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This crime drama series revolves around a man who is framed for a crime committed by his friends. His quest for revenge, not to mention his romantic entanglements, leads to intrigue, violence and dangerous situations. The series is set in Istanbul, and it premiered on the Turkish Show TV network in 2009. It subsequently aired on the ATV network in 2010 and 2011.

Monday at 10:15PM et/pt on ATV T
1 Season, 72 Episodes
September 28, 2009
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Kenan Imirzalioglu, Cansu Dere, Yigit Özsener, Baris Falay
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Ezel Full Episode Guide

  • Seeking vengeance, Ali storms Kenan's office. Ezel plays a demented game with Cengiz. Eyşan launches her own revenge plan against Kenan.

  • Tevfik stands up against Ramiz. After Ezel hears Kenan's side of the story, he questions Ramiz's trustworthiness. Serdar re-enters Eyşan's life.

  • Cengiz watches helplessly as a horrifying scene unfolds. Ezel learns who masterminded Ömer's betrayal, and what Eyşan's motive was for cooperating.

  • Ali accompanies Bahar to the hospital, where she gets test results. Ezel offers Ali a path to redemption. Bahar asks Eyşan to do what's best for Can.

  • Ali wants to redeem himself by sacrificing his life. Bahar offers words of encouragement to Ezel, who is convinced he's incapable of loving his son.

  • Eyşan makes a difficult sacrifice, leaving behind a revealing letter. When Ezel goes alone to meet Ramiz's nemesis, he's greeted by a surprise.

  • Bahar offers Ali a deal. Meliha questions Mümtaz's closeness to Can. Ezel makes Eyşan feel the same way Ömer did when he realized he'd been betrayed.

  • Ali visits the military hospital where Ömer was treated. Eyşan confesses her dark sin to Ezel. Mümtaz learns what Cengiz and his friends did to Ömer.

  • Ali receives a clue to the link between Ezel and Ramiz. Eyşan learns someone has already bought her confiscated properties. Bahar cuts ties with Ezel.

  • Şebnem goes to see Tevfik one last time. Cengiz lays a trap to get Eyşan alone in the house. Eyşan and Ezel let go of everything holding them back.

  • Bahar learns Eyşan lied in court to put Cengiz in prison, causing her to question her sister's motive for betraying Ömer. Tevfik says his goodbyes.

  • Cengiz is extracted from prison, but must pay a price afterward. Ezel gets himself in a room alone with Ali, who reveals a secret about Tevfik.

  • Cengiz learns the significance of the number 12 etched on his arm. When Ali refuses to give in to Ramiz, Ezel and his team must rescue hostage Tevfik.

  • Tevfik is forced to choose between Ezel and Ali. Bahar asks Ezel a hypothetical question, and later learns her father was involved in betraying Ömer.

  • A visit with Cengiz shatters Ali's trust in Tevfik. Bahar confronts Ali about his betrayal of Ömer. Tevfik has a heart-to-heart talk with Şebnem.

  • A mysterious visitor seeks to exchange intel with Cengiz. Ezel makes a shocking declaration to Bahar. Eyşan shares her suspicions about Ezel with Ali.

  • After warning Eyşan about Ezel, Cengiz receives a visit from him. Bahar makes a heartbreaking decision about what she'll do next with her life.

  • Serdar tells Cengiz what he witnessed while spying on Eyşan, Ezel and Ali. Eyşan begs Bahar for forgiveness. Ali realizes Bahar's cancer has returned.

  • When Eyşan makes a sudden decision that threatens Ezel's plans for getting revenge against her, he throws caution to the wind to change her mind.

  • Serdar spies on a newly released Ezel making plans with Eyşan and Ali, and demands a piece of the action. In court, Eyşan takes the witness stand.

  • Now that Cengiz has been dealt with, Ezel moves on to his next target: Eyşan. But a sudden emotional reaction leads him to make a change in plans.

  • Ali is forced to finish a job for Ramiz that will incriminate Cengiz but put his own life at risk. Cengiz experiences exactly what Ömer once did.

  • Bahar visits Ezel to tell him of an important decision she's made. Ezel suggests to Cengiz that he take his family on a vacation overseas.

  • Ramiz finds Cengiz's weakness and leverages it to force him to do his bidding. Ezel, Ali and Eyşan play along, aiming to get Cengiz arrested.

  • Mert visits Ramiz to confirm his suspicions, and later provokes Ali into unconsciously revealing where proof of Ömer's innocence can be found.

  • Azad is lured into a trap. Bahar issues an ultimatum when she finds her father has manipulated Eyşan into providing him refuge in her home.

  • Ezel finds a camcorder with footage that reveals the face of Ramiz's fourth child. Cengiz takes an interest in Ramiz's biographer.

  • Mümtaz refuses to have life-saving surgery. Ramiz's only surviving betrayer tells a shocking story that changes the way Ezel views his mentor.

  • Mümtaz risks his health trying to reunite with Ömer. Refusing to give up his dream of taking down Ramiz, Ali ropes Cengiz and Ezel into helping him.

  • Eyşan finds out what the key is for. When Cengiz tortures Eyşan's supposed lover to make him confess, Ezel feels pressured to give himself up.

  • Cengiz's tolerance of Eyşan's humiliations reaches its limit. Ramiz plays the pitiful victim to regain the upper hand in the casino business.

  • Ezel's plans spin out of control when Ramiz mysteriously disappears, Cengiz starts asking too many questions and Eyşan makes a life-changing decision.

  • Ezel asks Ali to join forces with him against Cengiz. A piece of jewelry triggers a flashback that leads Cengiz to a horrifying realization.

  • Cengiz suspects Eyşan is cheating on him and follows her. Ali persuades Şebnem to play hooky with him. Ezel tries to convince Eyşan to leave Cengiz.

  • Eren receives the package that Serdar mailed while making his escape. Ramiz gives Tevfik his next mission. Ezel hires Mert for the hotel project.

  • At the casino, Ezel and Cengiz literally put their darkest secrets on the table. Ali and Tevfik try to find Serdar before he can make his escape.

  • After getting the proof he needs to put away his old friends, Ezel must decide whether to continue with his vengeance or return home to his family.

  • Bahar tells Ezel about her upbringing. Mert figures out who betrayed mer. Tevfik learns of the videotape. Serdar tracks down Ezel's old taxi driver.

  • Eren steals a gun and goes to visit Mert. Ali and Serdar raid the home of Ezel's plastic surgeon. To find out who Serdar is, Tevfik picks his pocket.

  • After learning Ezel had a second mentor, Serdar and Ali pay her a visit. Mert meets with troubled orphan Eren. Eyan relives a moment from her past.

  • Tevfik recalls his original crime. Ezel gets Ali to work for him without knowing it. Serdar finds an informant with knowledge of Ezel's past.

  • Cengiz and his father-in-law plan to bait Ezel. Eyan's aunt calls Ezel's mother. Ali tries to flee Turkey. Eyan succumbs to her attraction to Ezel.

  • To save his own life, Cengiz negotiates with his father-in-law. A mission tests Tevfik's loyalties. A conflicted Ezel makes a confession to Eyan.

  • Bahar goes on an upsetting dinner date. Eyan reveals the depth of her hate for her husband. Ezel's sidekicks, ebnem and Kamil, are caught off guard.

  • Bahar accuses Ezel of breaking a promise. Cengiz scrambles to secure a multimillion-dollar loan in time for submitting a bid for the hotel project.

  • Ali misinterprets the surprise awaiting him at the casino. Eyan's father visits Cengiz with a demand. Ezel leads Eyan to make a shameful move.

  • Ezel's mother confronts him about his letter to Mert. Ezel asks Bahar to prove her love for him. Paranoia consumes Ali. Eyan salvages her pride.

  • Can steals the videotape. Mert changes his mind and publishes an article on mer. A haunting message leads Ali to believe he's been cursed.

  • Worried about her son's future, Eyan decides to introduce Can to mer's family. Can reveals to his grandfather that he saw what was on the videotape.

  • In order to protect Mert, Ezel makes a painful decision. Eyan follows a hunch about her husband. Mert takes a risk to investigate an anonymous tip.

  • Mert interviews a reluctant Cengiz, Eyan and Ali for his article. Afterward, Ezel and Ali accompany Mert on a fact-finding mission to the prison.

  • When Cengiz gets in trouble at a nightclub, Ezel's loyalties from his former life as mer are tested. Ezel has a heart-to-heart talk with Bahar.

  • Mert's plans for writing an article about mer put his life at risk. Eyan's father secretly develops a relationship with his grandson.

  • Cengiz remembers running a DNA test on his son in 2006. While seducing Bahar, Ezel feels conflicted. Cengiz catches Eyan taking birth control pills.

  • Ezel takes Bahar to an orphanage linked to his past. Ali recalls returning to work for Cengiz in 2006, and their love-hate relationship since then.

  • When Ali confronts Eyan for visiting her father, she fears the worst has happened to him. Ezel secretly visits his mother, but Mert catches him.

  • Cengiz and Ali take the bait that Ezel has dangled in front of them. A disturbing text message prompts Eyan to visit her father.

  • Ezel takes Eyan to a nostalgic place. Ali digs up dirt on Ezel's assistant, ebnem, and makes her an offer. Mert and his mother run into Eyan.

  • Ezel learns Bahar is hiding a secret, and finds a way to spend time with Ey?an. Unable to find any dirt on Ezel, Ali investigates his driver, Kamil.

  • Ezel selects a target. A newly released Ramiz recalls Ezel's failed attempt at getting revenge in 2005. Bahar steals some time alone with Ezel.

  • When Bahar suffers a health crisis, Ezel comes to her rescue. An unexpected stop during a road trip with Cengiz brings Ezel to his family's home.

  • In 2001, mer is mentored by fellow inmate Ramiz and gets a surprise visitor. Four years later, a riot allows him to escape his sentence and identity.

  • Back in 1997, an unlikely protector defends mer when he is targeted in prison, and Cengiz takes desperate measures to ensure Eyan stays with him.

  • Eyan's motivation for betraying mer 12 years earlier is revealed. Ezel learns Eyan's son has endangered himself and decides whether to intervene.

  • Eyan recalls her unusual upbringing by her father and his influence on her life choices and beliefs. Cengiz sizes up Ezel during a high-stakes game.

  • mer returns from military service and reunites with his friends, who betray him. Years later, under a new identity, he seeks them out to get revenge.

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