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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Golf Tips from uStudio is a popular television show that gives viewers insightful tips and strategies on how to improve their golf game. This show is perfect for beginners who need advice on how to get started with golf or for experienced golfers who would like to take their game to the next level.

Each episode features different segments that focus on different aspects of the golf game. The first segment, titled "The Basics," covers the fundamentals of the game, including grip, stance, and swing. In this segment, viewers can learn how to properly hold a golf club and how to stand when making a shot. This segment is especially helpful for those who are just starting out with golf and want to learn the basics.

The second segment, titled "General Tips," covers a variety of tips and tricks that can help improve a golfer's game. This segment includes everything from how to improve one's putting skills to how to hit a ball out of the rough. Viewers can learn how to select the right club for a particular shot or how to adjust their swing to produce more distance.

The show also features a "Pro Tips" segment in which professional golfers share their own tips and tricks. These segments are especially interesting for viewers who want to learn from the pros and get an inside look at how they approach the game.

Another segment of the show focuses on fitness and conditioning for golfers. This segment is especially important for those who want to improve their overall physical fitness so that they can perform better on the golf course. Viewers can learn about exercises and training programs that are tailored to golfers, as well as how to take care of their bodies before, during, and after a game.

One of the unique aspects of Golf Tips from uStudio is its focus on technology and innovation in the golf world. Viewers can learn about the latest equipment and technology that is being used by professional golfers and how it can help improve their game. This segment is especially interesting for viewers who are interested in the latest advancements in golf equipment and want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

In addition to the main segments, each episode also features a "Viewer Questions" segment in which the hosts answer questions from viewers. This segment is especially helpful for those who have specific questions about their golf game and want expert advice.

Overall, Golf Tips from uStudio is an informative and entertaining show that is perfect for golfers at all levels. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn the basics or an experienced golfer who wants to improve your game, this show has something for everyone. With its focus on technology, fitness, and expert advice, Golf Tips from uStudio is a must-watch for any golf enthusiast.

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Fade A Driver
24. Fade A Driver
It's not such a long shot to hit like the best. In this professional golf tutorial, Joe Beck sheds light on a difficult drive technique.
Iron Cut Shot
23. Iron Cut Shot
Do you need to bring the ball in from the side? The only way to make this happen is to cut it. Professional golf instructor Joe Beck shows how it's done.
Hitting Out Of The Rough
22. Hitting Out Of The Rough
You've landed in the rough. Don't fret. Take Joe's advice and get outta there! It happens to every golfer at some point in their game, but there's a way to get out fast and not risk the rest of your round. Even Joe knows the stuck-in-the-rough blues!
Short Simple Wedge
21. Short Simple Wedge
At about 50 yards, this shot is pretty easy but is good to have in your arsenal. Watch Joe as he breaks down the main points and shows you how to improve your game in the short run.
Downhill Lie
20. Downhill Lie
Check out Joe's answer to an uneven lie down a hill. You're gonna want to hit it lower and longer, but you're also gonna want to listen up to Joe's pointers on how to do just that!
Knockdown Shot
19. Knockdown Shot
Joe shows off a very unique and helpful shot in this episode of Golf Tips. This low shot, into the wind, keeps the ball low and in control.
Upslope Lie
18. Upslope Lie
If you're on the upslope of an uneven lie, you're gonna want to follow Joe's advice. After showing what NOT to do, Joe demonstrates the correct form and follow through to get your shot as close as possible to its destination.
Long Putt
17. Long Putt
For putts over 25 feet you want to work on some of Joe's pointers. Use these professional golfing instructions and visualize making that putt. You'll be sinking them from far away in no time!
Hook Shot
16. Hook Shot
One of the toughest shots to master, yet Joe has it in the bag. You can too. With some simple pointers, Joe relays how to take aim and curve the ball over to where you want it to go. Comes in handy in the face of obstacles and oddly shaped courses.
Hitting Out Of A Divot
15. Hitting Out Of A Divot
Don't panic, Joe will get you out of a divot. Putting a few important pointers into practice can help you avoid getting stuck in these common golf course annoyances.
Plugged Bunker
14. Plugged Bunker
Did you land in the bunker? Don't despair, Joe Beck will get you out. It's easier than you might think, there's just a few common mistakes you must avoid to get back on to the green.
Wedge Putt
13. Wedge Putt
Joe kicks off a new season with some important tips. If you find yourself on the putting green, right at the fringe, you don't want to hit it wrong. You could putt, chip, or blade it. You're gonna want to blade it.
Long Chip
12. Long Chip
Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to hit a long chip and get the ball close to the hole. Joe helps viewers select the right stance and correct amount of loft to complete this shot.
Punch Shot
11. Punch Shot
Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to successfully complete a punch shot. Joe helps viewers select the right iron and the correct amount of loft to use for this shot.
Short Chip
10. Short Chip
Joe describes how to maneuver high grass with the correct ball position, stance, and angle of your club staff to make the perfect short chip shot.
Rockport Stinger
9. Rockport Stinger
Learn the correct technique for the Rockport Stinger! From setup to shoulder position, Joe explains how to master this unique shot.
Hitting With a Hybrid
8. Hitting With a Hybrid
In this episode, Joe explains the advantages of the hybrid club and why it makes other clubs obsolete, as well as the right technique to use.
Fairway Metal
7. Fairway Metal
Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to hit a fairway metal, with examples of common mistakes amateurs make and how to correct them
Flop Shot
6. Flop Shot
From stance, swing, rotation speed and ball set up, learn how to make the perfect flop shot.
The Iron Tee Shot
5. The Iron Tee Shot
Learn how to master a mid iron on a par three -- how to hit down on the ball, how much to tee up the ball, and how to make a perfect divot for this shot.
Circle Of Friendship
4. Circle Of Friendship
In this episode, Joe Beck teaches you how to successfully sink that four foot putt, or what Joe calls the circle of friendship
Bump and Run
3. Bump and Run
In this episode, host Joe Beck teaches you how to complete one of the most important shots -- the bump and run -- by reviewing common mistakes players make and how to correct them.
2. Bunker
In this episode, host Joe Beck teaches you how to maneuver out of a steep bunker- from club selection to ball position and stance.
The Driver: How to Hit It Long
1. The Driver: How to Hit It Long
Host Joe Beck teaches you how to improve your drive from grip placement to swing technique.