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In this animated series, a quirky gorilla gets into a never-ending series of predicaments. They all start when he's purchased from the pet shop where he lives by unsuspecting animal lovers. The classic series originally debuted in 1964 and ended in 1966. Magilla Gorilla is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2017. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.3.

Magilla Gorilla is available for streaming on the Boomerang website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Magilla Gorilla on demand at Amazon Prime online.

3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
April 11, 2017
Cast: Allan Melvin, Howard Morris
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Magilla Gorilla Full Episode Guide

  • Unknown to each other, Mr. Peebles and Magilla get dressed up as superheroes to stop crime on the streets.

  • Feeling he is unwanted, Magilla runs away to the Foreign Legion. His first mission is to find the Bandit Abdul.

  • Magilla is hired by an advertising agency to help promote and drive their new automobile.

  • While trying to fix a sports car, Magilla gets it started with him in it but can't stop it.

  • Magilla is sent to make deliveries for Mr. Peebles. He accidentally gets mixed up with a group of secret agents.

  • Magilla enters a rodeo to win a free prize to keep Mr. Peebles from being evicted from his store.

  • Mr. Peebles leaves a rare bird, the South American Geek, in the care of Magilla. The bird, of course, escapes.

  • Magilla discovers it's sink or swim when he takes Mr. Peebles' pet fish to Oceanland.

  • Magilla takes a ride in a toy airplane and unexpectedly finds himself on a non-stop cross-country tour.

  • Magilla finds himself in deep water when he tries his luck at surfing.

  • Ogee enters Magilla in a pet contest and our hero finds himself the underdog when he competes with a canine champ.

  • The gorilla of Magilla's dreams turns out to be a nightmare when he finally gets to meet Queen Kong.

  • Magilla finds he needs all his super-human strength when he helps Ogee win a bet by posing as that daredevil of TV, The Purple Mask.

  • Thinking Mr. Peebles is sending him away, Magilla takes off for a bit of the sporting life of Camp Kitch Goony.

  • Mr. Peebles' new love bird leads Magilla on a merry chase when he decides to fly the coop.

  • Mr. Peebles donates his star boarder to the zoo and Magilla causes general panic when he tries to take a tour of his new home.

  • Magilla makes like Marlon Brando when he takes a wild ride on a run-away motorcycle.

  • Our hero tells Ogee three stories about a handsome masked stranger who looks, oddly enough, like a Handsome Masked Gorilla.

  • Magilla inadvertently saves the Earth from an attack by the Planet Zero by demonstrating his typically American fitness and strength to his space creature captors.