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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Goofy Gophers is an animated television series that aired on Boomerang. The show is a classic comedy series that is perfect for all ages. The show was first aired in the 1940s, and it has been entertaining audiences ever since. The show is about two gophers named Mac and Tosh. Mac is a brown gopher, and Tosh is a black gopher. They are always dressed in gentlemanly attire and have a refined way of speaking. Both of them are clever and quick-witted, and they are always trying to outsmart each other. Mac and Tosh are constantly getting into all sorts of misadventures, and they are always getting into trouble with one another.

The show has a unique charm and comedy style that is different from other cartoons of its time. The show's humor is very subtle and witty, which makes it stand out from other cartoons. The show is also well-liked because of its high-quality animation and the character designs.

The show is popular for its great characters, including Mac and Tosh. Despite being rivals, both characters are very likable and funny. They have a great dynamic, and audiences are always rooting for one or the other. The show's other characters are also very entertaining. They all have their unique qualities and quirks that make them stand out.

The show's writing is also fantastic. The show's writers have created a world full of humor and happiness. The characters' dialogue is witty and well-written, which adds to the overall charm of the show. The show's storylines are always engaging, and audiences are always left guessing about what will happen next.

The animation in the show is also very well-done. The show uses bright colors and smooth animation, which makes it visually pleasing to watch. The characters' movements are also very natural and fluid, which makes the show feel more realistic.

The show's music is also very memorable. The show's theme song is catchy and fun to sing along to. The music in the show is always well-chosen, and it helps to set the mood for each episode.

The show's humor is one of its most significant strengths. The show's humor is never crude, and it is always funny. The show's humor is also very relatable. Even though the show is about gophers, its themes and jokes are universal.

The show's episodes are usually short, which makes them easy to watch. The show's runtime is around five minutes per episode, which makes it perfect for a quick laugh. The show is also very family-friendly. There is no violence or any inappropriate content in the show, which makes it ideal for kids.

The show's popularity has led to merchandise being created, including toys, clothing, and other items. This merchandise has been popular with fans of the show, and it has helped to keep the show's memory alive.

In conclusion, Goofy Gophers is an excellent show that has stood the test of time. The show's humor, characters, and animation are all top-notch. The show's subtle humor is something that is missing from many cartoons today. The show's short runtime and family-friendly content make it perfect for all ages. Goofy Gophers is a must-watch for all fans of classic cartoons.

Goofy Gophers is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2017.

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The Goofy Gophers
9. The Goofy Gophers
April 11, 2017
A watchdog guarding a vegetable patch spots the Goofy Gophers stocking up on food. He has to stop them but he gets a shovel in the face, a pumpkin on his head and a hot foot.
Tease For Two
8. Tease For Two
April 11, 2017
Daffy Duck rides out to the woods looking for gold, but finds the Goofy Gophers instead. According to Daffy's map, the Gophers are living on a gold mine,and he tries various methods to get them out.
Pests for Guests
7. Pests for Guests
April 11, 2017
The new chest Elmer bought for his bedroom has been taken over by gophers. The gophers rigged up a system so their nuts are stored in the chest. Elmer, furious at this discovery tries to make the gophers leave, but he has no luck.
Gopher Broke
6. Gopher Broke
April 11, 2017
The Goofy Gophers get their vegetables taken from them when the farmer harvests them. A dog guards the harvest so the Gophers barrage him with their attacks.
A Ham in a Role
5. A Ham in a Role
April 11, 2017
A dog is tired of getting pies in the face and goes home to appreciate finer works. When he gets back he finds the Goofy Gophers sleeping in his books. They relate each gag to each line he reads from the fine texts.
A Bone for a Bone
4. A Bone for a Bone
April 11, 2017
The first goofy gopher cartoon that expresses their gentility over their goofiness, until a dog wants to bury his bone in their home.
Lumber Jerks
3. Lumber Jerks
April 11, 2017
As the Gophers prepare for winter their tree is moved to a saw mill. Their tree is made into furniture so they follow the delivery truck and take back everything that was made from their tree.
Two Gophers from Texas
2. Two Gophers from Texas
April 11, 2017
A dog is learning how to live in nature using a book, Life in the Woods. When he comes across the Goofy Gophers, he consults his book on how to catch them, but he's always just one step behind the gophers.
I Gopher You
1. I Gopher You
April 11, 2017
The Goofy Gophers are about to harvest their ripe looking vegetables when vandals confiscate the produce and truck it off to a food-processing plant.
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Goofy Gophers is available for streaming on the Boomerang website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Goofy Gophers on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    April 11, 2017