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The hilarious, heroic and mischievous Bugs Bunny you love is back. New Looney Tunes is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on . It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.9.

New Looney Tunes is available for streaming on the Boomerang website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch New Looney Tunes on demand at HBO Max, HBO GO online.

8 Seasons, 101 Episodes
Cast: Jeff Bergman, Dee Bradley Baker, Joshua Funk
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New Looney Tunes Full Episode Guide

  • King Bugs rules a vast and peaceful kingdom until an evil army led by Yosemite Sam overthrows him and casts him into a life of exile. Daffy and Porky set out across the treacherous landscape to brave the unknown.

  • When Old Man Montygrabs states his dear friend Bugs will inherit his mansion instead of his butler Leslie, he makes it his mission to destroy Bugs./ Foghorn teaches his chickens the art of karate until Taz shows up.

  • Tweety, leading a band of misfit renegades out of Granny's pet store, acts as a reluctant hero for those poor creatures that can't protect themselves.

  • When Porky's new neighbor Marvin attempts to blow up the earth, Daffy has to save the day./ When Bugs is mistaken for a wood fairy by Sir Littlechin, he opts to get rid of two bad guys at once.

  • Porky and Thes fight for the affection of the same woman...via song.

  • Dorlock Holmes is summoned once again to solve a mystery./ Leslie wants to be the #1 Grandpa to his grandkids Paul and Pampreen Perdy.

  • Granny leaves Tweety at a paint-your-own pottery store, so Sylvester makes his move to snatch him up./ Elmer hides out at his cottage in Leland, Michigan to write the Great American Novel, but Daffy ruins the peace and quiet.

  • When Elmer's cows get stolen, he sends Porky to enlist the help of Daffy the Gaucho to get them back./ Bugs Bunny sees Slugsworthy performing tricks in an act at Trey Hugger's aquarium, and becomes determined to set the elephant seal free.

  • In 18th century Vienna, Leslie loses the job of new Court Composer to Daffy Duck. Leslie tries everything in his power to destroy Daffy./ Taz tries to break into Foghorn's chicken farm.

  • When Bugs learns part of Tad Tucker's lifestyle is eating rabbits, he decides to make a mess of him on international television./ After a plane crash, Porky and Daffy end up stranded on a deserted island together.

  • Bugs finds himself in Area 51, and meets an intelligent Martian baby named Mot. He decides to help the adorable alien escape, but first they must get through general Yosemite Sam. Then, Porky is on trial for a minor violation.

  • Claudette and Pepe Le Pew are ordered to the moon to stop evil supervillain Elmer Blofudd from destroying the world. Then, after exposure to Wile E. Coyote's invention, Tweety Bird has to power to transform into Monster Tweety.

  • The easily riled Gabby Goat makes a stop at Porky Pig's Day Spa to try and relax. Then, Jungle Adventurer Daffy Duck and his assistant Porky Pig go searching for a rare blue orchid.

  • Bugs and his friends find themselves in a rap battle with the Eagle, and things get personal. Will some help from a special friend help Bugs motivate his team and win the battle?

  • With the threat of a snowy avalanche looming, it is up to Porky the Mountie to evacuate all the residents of the remote Canadian forest. Then, Bugs Sandraker joins a ragtag group of rebels to save the universe from Dank Vapor.

  • When Count BloodCount steals all the blood from the blood bank, Vampire Hunter Daffy Duck joins Porky Pig to get it back. Then, Bugs learns that part of Tad's fitness video involves eating rabbits, so he decides to teach Tad a lesson.

  • Bugs agrees to take care of Porky's two hamsters. He brings them home, and wakes up the next morning to find out the hamsters have multiplied. Then, Bugs and Cecil each get half of the last dozen potato balls from a popular food truck.

  • Leslie is jealous when Bugs is appointed the new Knight of Square Table, so he tries everything to take Bugs out and replace him. Then, Pepe Le Pew and Claudette are assigned the same mission in an art gallery.

  • When Wile E. Coyote discovers the secret behind AcmeInstant's instant delivery service is Road Runner, he pulls out all the stops to try and capture him. Then, Marvin the Martian plans an invasion of Earth but must study an Earthling first.

  • When kids get lost in the mall, Bugs entertains them with a strange and imaginative tale until their mom comes. Then, Porky is determined to get his Halloween candy back from Daffy, who's hiding in a creepy looking house.

  • Bugs attends a MMA match and sees champion fighter Rhoda Roundhouse cheating. When he calls her out, she challenges him to a fight and the match is on. Then, Viktor is a clown in the Pretentious Circus when his act is ruined by Daffy Duck.

  • Ace fighter pilot Bugs Bunny is the best pilot at the Top Wing Fighter Pilot School until his nemesis Cecil starts breaking all of his records. Then, Captain Blacque Jacque Shellaque is searching the high seas for the mythical Slugsmoby.