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In this crime drama, a Hungarian businessman has made a successful career by being an under-the-radar criminal. When his father dies, he decides to make the family business legitimate and live a life inside the law. Unfortunately, going straight is never easy, especially when your business partners don't want you to.

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
August 1, 2018
Cast: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Eszter Ónodi, Renátó Olasz, Laura Döbrösi
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Golden Life Full Episode Guide

  • HD. 'Well-Chosen Targets Lead to Success.' Season Two Finale. Janka inherits Endre's empire, with a stronger Attila by her side.

  • HD. 'A Killing Makes up for All the Set-Backs.' (Season Two) Mira and Zebegenyi figure out how all the pieces fit.

  • HD. 'Before You Can Score, You've Got to Know the Score.' (Season Two) Endre is arrested on a trumped-up charge.

  • HD. 'Having the Right Stuff Is No Guarantee of Results.' (Season Two) Mira conspires with the police to incriminate Endre as payback.

  • HD. 'For the Real Deal, Think Win-Win.' (Season Two) With Janka's help, Mira is able to give her friend a proper send-off.

  • HD. 'Smart Risks Offer Security.' (Season Two) Janka leaves Attila for Endre and takes the kids with her. Feri exerts covert pressure on Endre.

  • HD. 'Adapt Your Tactics to the Circumstances.' (Season Two) Mira is jailed for an impulsive act of vandalism.

  • HD. 'Complex Goals = Lasting Success.' Season Two Premiere. The Miklosis have gone straight: Attila is a security guard, Janka sells cosmetics.

  • Season One Finale. When a situation goes south, Mark and Attila team up to save themselves. Meanwhile, Janka must choose between her lover and her family. Is blood really thicker than water for the Miklosis?

  • Attila confronts Endre but faces a tough choice as to how to avenge his son. Mark is arrested and pressured to give up Endre. Mira plans to go abroad; Janka lives the life of her dreams.

  • Mark is expelled from school. Mira gets even with her boss. Janka finds the money to pay off the renegotiated debt and leaves Attila for her lover. Attila is approached by a rival gangster who wants him to turn on Endre.

  • Mira wakes up in detox. Attila gets looses more money while doing a job for Endre. Janka decides it's time to find a new man. Mark confesses his thievery to Endre, who shows him what happens to those who double-cross him.

  • Attila loses all his cash in one of Tibor's schemes and goes back to a life of crime. Mira is in over her head in the adult world. Mark's free-spending brings trouble to his door.

  • Mira decides to rebels against her parents' criminal lifestyle. Attila wants to change but Janka's demands prove an obstacle to that change. Mark drives a getaway car for gangster Endre Hollos and he sneaks off with a bag of stolen money after a crash.

  • HD. Series premiere. After a particularly bad day, a con man decides to quit his criminal life and go straight.

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