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In this real estate series, veteran property investor Egypt Sherrod coaches new home flippers through successful home investment deals. The show follows Sherrod as she helps flippers choose properties, plan renovations, and work to make a profit.Flipping Virgins is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 2015.

Flipping Virgins is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flipping Virgins on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 26 Episodes
September 15, 2015
Documentary & Biography, Kids & Family, Reality
Cast: Egypt Sherrod
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Flipping Virgins Full Episode Guide

  • Egypt helps two sisters who aren't afraid of hard work take on an Atlanta flip with a nasty surprise that delays the project.

  • Egypt and her husband Mike help an Atlanta family turn an unlisted duplex into a profitable single-family home.

  • A mother-daughter duo tackles their first-ever flip with plans to donate the proceeds to a cause that's close to their hearts, schoolchildren in their native Nigeria.

  • A couple of teachers want to supplement their income by flipping homes, and they've invested their life savings to make it happen.

  • Egypt Sherrod helps parents-to-be tackle their first-ever flip.

  • Egypt provides a master class in sweat equity for a father-daughter duo determined to transform a modest nest egg into a handsome profit that will pad her children's college fund.

  • Egypt helps a couple look past the junk and see the profit potential in their first-ever flip project -- a disastrous bungalow they hope to turn into a showpiece.

  • Egypt Sherrod puts her own money on the line to help a couple of design-savvy friends flip a ramshackle gem in a rundown Atlanta neighborhood.

  • A woman is ready to leave her family's business to start flipping houses and her mother is prepared to roll up her sleeves to help make it happen. Egypt Sherrod steps in with a plan to trade sweat equity for maximum profit.

  • A couple looks to flip a tired Atlanta property to raise funds for their own forever home. While he's prepared to get dirty, she wants to earn a maximum profit with minimal sweat equity. Realtor Egypt Sherrod steps in to guide them through the process so they can transform a dingy duplex into a dazzling single-family home.

  • A couple with three kids under five just moved from California to Atlanta and wants to take on their first-ever flip. Realtor Egypt Sherrod helps them find a dated property with profit potential and seals the deal well below asking. However, when a the renovation hits a snag, the couple must put in sweat equity to help rein in the budget.

  • An Atlanta couple puts their life savings on the line for a fixer-upper with big profit potential. Egypt Sherrod attempts to get the couple to see past the ugly in a potential flip.

  • A couple of first-time flippers driven by their desire to max out their income are enthusiastic about diving into their first project.

  • Best friends Brent and Patrick have been talking about flipping a house for years, and need help to prevent them from making costly mistakes that could cost them their lifelong friendship.

  • First-time flippers Bonnie and Drew want in on Atlanta's hopping real estate market, and Egypt Sherrod tells them to act quickly.

  • First-time flippers gamble their life savings on a neglected rental.

  • Hoping to cash in on Atlanta's red-hot real estate market, Denise and Ryan are determined to flip their first home, and they are even prepared to reinvest the proceeds to launch a flipping business.

  • Best friends gamble everything -- including their friendship -- on a historic Atlanta home with potential for huge profit.

  • Egypt Sherrod steps in to help an Atlanta couple keep their first house flip on track. Just when she thinks she's making real progress, Egypt uncovers a major curve ball that threatens to put the entire project in the red.

  • Faith and Hasone want to subsidize their family income with a flip and insist on seeing low-priced properties. Realtor and flipping expert Egypt Sherrod warns that a humble price tag could carry costly surprises down the line.

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