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Ghost Hunters International is a reality-type television show that follows a team of paranormal researchers across the globe on their mission to gather evidence or debunk claims of ghosts and spirits. This show is a spinoff of the original series that followed a team of adventurers across locations in the United States; therefore, the international theme allows exploration of some of the more exotic locations around the globe.

Each episode follows a set formula. Initially viewers are presented with a short background of the location to be investigated, and then a camera crew films the team setting up their various cameras that will be used in the ghost hunt. Once the overview and setup are complete, the series then follows Barry, Kris, Paul, Susan, and Joe as they explore the location trying to make contact with the paranormal. Upon completion of the investigation, the team dissects any evidence caught in order to present it to the client.

Because of the international element, locations like castles, hotels, old forts, and even jungles are featured regularly. The team uses a variety of technological equipment in their search to support or disprove claims. The cast regularly takes a step back to analyze what exactly could be causing that phantom sound, which means they do not first jump on paranormal.

While Ghost Hunters International is primarily seeking evidence of ghosts and other paranormal entities, the series is as much about looking for open doors that cause vacuums, creaking floors, and the play of light along windows that could cause some sort of phenomenon that tricks people into thinking they are experiencing something out of the normal.

Many times there is an explanation for the claims at a given location, but often the team is left with no other option but to brand an experience paranormal. However, instead of just slapping a haunted tag on a site, the team uses experience, analysis, and even attempts to repeat experiences before making a classification. That formula makes the show entertaining, and even a bit informative.

Ghost Hunters International is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2008.

Where do I stream Ghost Hunters International online? Ghost Hunters International is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ghost Hunters International on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Peacock online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
3 Seasons, 62 Episodes
January 9, 2008
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Barry Fitzgerald, Robb Demarest, Joe Chin, Paul Bradford
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Ghost Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • In the third season finale, the team investigates Lower Fort Garry in Winnipeg and British Columbia's Hell's Gate.

  • The team investigates the Belgian fortress of Antwerp and a 16th-century Italian villa.

  • The team heads to American Samoa to investigate an abandoned all girls' school where claims that the spirit of the Samoan Chief possessed and killed schoolgirls.

  • The team heads to San Ignacio, Belize to help a man who is being tormented by spirits haunting the Mayan Ruins of Cahal Pech. He believes they may be following him home.

  • Ghost Hunters International investigates the Actun Tunichil Muknal Caves in San Ignacio, Belize and Chateau De Fougeret in Queaux, France.

  • Ghost Hunters International investigates Italy's Fort of Fenestrelle.

  • Ghost Hunters International investigates claims of paranormal activity and legends of a magical stone in Peru's Chavin ruins.

  • Ghost Hunters International visits New Zealand's Napier Prison.

  • Barry and his team investigate the Isle of Man's Rushen Castle and New Zealand's Riccarton Racecourse Hotel.

  • The team heads to Britain in search of a she-wolf.

  • Barry heads back to Northern Ireland to investigate the former Limavady Workhouse, which was later converted into the Roe Valley Hospital before closing in 1997. GHI also visits Spike Island, also known as Ireland's Alcatraz.

  • GHI investigates a former leper colony on Trinidad's Chacachacare Island. Then they fly to Argentina to look into the claims of paranormal activity said to be caused by the ghosts of four murdered workers at a meat packing plant.

  • In the season finale, the GHI team heads to Puerto Rico: El Morro, to investigate claims that a fotress from the 16th century, and Teatro Tapia, a 19th century theater are haunted.

  • Ghost Hunters International heads to Scotland to investigate a pair of haunted locations, the Inveraray Jail and the Usher Hall Opera House.

  • GHI checks out Serbia's Petrovaradin Fortress.

  • The team investigates the Huissen House of Horror in the Netherlands and the Ijmuiden Fortress.

  • The GHI team investigate the Castle of Nuremberg, where the a knight's unfaithful wife may still walk and call out to the living.

  • The GHI team go behind the former Iron Curtain to investigate Ukraine's Pidhirtsi Castle and Poland's Reszel Castle.

  • The GHI team, now led by Barry Fitzgerald and including former Ghost Hunters alumni Kris Williams and Britt Griffith, travel to Denmark to investigate Kronborg castle. In its time, it has been a military stronghold to control the Baltic Sea, the conquered prize of the Swedes, and a prison.

  • The team heads to Honduras to visit a fortress that was once attacked by the pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Joe Chin returns to assist GHI as they investigate a Nicaraguan Fortress.

  • The team travels to Norway, where they seek to discover the truth of a legendary White Lady stained by murder.

  • The GHI team ventures to Costa Rica and investigates the San Lucas Penitentiary, an abandoned 19th century prison known as 'The Alcatraz' of Central America.

  • The team investigates a Tasmanian courthouse with a deep connection to death.

  • GHI investigates the ruins of the Port Arthur Penal Colony in Tasmania, Australia. From 1830-1870, Port Arthur was the place they called "hell on earth," where the convicts of a past era lived and died. With its history of hardship and death, it is no wonder that the grounds and ruins of the Port Arthur convict penitentiary are haunted by multiple apparitions and strange occurrences. Strangers from around the world report shockingly similar claims of seeing the same apparitions. Common claims include jail cells with disembodied screams, empty rocking chairs that move, and strange footprints and glowing mists.

  • The GHI team ventures to Sydney, Australia and visits the Quarantine Station -- named Australia's most haunted area. Its reputation as a haunted site has been reinforced by numerous accounts of people who faced paranormal experiences in the Station to this day. From 1828 until 1984, migrant ships with passengers carrying infectious diseases were sent to Quarantine. The sick were sent to the hospital; those who had been in close contact with the sick were sent into isolation; and the well were sent to lodgings according to social class. Some stayed a week, others for months. Some reported truly appalling conditions with a sense of misery, wretchedness and disease present everywhere. Visitors today have reported disembodied patients, doctors and nurses.

  • The new Ghost Hunters International episode, "Silver Shadow", has the GHI TAPS team jetting off to Argentina for a Ghost Hunters investigation at the world famous Eden Hotel, which has played host to such famous guests as Albert Einstein and the Prince of Wales. The "Silver Shadow" Ghost Hunters International investigation will help the hotel staff deal with the creepy apparitions and paranormal activity that have dogged the inn for years.After their stay at the Eden Hotel, the Ghost Hunters International team is off to Australia to visit the Monte Cristo Homestead, where many bizarre incidents have been reported although the current owners who bought the property in 1963 had no idea of the property's checkered past.

  • The team investigates the rumors of hauntings at the Gran Hotel Viena in Miramar, Argentina, which was once the secret residence of many Nazi war criminals.

  • The GHI team is bound for South America and arrive in Chile for their first investigation of the El Bosque City Hall. The famed city hall was once a retirement home for Catholic priests and also served as a house of detention for the secret police during the reign of Augusto Pinochet. As these 'real-life ghost hunters' try to uncover truth or fiction they'll soon discover that certain members of their team are about to face some ghostly behavior. Tech Specialist Paul Bradford is touched on his head in the former torture chamber, while Barry spots a shadow that could be the deceased Father Juan. The team will also arrive in the city of Valparaiso to investigate the Santiago Severin Library, where the librarians are hearing noises they can't "shush" away.

  • Ghost Hunters International returns to Italy to investigate the Tuscan castle of Malaspina and its 700 year old legend of the doomed lover Bianca Maria Aloisia. Ashley gets the shock of her life when she sees a face that could be Bianca's. Also, Robb gets disinvited from the castle by an occupant who has been dead for some time. Then, the team travels to Genoa to investigate the Palazzo Ducale, home to the city's doges and their prisoners. When the team searches the cells for the spirit of a political martyr, they get a bump in the night that seems paranormal - but is the city itself responsible for its palace's haunted reputation?

  • GHI's first trip to Austria brings them to a five hundred year old torture chamber; the investigation of a royal palace is part ghost hunt, part treasure hunt.

  • Back in the Czech Republic, Ghost Hunters International investigates a castle reputed to have been built over the gate to Hell.

  • GHI investigates the bones of a Catholic saint in the Czech Republic; the ghost of a landlord refuses to be exorcized in Northern Ireland.

  • The team probes an 18th-century prison in Wicklow, Ireland for paranormal activity.

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