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The new season of Garage Gold premiers this fall on the DIY network. The show features the Garage Brothers featuring Kraig Bantle and his crew from their family business in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Garage Brothers offer to clean out cluttered and over stuffed garages, attics and basements free of charge and in return they get to keep the items that they remove. Mike, the chief appraiser of the Garage Brothers, must inventory all the items that they find in order to determine if they have struck gold. . Once the Garage Brothers have reorganized and cleaned out the garage, they will help convert the space into a livable room. This will be the second season of the DIY reality series Garage Gold. Kraig and the Garage Brothers have been cleaning out and reorganizing garages for many years and there is always hope that the next garage will reveal the buried treasure that they have been looking for. The Garage Brothers keep the earth green and clean by recycling plastics, cardboard and scrap metal. They donate many of the items to charity and sell the majority of what they find in their business and online.

Garage Gold is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2013.

Where do I stream Garage Gold online? Garage Gold is available for streaming on DIY, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Garage Gold on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Saturday 7:00 PM et/pt on DIY
6 Seasons, 77 Episodes
April 6, 2013
Home & Garden
Cast: Kraig Bantle, Rusty Cage
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Garage Gold Full Episode Guide

  • Kraig and team head to the United Kingdom to dig through a garage full of British antiques and find some of their coolest discoveries to date, including items older than the United States and articles from the Great War.

  • Kraig and his team are in the United Kingdom and uncover relics from the Great War. Some of these items are over 100 years old and are worth $4,000.

  • Sparks fly when Kraig picks up a free job and comes across a shocking invention fit for a mad scientist and an enormous remote control airplane.

  • Kraig takes on a basement that hasn't been emptied in over 80 years and finds an assortment of relics that are so old and bizarre, it's difficult to determine their origin, but result in incredible earnings for Kraig and his team.

  • Kraig and crew find a Lionel train set that might be worth up to $250,000, a vintage Barbie playhouse, an Austin Healey roadster and a Yankee Clipper. But a set of vintage hubcaps surprises Kraig when he discovers their value.

  • Kraig dives into a small space and comes out with huge findings like a vintage Coke machine potentially worth thousands and collectible professional sports pennants from teams that no longer exist.

  • Kraig Bantle's hoping to turn a hefty profit on some truly iconic discoveries like an item salvaged from the Titanic, KISS Army action figures with a shockingly unexpected value and a research microscope used by Kodak.

  • Kraig and team clean out a garage full of antiques and sports paraphernalia. They find a variety of cool items worth big bucks like firefighter gear, a Victrola talking machine, the Millennium Falcon and signed hockey memorabilia.

  • The Garage Brothers discover some seriously strange stuff: dogs dressed like humans, a two-player pinball machine, a condominium designed for chickens and a William Wegman photograph that could be worth thousands.

  • Ten rooms filled with a wild array of items have something for everyone, including china crafted from bone, a giant bunny and some strange dolls. But a gold-leafed copy of the Constitution might make this a historic job.

  • The promise of century-year-old items lures Kraig Bantle into a garage stuffed with historical discoveries. Two potentially antique swords from Toledo, Spain might be worth a small fortune, but the crew is nearly speechless when they uncover artwork signed by Andy Warhol.

  • Kraig Bantle and his crew are surprised by a never-before-seen find - two boxes full of exotic insects. Rare vintage Transformers keep things on track, and a trip to an expert appraiser leads to a place where Kraig never expected to find himself.

  • A glove signed by Muhammad Ali might set a record, but only if it's real.

  • A full garage holds many items from the past, including a D-Day-themed game, a child's toy that was the inspiration to a horror franchise and an undetermined instrument that my be worth a lot of money. The team transforms the space into a homebrewer's dream garage.

  • Kraig cleans out a fireman's garage filled with surefire sellers and smoking discoveries. But the job really heats up when the guys discover a 100-year-old plaque that leads to the ride of their lives.

  • The crew discovers Happy Days memorabilia and a trillion dollar bill. They also cash in on some old Nintendo and Fisher-Price toys, Ron gets locked in a rabbit coupe and Kraig hits the pavement in a lightning-fast race car.

  • The gang cracks open a locked container and make a horrifying discovery.

  • This job includes a basement full of magic tricks and explosives. Kraig finds a first edition comic book, and the overall expert appraisal will blow your mind.

  • This job includes a gurney, a mannequin, a mirror from 1896, century old medicine and a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen.

  • Kraig and his team find a knife made from buffalo bones and an ivory box that could be worth a lot. They also discover propaganda posters produced to provoke riots.

  • Kraig finds item's he has never found before, some are a 300 plus year-old bible and an antique toaster.

  • Kraig finds some valuable things while cleaning out a small shed. He finds the RMS Titanic, a vintage G.I. Joe and a 20-dollar gold coin that could have a value more than $100,000.

  • The Garage Brothers work a hard job and discover the largest vintage sign they've ever found, an amethyst crystal egg and a popular wizard's memorabilia.

  • Some unexpected treasures are discovered in a small garage. Including: JFK presidential campaign memorabilia; and unique and valuable Christmas tree ornaments.

  • The team work on a garage packed with vintage video games, old comic books and toys, and a full-sized arcade game.

  • Kraig finds thousand-dollar items in a Texas-sized mess.