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Forces of Nature is a documentary series that first aired in 2004. The series looks at three of the most powerful natural forces in the world. This includes such things as volcanos, tsunamis, and earthquakes. The series examines what causes these destructive events to happen, and what kinds of impact they can have if they come up against man. The series goes through the history of these forces, and examines some of the most destructive events. Each episode also looks at situations where the forces have recently happened, and attempts to show persons how scientists are continuing to research how to mitigate the effects of such.

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Forces of Nature Full Episode Guide

  • Learn how we experience the consequences of natural forces that keep Earth on the move.

  • Professor Brian Cox shows how Earth's basic ingredients are the building blocks of life.

  • Professor Brian Cox follows the Earth's epic journey though space.

  • Mother Nature has a way of using its power and majesty over humans with earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, rain, snow and hail. Natural wonders and disasters are documented in all their danger and glory.

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