After the Escape: Yolanda
June 25, 2018
Yolanda needs the girls' help to escape from the notorious FLDS compound in Colorado City, Ariz.; with a plan in place to get Yolanda out, the biggest hurdle the girls face is to remain as under the radar and out of sight as possible.
After the Escape: Kathy
22. After the Escape: Kathy
July 2, 2018
Shanell's aunt Kathy decides to leave the Order after raising 16 children in the cult; Shanell intervenes when Kathy's youngest daughter reaches the age to be married off.
After the Escape: Priscilla
21. After the Escape: Priscilla
July 9, 2018
A young woman plans to flee to Nevada in order to escape Utah's runaway laws, but outside help is needed and the escape must happen quickly.
After the Escape: Ariel and Vanna
20. After the Escape: Ariel and Vanna
July 16, 2018
Jessica and Kollene head into unfamiliar territory when they receive word that two sisters, Ariel and Vanna, want to escape the infamous FLDS polygamist cult.
After the Escape: Eskel
19. After the Escape: Eskel
July 23, 2018
Amanda's younger brother, Eskel, refuses to follow a polygamous lifestyle and wants to leave the Order; Eskel's mother learns of his plans and pleads with him to stay.
After the Escape: Lorie
18. After the Escape: Lorie
July 30, 2018
Amanda's mother, Lorie, wants to leave the Order, but her home is surrounded by members who keep watch over her.
After the Escape: Fred
17. After the Escape: Fred
August 6, 2018
A former Order member reaches out to Jessica and Kollene fearing that the life of her elderly father, Fred, is in danger; as Fred's health declines, the girls must figure out how to convince the devoted Order member to accept help from outsiders.
After the Escape: The Insider
16. After the Escape: The Insider
August 20, 2018
A tip reveals that federal agents plan to raid the polygamous group's businesses; Andrea, Jessica and Shanell rush to help "the Insider," but a remote location filled with dark memories proves to be a greater obstacle than the girls ever imagined.
After the Escape: Lizzy
15. After the Escape: Lizzy
August 13, 2018
Andrea and Shanell get a tip that Lizzy, a young mother still inside the FLDS polygamous cult, is in an abusive situation; the girls track Lizzy down, but Lizzy won't leave without her daughter, who was taken from her by members of the church.
Top Ten Escapes
14. Top Ten Escapes
April 22, 2019
Sisters Andrea, Jessica and Shanell relive past escapes, unveil never-before-seen moments and catch up with the people who have escaped polygamy and are now living a life away from the polygamous group they so bravely left behind.
Sister From The Same Mister
13. Sister From The Same Mister
April 15, 2019
Rosie, a young FLDS woman, reaches out to her older sister and former member, Yolanda, for help leaving the group behind. The decision is painful as once Rosie leaves, ties with her beloved mother will be severed due to the religion's teachings that anyone who escapes is considered an enemy of the church. With Jessica and Yolanda's help, Rosie tries to secretly escape, but the situation begins to fall apart when the team realizes Rosie's mother may have caught onto the plan.
Mommy Dearest
12. Mommy Dearest
April 8, 2019
Andrea and Jessica receive word from Ethel, a young woman desperate to break free from the FLDS polygamous group. As a child, Ethel's mother was ripped away from her by the church and she's had a void in her life ever since.
My Cousin, My Lover
11. My Cousin, My Lover
April 1, 2019
Jessica recruits Rachel Jeffs, daughter of notorious leader Warren Jeffs, to help FLDS member, Carole, escape a "house of repentance." After being caught in what the religion considers a highly forbidden relationship, Carole was sent to live far away from her family and friends to be closely guarded by some of the religion's most elite and faithful women. Carole's escape from polygamy grows increasingly tense.
A Daughter's Revolt
10. A Daughter's Revolt
August 20, 2018
MaryAnn, a rule-breaking FLDS woman, reaches out to Jessica and Amanda about leaving the polygamous group. However, when MaryAnn's family receives word of her plan to escape, the girls must take action sooner than expected.
Confronting The Faith
9. Confronting The Faith
August 13, 2018
Andrea and Shanell get a tip that Lizzy, a young mother, is in an abusive situation and needs help. The girls track Lizzy down, but Lizzy won't leave without her daughter, who was taken and hidden from her by members of the church. Ultimately, the girls are faced with the harsh reality of what brainwashing can do to a family when the escape takes a dramatic and emotionally charged turn.
A Father's Secret
8. A Father's Secret
August 6, 2018
A former Order member reaches out fearing that the life of her elderly father, Fred, is in danger. As Fred's health rapidly declines, Jessica and Kollene must figure out how to convince this devoted Order man to accept help from outsiders. Other members in the cult go to extreme lengths to halt their plan. Later, an update is provided on where Fred is today.
Forbidden Love
7. Forbidden Love
July 30, 2018
An escapee from the FLDS polygamist cult asks Jessica and Amanda for help in getting her boyfriend out; the trip into unknown FLDS territory does not go as planned.
A Risky Reunion
6. A Risky Reunion
July 23, 2018
Amanda's younger brother wants to leave the group as he refuses to live a polygamist lifestyle. Amanda enlists her sister Rachel to help their brother and avoid suspicion, but their mother figures out the plan and confronts him with an emotional plea to stay.
Sons of the Prophet
5. Sons of the Prophet
July 16, 2018
Raymond Jeffs, son of the infamous FLDS prophet, Warren Jeffs, pleads for the girls' help with getting his only brother, Isaac, out of the group. The team quickly discovers Isaac is closely monitored by a group of men who are taught to fight outsiders at all costs, and tempers flare when the plan to break him out is exposed. Later, Mattie, a young woman who recently escaped the FLDS, reunites with the mother she left behind in the group.
Rebel With A Cause
4. Rebel With A Cause
July 9, 2018
Shanell and Kollene get word that a young FLDS woman, Mattie, needs their help. Caught for breaking the cult's harsh rules, Mattie is living in isolation and wants to escape the religion to avoid an impending move further into seclusion. However, with neighbors monitoring her every move and the threat of her strict father dropping by at any time, a quick and clean escape may be impossible.
The Prophet's Daughter
3. The Prophet's Daughter
July 2, 2018
Rachel Jeffs, daughter of Warren Jeffs of FLDS, reaches out to Jessica and Amanda for their help in rescuing her sister from a remote, hidden compound. Meanwhile, Ava, a former Kingston clan member, fights to legally sever ties with her polygamous parents who want to marry her off to an older cousin.
Escaping Wedlock
2. Escaping Wedlock
June 25, 2018
A young girl is desperate to escape the Kingston clan to avoid an unwanted marriage to her older cousin. But her status as a minor presents legal hurdles that work against her mission to break free.
Exposing The Cult
1. Exposing The Cult
June 18, 2018
Jessica and Andrea get a call from their sister, Jennifer, who is being forced to marry someone she doesn't love; everyone must act quickly to get Jennifer out of town before The Order figures out yet another Kingston daughter is leaving. A last minute stop at The Order bank leads to a dramatic confrontation with its members over their corrupt financial system.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 30, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (655)