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The forest ranger's house is the only area of human civilization in the middle of untamed wilderness in a vast natural reserve in Canada. When the ranger is away, a bear named Grizzy feels that the ranger's house is his territory, given that bears sit at the top of the food chain. He's not alone, though, because a group of small creatures called lemmings also populate the ranger's house when he is away.

Grizzy and the Lemmings is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (156 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2017.

Grizzy and the Lemmings is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Grizzy and the Lemmings on demand atNetflix, Hulu online.

2 Seasons, 156 Episodes
April 3, 2017
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Pierre-Alain de Garrigues, Josselin Charier
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Grizzy and the Lemmings Full Episode Guide

  • When they find a book on Japanese origami, the Lemmings churn out paper birds to play gliding games. Grizzy realizes that he could make the butterfly on the cover for his beloved she-bear.

  • When they discover a super fun app that allows you to see yourself as a rabbit or a robot or else decked out with lots of animated accessories, Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over the tablet.

  • The Lemmings get their hands on a secret weapon that belongs to the Canadian Army: anyone hit with it becomes non-violent. They use the arm to transform Grizzy into a cherub, despite himself.

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings find a vase with a genie inside that will make anyone's dreams come true. There is one little snag: the effects of the genie's magic instantly wear off as soon as he returns to his vase and the lid shuts.

  • Grizzy discovers a new generation Tamagotchi game on the Ranger's tablet: the camera scans the player and gives him a virtual avatar of himself to take care of. You must feed it, put it to bed, and play with it.

  • The Lemmings play with figurines of wild Canadian animals. When Grizzy sees that the bear figurine has been put inside a little cage, he decides to join in the party and take control of his own figurine.

  • The Lemmings have unearthed a strange little gadget: a hand spinner. Grizzy thinks it's a silly game until he accidentally tries out the contraption for himself and becomes instantly addicted.

  • Grizzy slips on a trampoline and unwittingly executes an amazing somersault in front of the she-bear. Seeing that she wants more, Grizzy decides to become a champ in the sport.

  • The Lemmings discover that by changing the speed limit sign, they can accelerate traffic and create a draft that is just perfect for their kiting game. Grizzy would be more in favor of a "STOP!" or "No Entrance!" sign.

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings clumsily destroy the TV remote control. While looking for a backup zapper, they happen onto a top secret Canadian Army prototype that enables you to apply "play," "pause" and "fast forward" to living beings.

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings discover a 3D printer that will duplicate anything in miniature form. Grizzy wants to redecorate the cabin with figurines bearing his effigy, but first he needs to get rid of the Lemmings.

  • The Lemmings have a blast testing every app on the ranger's tablet. Grizzy sees that the cupboards are bare. When he realizes that one GPS app can give the itinerary to the nearest chocolate spread store, Grizzy requisitions the tablet.

  • The Lemmings try to catch a bat to play rodeo, disturbing Grizzy as he plays a game on the ranger's mobile. But when the phone is hit and its alarm activated, a sonar sound is emitted. When the bat hears it, it seems to become docile.

  • The she-bear Grizzy is enamored with has lost her favorite flower under a giant boulder. Grizzy tries to lift it: impossible! He decides to start an intensive bodybuilding routine with the ranger's electrostimulation machine.

  • Grizzy is awakened from his nap by the unpleasant, ongoing sound of Velcro strips being ripped off. The Lemmings have covered their bodies in Velcro and are throwing themselves against a doormat, which serves as their target.

  • Grizzy needs a nice nap. He can't find a pillow comfortable enough to his taste until he tests the pillow that the Lemmings use as a high-jump mat. The pillow is so soft that Grizzy falls asleep the second he lays his head on it.

  • Grizzy watches a demonstration of balloon modelling on TV. He decides to make a balloon poodle to offer the she-bear. By observing Grizzy, the Lemmings discover that you can blow up modelling balloons far more than regular ones.

  • The fridge in the cabin has changed: it's been replaced by a brand new state-of-the-art appliance which analyzes the body fat percentage of whoever wants to serve himself, before selecting the appropriate foodstuffs.

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings discover the joys of photography with the ranger's instant print camera. Grizzy would like to make a portrait of the she-bear he's in love with, whereas the Lemmings prefer a group photo.

  • A strange object is delivered to the ranger's cabin: an over-board; it's a latest generation skateboard which levitates above the ground without wheels.

  • The Lemmings have turned the entire cabin topsy-turvy to organize medieval jousts with the ranger's fencing gear. Grizzy tries to straighten up, but is driven out by their fencing foils. Grizzy must find a blade equal to the task.

  • A newly unpacked UV tanning booth holds the place of honor in the middle of the cabin.

  • While chasing the Lemmings, who stole his jar of chocolate spread, Grizzy crashes into an arcade cabinet near the supermarket which displays a model fortuneteller and her crystal ball.

  • While fighting over a jar of chocolate spread, Grizzy and the Lemmings set off a chain reaction which sends the jar flying into space, where it damages a space station.

  • Grizzy discovers the ranger's collection of bird calls by chance. With a simple blow of the whistle, he can attract a flock of partridges that are at his beck and call.

  • When Grizzy and the Lemmings accidentally activate a magic disk representing the earth, they are sent back in time to the prehistoric era.

  • The Lemmings discover a strange pond in an American Indian grotto that has the power to rejuvenate anyone who dips in it.

  • Grizzy gets rid of the Lemmings by crushing them with one of the ranger's heavy trunks, which he immediately clears out of the cabin, with his enemies stuck to it like stickers.

  • The Lemmings encounter a white bear which has drifted all the way to them on a chunk of ice which is slowly melting.

  • Grizzy wants to give the she-bear he's in love with a plastic ring which he finds really swell. But since the object was found in the trash, he needs to wash it first. And the Lemmings are using the sole bar of soap in the house as a bobsleigh.

  • Wedged in his sofa to relieve his aching back, Grizzy balks at getting up. He designs strategies to do everything from a distance, including confiscating the Lemming's radio-controlled toy robot-transformer which he will use as a butler.

  • As the Lemmings savor the last jar of Yummy chocolate spread undetected, Grizzy trains an adorable raccoon to sniff out the sweet concoction.

  • The Lemmings have unearthed a box filled with birthday fountains of light that spit forth giant bursts of sparks. They have a blast straddling these fabulous toys, swirling in every which direction.

  • The only edible food item left in the ranger's cabin is a gorgeous salmon, which is stuck inside a block of ice at the back of the freezer compartment. Starving, Grizzy decides to melt the ice with the blow dryer.

  • The Lemmings have discovered a truly wild new game: an augmented reality program on the ranger's digital tablet. They move around the cabin watching the tablet screen, which displays obstacles as if they were really there. Grizzy confiscates this toy.

  • Grizzy's TV remote control is stolen by a partridge who collects high tech objects in his nest perched high up in a tree. This is a case of absolute urgency! Grizzy has no other choice but to requisition the Lemmings' propulsion game to recover.

  • Grizzy is impressed by the TV show of a magician who transforms a partridge into a bouquet of flowers. To get rid of the Lemmings once and for all, for they exasperate him with their incessant games, Grizzy tries the magic trick on them.

  • Unwilling to share the food both he and the Lemmings are wild about, Grizzy locks it up inside the ranger's brand new and apparently burglar proof safe. He watches the Lemmings' vain attempts to open the safe with amusement.

  • Grizzy babysits for the she-bear he has a crush on, who has entrusted him with the care of her cub. There's no question of Grizzy tripping up, for he has no intention of taking any risks! But he hadn't reckoned on the Lemmings.

  • Grizzy has got it into his head to offer a butterfly to the she bear he's in love with. But the Lemmings fight with him over the rare specimens he's spotted, for they want to play helicopter. The butterfly hunt is on!

  • Grizzy's TV remote control is stolen by a partridge who collects high-tech objects in his nest perched high up in a tree. This is a case of absolute urgency! Grizzy has no other choice but to requisition the Lemmings' propulsion game to recover.

  • How can one peacefully watch a documentary on salmon fish, nice and comfy on the sofa, when the Lemmings are playing chemistry novices with a fun experiment box? By confiscating their equipment? Beware of side effects.

  • An old metal box found by chance in a recess of a cliff brings back childhood memories for Grizzy and the Lemmings; they nostalgically recall the first time they met, when they were still kids.

  • The Lemmings inherit a crate that fell off a Canadian army convoy transporting ultra-secret material. The case inside the crate emits a sort of laser beam that divides objects into multiple miniaturized versions of themselves.

  • The Lemmings have got their hands on a pack of white beans which have very strange properties: when mixed with soda, anyone who eats them turns into a bouncing ball. Grizzy realizes if he wants to take a nap, he must first get rid of the magic beans.

  • Like usual, Grizzy picks the door of the Ranger's log cabin to come in and make himself comfortable, but this time it's impossible to enter! The Lemmings have requisitioned the cabin for a party and barricaded themselves inside.

  • A van pulls up to the ranger's cabin to deliver a full crate of jars of chocolate spread. While Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over a wrecking bar to open it, someone steals the crate. Grizzy and the Lemmings will have to carry out an investigation.

  • Grizzy gleefully discovers he can print images taken with the ranger's camera which is connected to a state-of-the-art printer. He decides to immortalize and frame himself, but when the time comes to print his portrait, there's no more paper in the printe

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings find themselves enchanted by voodoo magic, and they both use the doll versions of each other to gain the upper hand in their struggle.

  • Grizzy becomes really intelligent when his brain grows very large as a result of a computer chip that gets accidentally lodged in his head.

  • The ranger has an engagement ring that Grizzy thinks is very grand, and he imagines what it would be like to give such a ring to his beloved she-bear.

  • Grizzy is unhappy when he sees his precious stock of chocolate spread is disappearing, but then he discovers that the Lemmings are making more.

  • Grizzy falls asleep and has a dream that he has become a knight on a quest to save his beloved from danger, but the Lemmings loud music wakes him up.

  • After finding a book that's all about martial arts, the Lemmings find lessons contained in it that inspire them to action.

  • The Lemmings begin tearing down their Kapla block buildings and find the experience a lot of fun.

  • A very high powered fan is aimed at the house, creating a wind tunnel, and Grizzy learns that it is the Lemmings who are using this device to float.

  • A magical flute grants the user the power to control the movements of objects, and the Lemmings want to take advantage of this ability to grab chocolate jars.

  • Grizzy's female bear friend develops an interest in flying kites, so he does his best to find one for her to enjoy, but the Lemmings want the same kite.

  • A new reclining chair complete with a control pad is in the cabin, and Grizzy is excited to enjoy a meal while making use of the comfortable chair.

  • A bag of balloons and a tank of helium gives the Lemmings a chance to fly, but when they attempt to float everything in the living room, Grizzy takes action.

  • Grizzy manages to get his hands on the final jar of chocolate spread from right under the Lemmings noses.

  • The Lemmings use two magical pots to teleport from one to the other for fun, and when Grizzy sees them, he gets his own ideas for how to make use of the pots.

  • The Female Bear Grizzy has his heart set on loses her decorative flower, so he takes the opportunity to go in search of a replacement to win her affection.

  • The Lemmings throw a surprise birthday party for one of the clan. When "Happy Birthday" rings out, the surprise is as great for Grizzy, who is trying to take a nap, as it is for the birthday Lemming. Grizzy has one objective: stop the din.

  • Grizzy tries to impress the she-bear by making a sculpture of her from a piece of wood. But when his back is turned, the Lemmings gnaw it into a toboggan slide. Grizzy must succeed in getting rid of the Lemmings without his model realizing.

  • When he brandishes a scepter that the Lemmings brought home, Grizzy sees the Lemmings bow and behave like servants. One has escaped the spell, but he will have to confront both Grizzy and his fellow creatures in order to reverse the spell.

  • Under the floor of the log cabin, Grizzy and the Lemmings discover the entrance to an underground gallery with an old treasure card. Upon closer look, the representation of this treasure greatly resembles a giant jar of chocolate spread.

  • Grizzy builds a look-alike robot to keep the Lemmings away while he prepares a popcorn party for his beloved she-bear. But his double's artificial intelligence truly leaves a lot to be desired. If only it were as clever as the original...

  • Grizzy discovers the pleasures of video games on the ranger's console. The Lemmings want to try their hand at the joystick but Grizzy refuses. They try everything, including temptation, to get him away from the console but Grizzy is addicted.

  • Grizzy is persuaded that the she-bear he's in love with has been turned into a frog. Whilst he looks through books of fairytales, searching for a means to return his beloved to her original form, the Lemmings try to recover the frog

  • Grizzy can't believe his eyes when he sees objects moving all by themselves. When he realizes it's the Lemmings who are playing around with a magnet, he has a stroke of genius. He will design a telekinesis trick to impress his beloved she-bear.

  • When he realizes that his beloved she-bear adores the smell of flowers Grizzy decides to offer her geraniums. Can he bring them to her without the Lemmings, who are skating out by the caribou dung pit and trash bins, ruining his desired effect?

  • The Lemmings are having a rave party. When Grizzy throws their stereo into the river, he sparks a general power outage. Unless he finds an alternative source of energy, and before the Lemmings do, he can kiss his TV night goodbye!

  • Grizzy has prepared himself a TV dinner to eat in front of his favorite series. But his moment of pleasure is abruptly interrupted by unexplained static. Grizzy rapidly discovers that the true "interference" is the Lemmings, who are using the TV antenna as a diving board for their water games.

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over jar lids, which they use as chips to win goodies. Indeed, next to the supermarket are two machines with slots the size of the lids. Also, there's a key to be won for the grand prize, the giant jar of Yummy.

  • The Lemmings have caught a spider and her threads are perfect for bungee jumping. Grizzy, who has no intention of getting caught in the web, decides to crush the insect. The only problem: he has arachnophobia.

  • Grizzy discovers that the frenzied "break dance" the Lemmings are doing is actually due to the fleas they are infested with. When Grizzy catches them too, it's panic all round! Grizzy is determined to eliminate the parasites, down to the very last one. The problem is his little roommates have no desire whatsoever to be treated...

  • Grizzy is exhausted and the couch has never seemed so enticing! He goes to fetch a pillow and a sleeping mask, but the Lemmings have entirely different plans for the couch. They see it as a fabulous trampoline and the ideal spot for an aerobics session. To win the right to have his nap, the weary bear must first contend with the super-energetic Lemmings!

  • Grizzy wants to learn to dance the mambo to please the she-bear he's in love with, for she truly adores this rhythm. He finds a learning kit at the ranger's home which has a dance carpet with footprints that light up in rhythm. The only problem is that Lemmings want the stereo to continue their rave party to an entirely different beat.

  • To make sure that the Lemmings don't snatch his chocolate spread while he's taking his nap, Grizzy turns the fridge into a safe - combination lock and all. The Lemmings try in vain to break into the fridge until they see Grizzy open the door while sleepwalking. Unfortunately, Grizzy wakes up at the crucial moment. The Lemmings do everything possible to make him fall back asleep as quick as possible.

  • Grizzy discovers that the ranger's new robot vacuum cleaner also gives back massages. But the Lemmings see the new gadget more as a competition bumper car. No one wants to do the housecleaning, but everyone wants the robot vacuum cleaner!

  • To seduce the she-bear he's infatuated with, Grizzy decides to slim down with the ranger's bodybuilding equipment. But before starting his exercise routine, he will have to deal with the Lemmings, who are using the machines as an amusement park

  • Freed by the thawing ice, an egg slides up to the front door of the log cabin. The Lemmings watch the hatching of a large baby dinosaur that immediately mistakes them for his mommies. Grizzy can't tolerate a new intruder like this in the cabin.

  • Grizzy's nap is interrupted by vibrating. He sees the ranger's phone, which has various functions, including a game to which he becomes addicted. The Lemmings, who have detected the phone's music app, need it to turn the garage into a disco

  • Grizzy is frustrated: just as he was about to coat a nice big fresh salmon with chocolate spread and snuggle up in front of the TV, he discovers that the pantry is empty! His frustration transforms into rage when he finds the last jar in the clutches of the Lemmings, who are organizing a sort of "beach party" in the sandbox.

  • Nutty Hill is suffering from a heat wave. Searching for a bit of cool air, Grizzy suddenly has an idea. He'll get into the fridge, where the temperature will be more bearable. One detail, the refrigerator shelves are already full of Lemmings.