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On July 7th 2002 The Most Extreme was first aired on American Cable TV. The show was made by Natural History, New Zealand. Narrated by Adam Harrington, it featured ten different animals depicting a certain characteristic on each new show. These characteristics included such things as weirdest, smallest, loudest, most horrific and fastest to name only a few. The animals that displayed the most extreme of these characteristics were featured on the show in a countdown type style from least to greatest. The animals involved were only given a casual depiction for entertainment purposes, not backed by actual scientific evidence.

Some example episodes included 'the most horrific' animal, 'the best lovers', and an 'oddities' episode that compared the animals with their human equivalents.

Not only were the most extreme animals of each characteristic depicted, they were compared to how the animal's ability would transcribe itself in a human using digital images of the ability. Comparisons in this way were safer in that they could not be done side by side with the animal itself. The episode was sometimes followed by a person said to of had the same abilities as the animal such as hearing, jumping, running etc.

The Most Extreme appeals to a wide variety of audiences giving a more 'human' view into the abilities and characteristics of an animal. In other words, it puts information into a format easily identified with as a human being. Its interest expands to those who have a great interest in science. To appeal to the humorous side The Most Extreme often used 'B' class movies to scientifically explain certain characteristics in easier to understand layman's terms.

The Most Extreme ended its series on February 1, 2008 but if you are looking to find out some odd, entertaining information on animals, The Most Extreme will not disappoint in this form. Animals are as unique as humans and The Most Extreme offers an up close look at their amazing abilities.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
5 Seasons, 94 Episodes
July 7, 2002
Documentary & Biography, Nature
Cast: Adam J. Harrington
The Most Extreme

The Most Extreme Full Episode Guide

  • A look inside the animal world at unusual relationships formed including a goby fish, which serves as a security for shrimp. Also, more examples featuring animals and humans.

  • A look at the mating habits and courtship rituals of animals, including burying beetles, elephants and scorpions.

  • An observation is made of the instinctive behavior for baby animals, including giraffes, Weddell seals, scorpions and ducks.

  • The Top 10 'gourmets' of the animal kingdom, the creatures that prepare the best food or most complex meals for themselves, are examined.

  • Counting down the Top 10 animals that can dramatically change their appearance.

  • A Top 10 list of the most extreme dirty jobs in the animal kingdom.

  • The Top 10 myths about animals are explored, including the blindness of bats and tears of crocodiles.

  • The Top 10 slimiest animals are counted down.

  • The Top 10 hardest working creatures in the animal kingdom are counted down.

  • The Top 10 urban animals include bats, vultures, monkeys, crocodiles and hawks.

  • Animals with unusual appendages include chameleons, snails and moles.

  • Air-breathing animals that can spend extended periods of time under water are examined. Included: elephants; dugongs; water spiders.

  • A Top 10 list of animals that feign death.

  • A Top 10 list of angry animals throwing tantrums includes shrews, honey badgers, rhinos, Tasmanian devils, llamas and elephants.

  • The Top 10 psychics of the animal kingdom.

  • The Top 10 animal gadgeteers include sea otters, capuchin monkeys, orangutans, digger wasps, elephants and chimpanzees.

  • The Top 10 hoarders of the animal kingdom, and their strange collections, including stockpiles of snail shells, spiders and moose droppings.

  • The Top 10 wingless flying animals are examined, including creatures that glide with their feet, ribs and stomachs.

  • The Top 10 animals that medicate themselves are examined. Included: parrots that eat clay to neutralize plant toxins; wallaby milk that is full of antibiotics.

  • A countdown of the Top 10 animal leaders includes the one with the most followers.

  • Animals that generate their own light are examined.

  • The fifth season begins with a Top 10 list of inventive animals that includes squid and beetles.

  • The Top 10 animal ancestors are counted down. Included: giant sharks and birds.

  • A look at insects and animals that survive by living off of others.

  • A look at the way animals steal from others, including disguising themselves from their prey.

  • A look into the cleaning habits of animals, from grooming before a meal to after they have finished eating.

  • Defense and attack are vital for the life in the forest. Some animals use traditional methods, such as biting, venom or using their claws. However, there are some creatures that have strange defense methods, such as launching acid. In this episode, we will see the animals that use the weirdest weapons.

  • Digging is a very useful skill in the animal kingdom. It's used by a lot of animals. For example, the dogs dig a hole to bury some bones, some birds dig in a cliff to put their eggs and some insects dig into the trees and the ground to find food and a home. In this episode, we will see the best diggers of the world.

  • Most animals like the lions, spiders, giraffes, ants and a lot of other creatures eat their food as they find it. Lions, for example, eat the animal they killed without doing anything to it; they don't even cut the meat before biting and eating it. However, there are other animals that elaborate their food; they are the gourmets of the animal kingdom. In this episode, we will see the countdown of the ten best gourmets and we will compare them to the human chefs.

  • There are a lot of myths around animals, such as the myth that says that camels carry water in their backs. In this episode, we will see the countdown of the animals with the biggest, more famous myths, and we will see what's the truth about them.

  • In this episode we will see the countdown of the ten slimiest animals.

  • Some animals have to work a lot for a lot of reasons, including getting food, building their houses and protecting the babies' life. In this episode, we will see the busiest animals, those who work all the day and/or night to get what they want or need.

  • The humans have built bigger cities and the animal's habitats have been reduced. A lot of animals die when a city grows in size, but some of them get adapted. In this episode, we will see the countdown of the animals which are more adapted to the life in the big cities of the world.

  • Some animals like the frog experience a complete transformation during their life as part of their life cycle. In this episode, we will see the animals that experience the biggest transformations; those who are completely different when they are adults.

  • Some animals have strange appendages which are really useful and sometimes they are needed to survive. Those appendages are usually used to get food, to fight or to get the attention of other animals. In this episode, we will see the animals that have the strangest appendages.

  • There are animals that make a lot of loud sounds to get certain things, such as intimidate their enemies or communicate with other animals. In this episode, we will see the animals that make the loudest sounds.

  • Some animals need strange diets to survive since they have strange characteristics. In this episode we will see the animals that have the strangest diets and we'll also see why do they need them.

  • Diving is something essential to the animals that live in the sea. If an animal can't dive well, it will die. It's also important to be able to stay a long time under the water, particularly for the animals that go to the deep sea. In this episode, we will see the countdown of the animals with the best diving skills.

  • Some animals get very angry when they are disturbed. In this episode we will see the animals that get really angry when they aren't comfortable with a situation.

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