Film School

Friday 10:30 PM et/pt on IFC
1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 10, 2004
Cast: Alrick Brown, Marc Forster, Amy Heckerling, Marquette Jones
Film School

Film School Full Episode Guide

  • With their respective films in the can, Vincenzo, Leah and Alrick brace themselves for feedback from an important audience -- their professors. Later, they premiere their movies on the big screen and field reactions from their peers and the public.

  • As Vincenzo puts the finishing touches on his film, Alrick won't be satisfied until he reshoots his opening sequence.

  • With the film festival just three weeks away, Vincenzo is already editing but wishes he had more money for sound mixing.

  • With just six days left before the first day of shooting, Leah still doesn't have a camera and is frustrated with the pressures of being a producer. Meanwhile, Vincenzo blows a fuse in front of his crew, and Alrick is caught filming without a permit.

  • The film school students hit their stride when Vincenzo and Alrick begin shooting their respective movies, but Vincenzo's crew doesn't really understand his vision -- and Alrick's crew is plain nervous.

  • Growing increasingly frustrated with Jennifer, Vincenzo forges ahead without a production crew while Leah and Alrick begin considering actors for the lead roles in their respective films.

  • It's a critical time for Alrick, who's begun putting his budget on a credit card and is already butting heads with his director of photography. Elsewhere, Vincenzo scrambles for investors and pesters Jennifer with frantic phone calls.

  • Striking out with traditional methods, Alrick decides to hold a fundraiser with a cheeky twist to finance his movie -- a kissing booth. Meanwhile, Barbara finds out someone close to her has died, and Vincenzo completes his search for a producer.

  • Faced with the realities of a looming casting deadline, Barbara searches frantically for a monkey with star quality. Meanwhile, Vincenzo hits the streets to find the right actors for his fledgling project.

  • In the series premiere, a group of New York University film students begin work on open casting and script critiques for their graduate theses -- 10-minute featurettes.

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